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February Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember



  • March 24- visit from family member of a Holocaust Survivor during 7th period.
  • March 28-end of quarter three
  • March 31-April 5- Spring Break
March 21, 2014


 Spring has sprung- the world's begun!

Really!  It is spring!  Our students are revved up for warm days and fun in the sun.  Let's hope the weather participates.


Next week is the last week of the quarter.  Teachers do not have the customary day to put in grades.  Please help your child turn in work on time.  There is not time (and teachers like their spring break too) to tackle a stack of late work.



Fifth Grade 101:

 How is your fifth grader feeling about the progress they have made over the last three quarters?  Are there areas in which they would like to improve before they are in the sixth grade?  Now is the time to fine-tune their middle school skills. 





Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 


This week students worked hard on completing the opinion essays. They brainstormed, wrote a rough draft, peer edited, and completed a final draft all on the ChromeBooks! It was a wonderful new learning experience for many, and those students who are tech savvy were able to be "teachers" to their peers and help them navigate Google Drive. All essays are due today at midnight (some students wanted to finish their essays up at home rather than come in at lunch:) ). 
Next week we are eager to talk with our Holocaust speaker, whose parents survived a concentration camp. We will also be spending some time thinking about what good readers do when taking a test in order to prepare for our MCA the week after break! Please make sure your child gets rest, and a healthy breakfast that Monday morning! The only way to become a better reader is to READ, so I encourage all students to be reading over the break:) 

For updates on the week's work, assignments, classroom calendar, or contact information, please visit the website below!

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 

S.P.A.M.: 3/21/2014

 Science promotes academic mastery!


The bugs have arrived!  We tracked the Classification of The Natural World to find out that pill bugs and darkling beetles are not close relatives.  We put them into our terrariums and are watching what happens to the plants. Our new vocabulary includes optimal environment.


This week's homework is to list 10 signs of spring in the Natural World.  This must be a numbered list, and in neat handwriting or word processed.  No fringy paper please!!  Due Monday, March 24, 2012.



Ms Hill




This week we learned how to divide fractions. We started with dividing a whole number by a fraction and then a fraction by a whole number.  
Students quickly were discovering patterns based on their pictures and then short cuts on how to get their answers. We ended with dividing a fraction by a fraction! Tricky Tricky!
Today in class, all my periods were able to articulate the algorithm for dividing fractions through a guided group discussion. The chant was, 
"reciprocal second and then multiply."

Ask your child to draw a picture and then to use the algorithm to check:
4 divided by a third
a third divided by 4.

Next week we will practice reading graphs and tables using the mean, median, mode, and range.
After spring break we will begin reviewing all of the fifth grade topics that were already covered to prepare everyone for their math MCA on April 21st!
Please check to see if your child is missing any homework from the week and if so, have them finish it over the weekend. All homework is due Monday for points in the grade gradebook.
Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

~Ms. Johnson 

Social Studies


Social Studies

 March 21, 2014  

Chapter 11: To Declare Independence or Not 


This week we started chapter 11.    


Remember to sign the planner: this shows the student is talking about Social Study issues, reviewing notes, or studying spelling words.   


Spelling Words:  Philadelphia, PA; revolution, independence, March, neutral  

TEST on Wednesday, March 26.. 



Ms. Doyle 

We continue to go through facial tissue at an alarming rate!! Please send us more!!


The Science room (as usual) needs more cleaning wipes.  Multi-use tables need lots of washing!!








to come next week...hopefully! 
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