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March 24, 2017

The Quarter Ends Thursday!!!!

All work must be turned in to be counted towards this quarter's grades.

Please leave toys at home!  Cell phones are not allowed to be out of lockers during the school day!  We have quite a few repeat offenders that have had objects confiscated. 

ALL TOYS from home are not for school, lunch, or recess.

Spring break begins on Friday, March 31 and students return on Monday, April 10.  We hope everyone will be rested and ready to learn after a refreshing break.

We are still seeing a lot of sick kids- and going through many boxes of tissues.  A hearty thanks to those families that contributed tissues for the classrooms.  We are still in need- please send a box or two if you can. 

Fifth Grade 101:
Are you missing clothing? Our students are learning that the 5th grade hall is not their closet.  In an effort to keep our halls clean, we have been putting left clothing in the school lost and found.  The clothing will go to Goodwill if not claimed by the end of the quarter.

Smarter than a 5th Grader?
You will be by June!


March 24, 2017
I have been grading chapter 4 notes.  Your child can make-up missing work or low grades from chapter 4.

Some students are needing a new notebook and or pencils, please prepare your child for class.

And as always talk about what a  student looks like (respectful, responsible, and ready). 

Chapter 5 is about colonies in New England, Middle, and the Southern Colonies. 


 Ms. Doyle

We started off the week finishing our propaganda mini-unit, where we talked a lot about what techniques the media uses to sway our opinions one way or another. Students worked on their own propaganda ad, which was due on Friday.

This week we also had the Tuck Everlasting summative assessment due, and we enjoyed seeing the students' creative presentations on Wednesday and Thursday.

Today, we worked on a tutorial to get us ready for the MCA tests next week. We also reinforced our growth mindset attitude. Students also wrote "I can" statements that showed just how much they've learned this year! We sent home a sheet of English/Language Arts terms that will likely show up on the MCA and that they've been practicing all year. If you could go over those with your child, that would be a great way to review. There is also online practice from MDE located on my website. 

4th quarter (after spring break) we will begin Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. If your child prefers to annotate in their own book, consider purchasing a copy at Half Price Books or Amazon. 

Upcoming due dates:
3/16: Ch. 23-epilogue vocab. (flashcards) 
3/22: Tuck summative assessment 
3/22-23: Tuck presentations 
3/24: Propaganda project
3/27-30: Reading MCA 

My website is a great tool to use in order to keep up on assignments, due dates, standards-based grading info., and other ELA related activities. 

Mrs. Kolbinger and Mr. Devine
S.P.A.M.     3/24/17   
(Science Promotes Academic Mastery)
This week table groups developed their own experiments based on measurement of Force.  We began by brainstorming, then choosing  one experiment to explore. We wrote step by step instructions, executed the experiment, and collected data.  The groups had fun trying their hand at an experiment not directed by the teacher.

Next week- mystery boxes!

The science room could use some cleaning wipes.  We use them to keep our room and the animal areas clean.

Do you have an old Mouse Trap game sitting around, collecting dust?  Is your game missing pieces?  We use the games with our engineering unit.  We have a few sets that need one or two pieces to be complete.  The more complete sets, the more students can use them at one time.

Hint:  How many variables can you change at during one part of an experiment?

More experiments next week!

Have a great weekend!
Ms. Hill
MATHEMATICS 3.24.17 --------

This week we practiced how to multiply fractions using pictorial diagrams. Students used the brownie pan (area model), paper strip, and number line to prove their answers. Students took a mini quiz on Friday. 

Next week we'll continue studying multiplying fractions but using improper fractions, mixed numbers, and whole numbers.
On Thursday, students will take a quiz on multiplying all types of fractions using pictorial diagrams and the algorithm. Students will not be able to re take this quiz for points as the quarter ends on Thursday. If your child will not be here on Thursday, please have them arrange another time to take they're test before spring break.

Next week, Ms. Eftaland and I will be co teaching and the week after spring break I will go back as the main teacher. Ms. Eftland's last day with us is May 5th. 

Math MCA- April 17th- 20th 

Thanks for all your support!

Enjoy your weekend,
Mrs. Rausch

AVID This Week:
How do you ask a team member for a turn?  What words do we say when we feel left out?  These are important skills for students to learn.  It helps if students practice using team skills at home.

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