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5th Grade Rocks
  • Dates to remember:
  •  5/15  Fifth grade fun night
  • May 18-27- School food and bicycle drive- See announcement below
  • Last day of School:  We will go on a all-team trip to Southtown bowl.  Watch for permission slips.

May 15, 2015 
The final count-down begins!

The final 3 weeks are here.  Can you believe that your fifth grader has come this far?  They continue to amaze us with their academic and maturity growth.  

There is a instrumental music concert during the morning on 5/21.  There will also be a concert that evening.  Check with your musical child for their concert times.

Thank you to the families that sent tissue- we are putting each tissue to good use!



Fifth grade 101:

Now that you guys are experts at fifth graders, your tutoring has come to an end.  You all get an A!  





  Have a great weekend!


Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 


Rough drafts were due this week. Students either received full credit if they had one page written and a works cited, OR they received no credit if one of those requirements were not met. In order to improve the rough draft grade, a Student Retake Action Plan needs to be completed and turned in. When I see that I will know they'd like me to look at their work again. 

Final drafts are due Wed. the 20th! Once we are done with the historical fiction assignment, we will focus solely on the book. 

This week in Number the Stars we read that the Nazis made an unexpected visit to Uncle Henrik's house. Students are working on summarizing Chapters 1-10 through a skit. Performances will be next week. There will be a final on June 4th on Number the Stars and grammar. 

Upcoming due dates: 
Please check the classroom calendar on the website, as we have MANY due dates coming up as we wrap up the quarter! We updated our planners today, so your child should have important dates already noted. 

Want homework reminders? Follow me on twitter @mrskolbinger for reminders, and other ELA related articles, jokes, etc. 

Please be sure to check out the website for updated information, scheduling, assignments, and grades. Also view the website for more information about standards based grading. 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 



Science promotes academic excellence!



The Rube Goldberg machines were delightful!  Students showed their understanding of simple machines as well as their creativity in their designs.  What a sneaky way to have a test!


On Monday those students with technical difficulties will be showing their videos using alternate devices.


Next week we will begin our final physics unit, 'The Physics of the Yo-Yo.'  We will study the history of the Yo, the physics that make a it possible to Yo,  as well as actually getting the Yo-Yo to return to our hands.  We will test our abilities on the last Thursday of the school year in a 'Yo Off!'


No homework this weekend, except for those that did not bring in  their Rube Goldberg machines.




Ms Hill


p.s.- Do you have a 'Mouse Trap' game sitting around that you no longer use?  Or one that is missing pieces?  Have I got a deal for you!  We this game with the simple machines unit every year!  I will take these games off of your hands at no charge!  Can you believe this deal?












This week looked at several coupons and discovered which ones were the better buy and how to calculate the sale price. Students were exposed to real life scenarios that involve tip, tax, and discount. Students created their own coupon and story problems involving tax and discounts as well. 


Next week we will conclude Bits and Pieces III and have a final test on Friday. Students will return their books on Friday to the media center as well.


The POW this week is more challenging and may need some guidance at home! Enjoy!  



Have a wonderful weekend!


~Mrs. Rausch


Social Studies

May 15, 2015


Chapter 8: Tests were returned today.

Next we study the Constitution.  There is a new time line.

New spelling words:  Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, balance, Constitution
TEST Thursday, May 21

Note books will be collected Wednesday & Thursday for grading.

Students need pencils, and many need a new notebook.


Ms. Doyle 



Has your child completed the AVID form?  This is a program that is especially important for students that need extra help as they have tutorials each week.  AVID is a great way to get your child organized and working toward being successful all the way through college!


AVID brochures are in the office and on the bulletin board by the AVID room.


Fifth Grade Teachers will be going to advanced AVID Elementary training this summer.  We look forward to adding to our AVID skills in our subject areas.





Reader's Workshop  books-apple-icon2.jpg
During the last four weeks of Reader's Workshop, students will be reading Time For Kids magazines and doing a close reading of the cover story.  This technique helps students read for understanding, learn craft and structure, and integrate knowledge and ideas. Students will also be reading current news articles of interest from NEWSELA. The task will be to find the main ideas and write summaries.

*Note to parents: I will be on medical leave beginning May 11th through the end of the school year. Unfortunately, I am having back surgery that requires three months of recovery time. Your children have been a pleasure to teach this year. I look forward to returning in the fall with renewed energy and enthusiasm! In the meantime, two of Field's preferred substitutes will be teaching the Reading B.E.S.T. classes.

Bev Halvorson
Reading Specialist

Ms Hill's BEST classes are logical thinkers!

Ms. Doyle's BEST is reading historical fiction.  For Black BEST we are reading Fever 1793 and for Teal BEST we are reading Birchbark House.  Both have sequels which will make for great summer reading.

Mrs. Kolbinger's BEST are doing literature circles. Ask your child about what book their group is reading. 

A big round of applause for the families that brought in wipes and tissues.  


Student Council will again be supporting the efforts of our local community service partner, Full Cycle. We will be collecting food items from Monday May 18 - Wednesday May 27  to help them support the needs of those who are hungry in our community.  Students/teachers/staff will be able to contribute food to ANY teachers' box.  The teacher from each grade level with the most donations will be entered into a bike race (Mario Cart Style) around the school that will be held at the end of the day on Friday May 29.  Below is the point system that will provide the teacher with "Power Ups" to use during the race!


In addition we will be hosting a "Field Bike Rally" on Friday May 29. If you are cleaning out your garage this spring and have bikes or bike parts that you would like to donate, please bring them in or ride them to school on May 29 and Full Cycle will pick them up to use for their homeless youth apprenticeship program.  Every bike donated will help Full Cycle accomplish their mission to reduce youth homelessness in our community. Our goal is to collect 50 bikes.  You may view a video for Full Cycle with the link below.  It explains their mission and ways they serve homeless youth in south Minneapolis.










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