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Dates to Remember



  • May 29: Daytime music concert
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May 16, 2014

Did we pick a great day or what!

Our trip to Richardson Nature Center was a great success.  The weather was perfect, (how often has that happened?) and the pond organism educational program was fun and educational.  The program fit right with the 'Environments' science unit.  Ask your child what they found in the pond!


The Bike Drive was a huge success.  Many children will benefit from your contributions.   The Fifth grade overwhelmingly took first place in contributions for the build a school fund. Thank you Ms Kolbinger for representing the Fifth Grade in the big race!  


Also, thanks to the teachers, staff and students that helped this be an event to remember!


We had an exceptional music concert on Thursday- congratulations to the many girls and boys from fifth grade that showed their great singing abilities.  Also thanks to Ms Lemay- how does she handle 225 kids at once?



Fifth Grade 101:

Please check the portal about once a week- we want to keep learning until the very end of Fifth Grade!





We will be going bowling as our final day 'let's spend time together' field trip.  More info will follow.





Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 


This week students worked hard finishing up their peer edits and corrections for their final draft. I am pleased to see how creative the stories are, and the excellent facts students are putting into it. I look forward to reading the final copies! All stories are due Monday, May 19th. Any story turned in after that date will not be able to be edited for a higher grade. Over the weekend, students should spend some time putting the final touches on their final draft. 
Today we were able to finish up the Watsons novel! It was a touching ending. Students had really great questions about prejudice and racism in the South, and questions as to why people could bomb a church. I would encourage you to continue this conversation at home with your child, as it's a perfect time to talk about love, hate, equality for all, and standing up for what's right and just. 

Next week we will wrap our stories up, along with the Watsons. There will be a final test covering mainly the end of the book (13-E), and some opinion questions. Our last unit of the year is short stories with Shared Inquiry discussions. All late work due May 30th!

I had a blast racing in the Bike Rally Wednesday, and even though 5th grade had a theme song letting the competitors know "all we do is win, win win!", I came in 4th place. This has encouraged me to start racing on child sized bikes! Though I didn't win the race, 5th grade won by raising the most money! 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 

S.P.A.M.: 5/16/2014

 Science promotes academic mastery!


Our students did well on the Science MCAs.  There is no way with this test to show year-to- year growth, as the test is given in 5th and 8th grades, and then again in high school.  You will, however, receive a report that shows your child's score and where that score fell on the grade 5 continuum.


Two days of different schedules means we will start the mystery unit on Monday.

Environments unit study guides and journals went home on  Friday, May 16.  The test will be next Wednesday, May 21. The study time for the test counts as this week's homework.

Have a super weekend!




Ms Hill





This week we completed Investigation 3 in Bits and Pieces III. We took a quiz on dividing decimals on Friday and grades will be posted over the weekend. Students will be getting back their quiz on Monday to take home and get a signature on. Quiz re takes are scheduled for Thursday, April 22nd during Advisory.


Next week we will dive into Investigation 4 which involves percentages and how to calculate tips, taxes, and discounts. 


The goal is to finish Investigation 4 and 5 before the years over to keep fifth graders on track for the 6th grade acceleration plan at Field. So far we are on track and the behavior this week has improved greatly from last week! :)


Any missing homework needs to be turned in on Monday for points in the grade book. My website lists the assignments and they are all out of the text book Bits and Pieces III.


Thank you all for your support and I cannot believe how brilliant the fifth graders are at math! They are doing a fantastic job at grasping 6th grade standards and being able to explain them!


Thank you for all your support and have a wonderful weekend.


~Ms. Johnson 

Social Studies

 May 16, 2014


Chapter 14, The Constitution.

 We are learning about how our government was formed.  We know now about the 3 Branches of Government. Talk about it this weekend.

You can You-Tube School House Rock.  I showed the students a few clips this week.

Next week the Bill of Rights.




Remember to sign planner weekly. 



Ms. Doyle 

We continue to go through facial tissue at an alarming rate!! Please send us more!!


The Science room  is good for wipes!  Thanks! 


Is there anybody out there that would like to help Ms Hill put together the Aquatic Environments Book?  This is not a huge job- but might take an hour or two.  Email Ms Hill if you are interested!


 Ms Doyle's class needs glue sticks!!






Field Families,


wanted to keep you posted about three of our staff members who are out this spring.  Mr. Boler is at home recovering following surgery earlier this month.  He continues to get stronger and hopes to return prior to the end of the year.  In the meantime Lori Norvell continues to keep the pace moving in 7th grade science and interacts with Mr. Boler to make sure she is on track with where he would like students to be.


Mrs. Scheumann has begun her maternity leave and had her baby on Monday, April 28 . We look forward to seeing her back here with her baby girl at the end of the year.  In her absence Kalie Schlick continues to deliver the ELA curriculum that Mrs. Scheumann mapped out for her before leaving.


Special Education teacher Linda Reiner is out on medical leave and will remain out through the end of the year. Marty Johnson, who is a licensed Special Education teacher, has stepped into her position with confidence and is working to follow her schedule for seeing and meeting the needs of her students with as little disruption to the routine as possible.  We are fortunate to have him onboard.


With less than 6 weeks left in the school year I am confident we will end the year on a high note thanks to the group of quality reserve teachers who have stepped in to fill big shoes at Field.


Fondly From Field,

Steve Norlin-Weaver



Thanks to all Field students, staff and families for your generous support of the student council local and global acts of service this month! We collected 52 bikes that were donated to Full Cycle, a bike shop located on 34th and Chicago Avenue South that helps homeless youth by providing housing, job training and mentors. The bikes donated by our community will help sustain these programs. If you are looking to purchase a bike or need any bike repair or maintenance, consider utilizing Full Cycle.  All revenue from sales and services is reinvested in the programs they offer to homeless youth in our community.   We also raised $375 to help build a school in Guatemala.  This money will be donated to Free the Children and will help support the 57 million children who do not have access to school around the world! Congratulations to 5th graders for raising the largest portion ($186) of this money and to Lonna Wilson for winning the bike race!  Thanks to all of our racers, Taunya Kolbinger, Brian Kafura, Mark Usem, Lonna Wilson and Mr. Norlin Weaver for participating. The school spirit and enthusiasm was remarkable.  


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