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Fifth Grade Newsletter
5th grade is a journey, how will you travel? 

We had a great time at our Spring Environmental Field Trip to the Richardson Nature Center! 
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A very special THANK YOU goes out to all of the parent volunteers and chaperones that helped us out on this fun day!

Richardson Nature Center 

Richardson Nature Center 


  Richardson Nature Center 

  Richardson Nature Center

  Richardson Nature Center 

  Richardson Nature Center 

 Hyland Lake Play Area 

 Hyland Lake Play Area 

  Hyland Lake Play Area  

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5th Grade Rocks
May 17, 2013 

We are in the home stretch!  The end of the school year is rapidly approaching!


We are again finding a lot of clothing in the halls and under the lockers.  It is cool in the a.m., but students don't want to take home clothing when the afternoons are warm.  Please check your supply of sweaters and jackets.  If you seem to be missing clothing, it  probably is laying on the fifth grade commons floor or in your child's over-stuffed lockers!


We had a super time while on our environmental field trip to Richardson Nature Center.  Thank you to all the parents that helped out!  We could not of gone without your help! Kudos!


 The Fifth Grade Team 

Language Arts


Please sign reading logs weekly. About 5 students haven't done anything for their reading logs yet this quarter. 5 times that number have earned 100 points and are done for the year!


More here later!


- Ms. McNaughton

May 17, 2013 Microscope

Science Promotes Academic Mastery! (Also known as SPAM!)   

What a great environmental field trip!  We had a beautiful (a little warm) day and were able to see wetlands, terrestrial lands, and wonderful birds.  We also learned about raptors and had a visit from a barred owl and a red-tailed hawk. 


We are finishing up our environments unit.  We will use a study guide next week, and test the following week.  


What is the next unit?  It is a secret!!! 



Enjoy your weekend!!


No homework this week.



Ms Hill


Math Logo 1

May 17, 2013 


It's hard to believe that we have just a couple of weeks left of this year! 

 Just a couple of more weeks of school left... hard to believe! 

As we're coming near the end, we still have some fun math to do. Students this past week worked with a number of animals from the imaginary planet "Rhomaar" to examine patterns of growth (it's a fun way to get introduced to some simple algebra). Students were introduced to the flickerbill, krink, trifoot, water weasel, fastwalker, inksnake, and the spiraltale. Even though we read about them and worked with them, no one has yet "seen" these animals. As a fun exercise, students were given a chance this weekend to draw pictures of these imaginary animals so that we can post them in the classroom for everyone to see. This artwork is optional, and "just for fun", since there really isn't much any math involved.


Tests and assignments were returned this week, and the grade portal was updated. Be sure to check if your child has any missing assignments. Also, many students have requested ways to bring up their most recent test score. On Monday I will make available an extra practice sheet for Unit #5, on the topics of area and perimeter; students who had a score of 28 or lower on their test (70% or lower) can complete this practice sheet, and then take a shortened "re-test" to demonstrate they have now learned the material for some extra points on their test grade. Re-tests can be taken starting Tuesday, and can be taken before school, after school, during recess, during advisory (with permission from their advisory teacher), and possibly during BEST (again, with permission of their advisory teacher). This practice sheet and re-test need to be completed next week, by Friday (May 24). 


    - Mr. Usem


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  The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, and has resources with PDF versions of our Unit Packets that can be downloaded and printed as necessary. 


Social StudiesSocial Studies

May 17, 2013


We have started Chapter 18.  Causes of the Civil War.


I have returned chapter 16 tests to students.


Spelling tests will be returned on Monday.


Next week the May page will go home for their last page of their Me Book.  Homework due May 31.


- Ms Fernandez 

Congratulations to ELIJAH MAJOR! Elijah is a current 7th grade Field student who was elected PRESIDENT of the MPS citywide student council! This is a huge honor and responsibility and we are so excited for him as he assumes this role next year!


Student Council has announced

SPRING spirit week next week!

TuesdayYoutube Phenomenon Day


Wednesday- Career Day


Thursday- Hawaiian Day




GEMS Garage Sale to benefit  Tirimbina Trip to Cost Rica

Cost Rica trip 2014.

Garage Sale, Hand Crafted Jewelry and bake sale.

Saturday May 25th 8-6pm

4937 Elliot Ave South.


If you wish to donate or help please visit our volunteerspot.


If you wish to donate or help please visit our volunteerspot.


Dawn Nelson

Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember 


  • May 23: Field Band Concert at South High
  • May 27: NO SCHOOL -Memorial Day Holiday
  • May 29: Second Round Transportation Confirmation forms due
  • June 4: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL -Bowling Field Trip
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