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5th Grade Rocks
February Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember


  • May 5-9:Science MCA
  • May 6-9: Brick by Brick fundraiser
  • May 9: Fifth grade Fun Day
  • May 14:  Environmental Field Trip
  • May 14: Bike Drive

May 2, 2014

Is it wet enough for you?  


We have survived yet another week with weather being a prime topic. Warmer (and dryer) weather is forecasted for the weekend.  Make sure your child gets some 'run around like crazy' outdoor time tomorrow!  You can bet that is what the teachers will do this weekend!!

Please return the Spring Environmental Field trip slips on Monday.  We need an accurate count and want to make final plans.  The cost we pay is $12.00 per child.  If you need a scholarship, please pay what you are able.


 Fifth Grade 101


What is your summer plan?  Help your child stay sharp with their skills by planning a time for reading and math.  There are lots of fun academic camps- but just setting aside a bit of time each week works too. Our students have made huge progress- help keep them up and ready for sixth grade.


We will be going bowling as our final day lets spend time together field trip.  More info will follow.





Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 


This week students read chapters 10-12 and did some reflection by summarizing and finding examples of theme in the text. We will continue to cruise through the book and finish by Monday of next week. 
If you have not noticed by now, there has been no reading log homework this quarter. It has been replaced by vocabulary homework, where students are to create crossword puzzles and give clues to the reader to try and help them get the word. It does not count if they are simply writing the answer in the "down"/"across" section. There has also been reading homework assigned only if they did not finish readings in class, while other chapters were assigned to be read at home. At this point, we will finish chapters 13-15 in class. There will be an end of the unit test after May 19th on the entire book. 
Regarding the writing assignment (historical fiction research paper), there will be check points students must meet in order to move on to the next step. So far, students were to finish the mind map (brainstorming), and 10 source cards (research). The upcoming check points will go as followed: rough draft 5/9, peer edit 5/13, edit corrections 5/16, final draft 5/19. Keeping up with these check points ensures that their stories will be graded and turned back to them before the end of the year, giving students a chance to improve their grade if they are unhappy with the results. Anything turned in after the 19th cannot receive an improved grade due to time. Please check the website for due dates, along with the rubric for the historical fiction story. 
I have shared MCA scores with students. I am very proud of how hard the kids have been working in Language Arts this year, not just on the test. I have seen great improvement in all kids' reading and writing skills. The reading results cannot be compared to the math. Reading does not have a z-score, or growth measure, since this is the first year with the new common core state standards- math implemented the common core a year before ELA did. That being said, growth measures will be given after the 6th grade year, if the state or district is able to create that chart. What's important to note is the "zone" or level your child is in, and read the comments I have made. The best way to improve as a reader is to read, read, read Please feel free to contact me or Mr. Jungwirth with any questions. 
 Happy Spring! 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 

S.P.A.M.: 5/2/2014

 Science promotes academic mastery!


This week we continued with our environments unit.  Aquatics is almost over.  Next week is the Science MCAs.  We have covered all of the state standards including some from 3rd and 4th grade.  Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and a good breakfast prior to sending them off to school.

No homework this week!



Ms Hill





This week we cruised through Investigation 2 of Bits and Pieces III, which covered multiplying decimals. We took a quiz on Friday covering the week's learning targets. Quiz results will be posted over the weekend and passed back on Monday. Quiz re takes are held on Thursdays during Advisory. In order to re take a quiz a practice page must be completed to show students have been reviewing the skills before re testing. (Practice pages are found in the classroom.)


There were four homework assignments this week, any missing work must be turned in by Monday to receive points for it.


Next week we will dive into Investigation 3 which covers dividing decimals. Students should be bringing their math book and notebook to and from school daily. 


If you're child is absent, please continue referring to my webpage to keep them caught up with their work!  


I am still taking notebook donations for students that do not have a notebook for math. If you have any to spare at home, please bring them in to share!


Have a great weekend!


~Ms. Johnson 

Social Studies

 May 2, 2014


Chapter 13 The Revolution.


Spelling Test Monday:







Please remind your child there is no gum chewing in my classes.  It is very disgusting seeing children chewing.


Remember to sign planner weekly. 


Next week will continue the Revolutionary War.  


Ms. Doyle 

We continue to go through facial tissue at an alarming rate!! Please send us more!!


The Science room  is good for wipes!  Thanks! 


 Ms Doyle's class needs glue sticks!!






Field FIFTH Graders! You are invited to the 2014 Fifth Grade Fun Night!

Friday May 9, 2014

2:45-4:30p.m.- meet in the Commons

This event is hosted by Field Student Council every year as a way to celebrate fifth graders' successful completion of their first year of middle school! Tickets will be on sale during lunch time starting Wednesday April 30 for $2. There will be food, fun and prizes! We hope everyone can join us!


We would love to have a few parent volunteers to monitor some of the activity stations. Contact Wendy Wolff if you are interested/willing and/or available! THANKS!


The Field Bike Drive has been moved to Wednesday May 14! (due to predicted inclement weather)

Donate your extra bike and/or bike parts to help homeless youth in our community! Field student council has coordinated a bike drive to help support our local community service partner, Full Cycle.  If you are cleaning out your garage this spring and have bikes you would like to donate, please bring them in or ride them to school on May 14 and Full Cycle will pick them up from the parking lot. Every bike donated will help Full Cycle accomplish their mission to reduce youth homelessness in our community. Our goal is to collect 100 bikes.


Check out the mission of Full Cycle from the link below:





Brick by Brick! Help us build a school in Guatemala!

Did you know that 57 MILLION children around the world do not have access to an education in their community?

Field Student Council's global act of service this year is to help collect money to build a school in Guatemala.  Every Teacher will receive a cardboard school house "bank" to collect quarters from Tuesday May 6- Friday May 9.  The teacher that collects the most money in their bank  next week will participate in a Mario cart style bike race at 2:15  on Wednesday May 14. Bring in your quarters and contribute to ANY teacher's bank to get them in the race!  $20=1 brick; 500 bricks builds a school!

Below is a video link with more information the Build a school initiative:

(Build a school initiative- 1 minute)) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UiwEp2YTBM


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