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November 11, 2016
Second Quarter Here We Come!
First quarter grades have been loaded into the computer.  If you requested that grades be sent (there was a request form in the beginning of the year folder,) you should receive the grades in a week or so.  If you did not request grades be sent (or you just don't want to wait,) you can view them in the parent portal on Monday.  This is a new system, so please be patient.
Fifth Grade 101:
The beginning of a new quarter is a great time to check with your child about their school supplies.  It is amazing how folders and notebooks disappear, or are used up with non-school drawing!  Please check with your child and replace what needs to be replaced.
Smarter than a 5th Grader?
You will be by June!
November 11, 2016
There are 3 out of 5 spelling words ready to be studied:  November, ancient, people
We will learn about life in North American before the Europeans came to settle and explore. We will be using an old heavy text (a favorite).  This text has a Focus and a Main Idea, in the Chapter intro. Please read class notes with your student, together you may come up with really good questions.
Remember to sign the planner once a week.  This is our way of communicating.  I look forward to getting 100%.
Ms. Doyle
We are well into Locomotion, and the kids are loving it. This week we discussed poetry elements along with haikus. We are also getting in depth with the literature elements and annotating for theme, symbolism, inferences, and imagery. Kids are getting really good at reading between the lines. 
We spent Wednesday discussing our thoughts, feelings, and questions about the election. 
Friday was our first of many courageous conversations. We talked about race and how it pertains to Lonnie in Locomotion, along with how we view race in our society today. I encourage all families to continue courageous conversations on race at home, underlying the importance of empathy and understanding. 
Next week we will start up our weekly grammar and punctuation lessons on Friday. 
Upcoming due dates:
My website is a great tool to use in order to keep up on assignments, due dates, standards-based grading info., and other ELA related activities.
Mrs. Kolbinger 
S.P.A.M.     11/11/16   SCIENCE
(Science Promotes Academic Mastery)
When is it too much of a good thing?  When do we want more?  We are working with the concept of 'Range of Tolerance.'  This is an important concept when learning about living organisms.  We will begin a new experiment on Monday to help students understand this important idea.
No homework this week.  Have a great weekend.
Have a great weekend!
Ms. Hill
MATHEMATICS 11.11.16 --------
This week we continued our study of decimals.  We ended the week by dividing decimals by whole numbers.  
Next week, we will continue to work with decimals focusing on how multiplying or dividing by multiples of 10 effects the decimal place. We will end the week by taking a short quiz of what they have learned so far with decimals.
Students can retake their fractions quiz next Thursday.  Their retake forms are due Wednesday.
Enjoy your weekend,
Mrs. Rausch and Mrs. Lindsay
DANCE --------------------------------

Welcome, 2016-17 School Partners!
This week over 600 fifth-graders in 26 classrooms in 10 Twin Cities schools start Dancing Classrooms, as Heart of Dance launches the second year of this fast-growing program in Minnesota. We are delighted to welcome five returning schools and five new schools to this 10-week in-school residency:
Returning Schools
Athlos Leadership Academy, Brooklyn Park
Benjamin E. Mays IB World School, St. Paul
Four Seasons A+ Elementary School, St. Paul
Friendship Academy of the Arts, Minneapolis
Stonebridge World School, Minneapolis
New Schools
Excell Academy for Higher Learning, Brooklyn Park
Field School, Minneapolis
LIFE Prep School, St. Paul
LoveWorks Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, Golden Valley
Linwood Monroe Arts Plus, St. Paul
New York-trained Teaching Artists teach students the Merengue, Tango, Rumba, Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing and other dances twice per week. They help classroom teachers coordinate dances with other subjects, like writing essays, researching cultural origins, learning math fractions, or creating art projects.
Survey Results are In!
Surveys from the 2015-2016 school year show strong results and support for Dancing Classrooms from our Twin Cities parents and educators:
81% of PARENTS saw increased self-esteem in their child  
9 of 10 TEACHERS saw improved student relationships
7 of 10 PARENTS reported increased academic performance in their child
70% of PARENTS saw improved relationships with their child

Thank you!
We could not do this without your amazing support.  
Thank you for joining Heart of Dance on this journey.
Field School, 4645 Fourth Avenue South, Field PTA, Minneapolis, MN 55419
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