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Dates to remember:

11/25, 11/26, 11/27 No School (Thanksgiving break)




November 13, 2015 
Fifth grade 101:
 Remind your child to bring their instrument home and to practice nightly.

If your child will be absent please let the office know by filling out the form. Thanksgiving break for us is Wednesday through Friday, November 25 - 27, that means no school.

Thank you to all the students who particpated in the 50th day of school.  It was fun. 

  Have a great weekend!
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 The Fifth Grade Team 


ELA classes are continuing to prepare for our next big writing project, an essay about Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson, due Dec. 3rd. We are writing in our journals about the novel as we read. The novel has about 100 pages, and we will write a 5 W's and H reflection every twenty pages; (the 5 W's and H are: What? When? Who? Where? Why? and How?). As I've mentioned previously, this work is designed to help students overcome anxiety about the writing project, since an essay is basically a summary or reflection on the text (Locomotion in this case). 

Students should read at home and be ready to re-read and answer questions and write notes during class. 

As I previously mentioned, parents can help by buying a copy of the book for their children and discussing the book and eventually the rubric with their child. The library here at Field has copies of the book, so if parents would rather not buy it, students can check the book out and write notes in their notebooks; (it is best to be able to mark the text). 

All the best,
Jackie Stocker

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 
Science promotes academic excellence!


Students turned in some wonderful pages for our ABC of the Mighty Mississippi book.  As soon as grades are in the portal, the book will be on display.

Mono Lake has an interesting history (The oldest lake in North America) as well as a sad history with human intervention.  We used the story of how one person can step up and make a huge environmental change for the better.
No homework this weekend- enjoy the warm weather!

Ms Hill




This week we studied how to find the surface area and volume of rectangular prisms. Students had a hands-on-activity every day this week to reinforce the learning targets. Students counted, built, and cut out a variety of rectangular prisms and nets.


There was a quiz on Friday and students will get them back on Monday. Look for the yellow quiz in their binders to see how they did or check the parent portal! Again, students with a 6 or lower will be expected to re learn and re do their quiz in Mr. Hamilton's BEST class next week. Students that score a 7 or 8 and would like to re take the quiz need to complete an action plan and then can redo it on Thursday during Advisory.


Next week we will conclude the fifth grade Geometry learning targets and take the final test on ALL the learning targets from the unit.


Please continue using my website to get homework assignments, math resources, and math games to practice at home!


Have a wonderful weekend! 


Amanda Rausch

Social Studies
November 13, 2015
"November", went home this week and it will be due November 30.  Start thinking about Thanksgiving and what you are thankful for.

There are about 20 vocabulary words, so far, and your child should be making a flashcard with each word on one side and the definition on the other side.  Then remember to study them, by reading them.  Study with your child.

Have your child like the Chapter test is next Thursday.  There will be a review going home on Tuesday, study the vocabulary.

-Ms. Doyle 



Are you a stock wizard?  Do you understand the inner workings of a publicly owned business?  Ms Hill's BEST classes will be forming stock groups next week.  We could use your expertise as well as any stock information such as quarterly reports from different companies.  Email Ms Hill if you are able to lend a helping hand!



Reading B.E.S.T.            books-apple-icon2.jpg
Bev Halvorson
Reading Interventionist

We have had a great start for our students.  Expect great things to come!  


We have begun the skills of 'marking the text.'  Numbering paragraphs helps identify where an unknown vocabulary word, a new and exciting idea, or a claim to support an important question may be found.  Students can practice this skill with any piece of printed text such as a newspaper or magazine article.  All paragraphs are counted, regardless of how long or short.  The entire article is counted continuously, even if there are sub-headings.

Try making this a family quick-school-helper for your child. 


Next we will work on finding claims and evidence to support claims in non-fiction articles.











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