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  • Dates to Remember  
    • November 17:  Barnes and Noble fundraiser at Galleria
    • November 26-28: Thanksgiving Break
    • December 11:  Fifth grade trip to MN Zoo

November14, 2014




We believe cold weather is here to stay.  Yes, it is easier to believe this than to hope for warm weather!!


We are again asking for your help with student planners.  Some students have decided that the planners were only for 1st quarter.  Suprise! They are for the whole year!  Please look through and sign planners.  If the student feels that you are watching their planner use, it increases the importance in their mind.  Thanks for the help.


We are going to the MN Zoo December 11th.This is a totally free field trip.  Included is a lunch of an all beef hotdog, juice box and some sort of crackers.  The field trip slip will be out next week.  We can take 11 parent volunteers.  If your child needs a vegetarian lunch please let us know by marking this on the trip slip.


Spoiler Alert!  The Human Growth Unit begins in December.  See Ms Hill's blurb below.



We continue to hone our skills on 'marking the text,' and two and three column notes.  The students are catching on quickly!


Fifth Grade 101:

Holiday Jitters

Fifth graders can find the weeks between Thanksgiving break and Winter break overwhelming.  Family, friends, parties, school, and other activities can be stressful and cut into sleep time.  A good student comes to school well rested.  Please make sure that your child is ready to learn.  Thanks


Did you receive a hard copy of your child's first quarter grades?  Let us know if you did not get a grade report.


This is a great time for checking in with your child about their school supplies.  It is always good to start a new quarter ready to learn!






Have a great weekend.










Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 


This week, we moved forward in Locomotion. We continued our annotations, and we learned about a list poem. Students continued to find the SigMo in the poems. We have also been working on citing evidence in our text. The students have been doing quick writes including the evidence they find in Locomotion and in the short story "Thank You Ma'am" by Langston Hughes. The list poem is due Monday! 

As a reminder, many students are almost out of post-it flags. Please check in with your child over the weekend to see if they need more. We are all out in the classroom. If you would like to donate some to our class, we would gladly take them! :) 

Students should be logging their reading minutes! Students who can't login for whatever reason should let us know. 

Students were assigned new grammar homework today. We are again covering quotation marks and capitalization this week, and students are expected to write their own sentences correctly using the grammar rules. This quarter, students will receive one week to fill out the "Action Retake Plan" and revise any assignments. This homework is due next Friday, November 21st. 

I have officially decided that our next book will be Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. Feel free to pick this up at the book fair Monday, Nov. 17th if you child would like to mark their own text (highly recommended). 

Want homework reminders? Follow me on twitter @mrskolbinger for reminders, and other ELA related articles, jokes, etc. 

Please be sure to check out the website for updated information, scheduling, assignments, and grades. Also view the website for more information about standards based grading. 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 
and Ms. Taylor

S.P.A.M.     11/14/14

(Science Promotes Academic Mastery)


All Environments study materials went home on Monday.  The Environments unit test will be on Tuesday, November 18th.  Studying for the test is this week's homework.  


We have started a short unit called 'Mystery Powders.'  We will look at the properties of 'secret' substances.


We will start out Human Growth Unit on or about December1st.  We will cover Puberty, body parts, hygiene, zits, and a host of all things growing up.  This unit is strictly fifth grade subjects.  Both boys and girls are taught at the same time.  Please see my course syllabus for the standards being taught.  Please email me with any questions.


Ms Hill 






This week learned the difference between prisms and pyramids. Students cut out nets, folded them up, and created their own triangular, rectangular, square, pentagonal, hexagonal, and octagonal prisms and pyramids. 


Students had their second Geometry quiz today and again will get their quizzes back on Monday. Students may re take their quiz if they complete an action plan and return it to me on Thursday during Advisory.


Next Friday, students have their Geometry final on all the learning targets from the unit.


Please continue using my website to find daily homework assignments and math websites to practice at home.


Thanks for all your support and have a wonderful weekend!


~Mrs. Rausch

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Social Studies

 November 14, 2014 


We took the chapter 3 test, not an easy test for students.  If they did less than 60% then they can retake the test, and the parent needs to sign the old test.



 We also took a spelling test.  Average score was 8.76.  Not too shabby.  I always hope for a 9.  Also, many planners weren't signed this week.  Please sign  over the weekend. 


 New topic: European Exploration 



Ms. Doyle 

AVID This Week


We are working on marking text for deeper learning.  We have begun numbering paragraphs and finding key words. 


Our students are learning to use two-column and 3-column notes in several classes.  This is the first step to working toward Cornell Notes.  Ask your child if they understand these strategies.  We will be supporting students until they reach mastery.





Reader's Workshop  books-apple-icon2.jpg

In Reader's Workshop this week students finished a unit on the five elements of a short story - plot, characters, setting, conflict and theme. Students in the Black day group took a test on the unit on Thursday and the Teal day group has a test coming up on Monday.  Next week students will begin to work on the vocabulary exercises in Unit 3 - Dracula Junior from the Word Up Project. The Word Up Project vocabulary list was built from an analysis of difficult words that frequently appear on standardized tests. 

Students will take their second Words Their Way spelling test next week. They will study with a partner in class to prepare for the test by doing a Blind Sort. Students can take the word list home to study for the test.

Bev Halvorson
Reading Specialist

Ms Hill's BEST classes have started the Stock Market unit.  Stay tuned (same time, same channel,) for more information.

Mrs. Kolbinger's BEST is reading Jerry Spenilli's autobiography of a kid, Knots in my Yo-Yo String

With November comes Movember! Field students are invited to support the Movember campaign that will be raising funding for the Movember Foundation's Men's Health Programs.   Teachers at Field Community volunteered to support this campaign by sporting a new beard/mustache style for the month of November. During the lunch periods on November 10, 11, 14, 17, 19, 21, students can vote for a teacher of choice and a beard/mustache style for that particular teacher to grow and wear. Each vote will be $.25. Students can vote for multiple teachers or even a single teacher multiple times. At the end of the month each teacher will shave and groom as determined by the collection of student votes.


If you want to learn more about the Movember foundation, go to us.movember.com


Thank you for your support and let's have some fun with this!



Field Barnes and Noble Book Fair

Monday, November 17, 2014

6-8 pm

Galleria Edina


If you can't make the event you can still support the school and do some holiday shopping. All week November 17-23 you can go towww.bn.com/bookfair and put in our number of 11455029 and we will receive credit for your purchases.


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