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  • Dates to Remember  
    • November 26-28: Thanksgiving Break
    • December 11:  Fifth grade trip to MN Zoo

November 21, 2014
Gobble Gobble

Next week is very short- but will be jam packed with learning!  Our students sometimes think that short weeks are play weeks.  Please be sure to convey to your child that school days are work days!

We will be having students clean lockers and take home excess clothing.  We also have a lovely assortment of sweaters and jackets.  Hopefully, all will find their way home!

Have a wonderful holiday break!





We continue to hone our skills on 'marking the text,' and two and three column notes.  The students are catching on quickly!


Fifth Grade 101:

Holiday Jitters

Fifth graders can find the weeks between Thanksgiving break and Winter break overwhelming.  Family, friends, parties, school, and other activities can be stressful and cut into sleep time.  A good student comes to school well rested.  Please make sure that your child is ready to learn.  Thanks


Please be sure to sign planners for social studies.  All other teachers look for this for planner checks on Thursday.


This is a great time for checking in with your child about their school supplies.  It is always good to start a new quarter ready to learn!






Have a great weekend.










Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 


We had a packed week with lots of reading, annotating, and writing responses to literature using evidence from the text. We read about 15 poems from Locomotion, and will get through another 10 by the end of next week. Students are becoming stronger writers as they are learning how to use the text to support their opinion. Some kids will be pulled into small groups for reteaching if they are missing pieces to their response (i.e. punctuation, page numbers/citations, correct quotations). The first response to literature will be going into the grade book by Monday. 

We also looked at the Occasional Poem that was due today. There are a handful of students that will need to turn their poem from an essay to a poem by using line breaks and stanzas. Please check with your child to see if that is an additional piece of homework they need to work on over the weekend. 

The new homework is scaffolding the last three rules into one (these rules were also taught during 1st quarter)- it will be, quotations + capitalization + commas. That will be due Dec. 5th

I have officially decided that our next book will be Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. Feel free to pick this up at your local bookstore if your child would like to mark their own text (highly recommended). 

Want homework reminders? Follow me on twitter @mrskolbinger for reminders, and other ELA related articles, jokes, etc. 

Please be sure to check out the website for updated information, scheduling, assignments, and grades. Also view the website for more information about standards based grading. 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 
and Ms. Taylor

S.P.A.M.     11/21/14

(Science Promotes Academic Mastery)


Our tests are finally logged- after it was pointed out that the online tests had not been loaded.  It meant one more day of testing.  The students handled this well and most were understanding that Science Grade 5 is the very LAST implementation for focused instruction.  Last for all grades and subjects!!  


We have started a short unit called 'Mystery Powders.'  We will look at the properties of 'secret' substances.  We have identified the unique properties of each powder using observation, water, acid, and heat testing.  There are interesting smells coming out of the science room!


We will next try to identify the powders in mystery mixtures.  We should finish this by Tuesday.


We will start out Human Growth Unit on or about December1st.  We will cover Puberty, body parts, hygiene, zits, and a host of all things growing up.  This unit is strictly fifth grade subjects.  Both boys and girls are taught at the same time.  Please see my course syllabus for the standards being taught.  Please email me with any questions.


Ms Hill 






This week we discovered the equations on how to find the area of a parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids. Students used geoboards and rubber bands to create a varity of shapes and find the area of them which lead them to the equations.


Today, students took their Geometry final. Results are in so check them out! Students will get their tests backs on Monday, however final tests may not leave the room so please check the student or parent portal to view your child's grade.


Next week on Monday and Tuesday students will be challenged with some sixth grade Geometry problems!


After Thanksgiving break we will start Unit 4; Algebra.


Please continue using my website to find daily homework assignments and math websites to practice at home.


Thanks for all your support and have a wonderful weekend!


~Mrs. Rausch

CLICK HERE to Mrs. Rausch's Webpage 
Social Studies

 November 21, 2014 


 All the make up tests are done for Chapter 3.  Thanks for all the hard work.  


Next we move to Chapter 4, learning why explorers  sailed to the Americas.


Test prep next Monday and Tuesday. 



There will be a spelling test Tuesday, November 25.  The words are:  compass, November, astrolabe, ore, silver. 




Ms. Doyle 

AVID This Week


We are working on marking text for deeper learning.  We have begun numbering paragraphs and finding key words. 


Our students are learning to use two-column and 3-column notes in several classes.  This is the first step to working toward Cornell Notes.  Ask your child if they understand these strategies.  We will be supporting students until they reach mastery.





Reader's Workshop  books-apple-icon2.jpg

In Reader's Workshop this week students finished vocabulary a unit from the Word Up Project that incorporates the study of words that are frequently found on standardized tests.  Next week students will take a Words Their Way test on their spelling words and participate in a Reader's Theater skit. Our new books from Scholastic have arrived and the students are eager to read them. They spend 20 minutes per class reading independently and writing in a Reader's Response Journal.

Bev Halvorson
Reading Specialist

Ms Hill's BEST classes have started the Stock Market unit.  Your child needs a small, simple calculator to use for figuring out ROI as well as keeping track of other formulas.  They can keep this in the pocket of their  BEST 3 ring binder. Stay tuned (same time, same channel,) for more information.

Mrs. Kolbinger's BEST is reading Jerry Spenilli's autobiography of a kid, Knots in my Yo-Yo String

With November comes Movember! Field students are invited to support the Movember campaign that will be raising funding for the Movember Foundation's Men's Health Programs.   Teachers at Field Community volunteered to support this campaign by sporting a new beard/mustache style for the month of November. During the lunch periods on November 10, 11, 14, 17, 19, 21, students can vote for a teacher of choice and a beard/mustache style for that particular teacher to grow and wear. Each vote will be $.25. Students can vote for multiple teachers or even a single teacher multiple times. At the end of the month each teacher will shave and groom as determined by the collection of student votes.


If you want to learn more about the Movember foundation, go to us.movember.com


Thank you for your support and let's have some fun with this!




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