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Dates to Remember



  • November 27-29: Thanksgiving Recess
  • December 23-27 and 30-January 3: Winter break  
November 22, 2013

Look!  It is snowing!!!!

The students seemed to be more excited than the teachers as we watched the snow blow by the windows yesterday.  Not enough for snow people, but enough to cause slipping and sliding.  Let's hope for snow at a much later date!


Does your child have any clothes left in their closet?  We have more than 20 hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts hanging outside of Ms Hill's room. 

 We hope your family has a restful and fun Thanksgiving break!


Fifth Grade 101: Making up or redoing tests


Many students can increase their grades by retaking tests.  Fifth Graders do not always understand the benefit of this opportunity. If you feel like your child should take advantage of retaking tests, please spend time discussing the skills  they found difficult.  If your child hears from both teacher and family that this is a good thing, they are much more likely to retake a test








Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 

English Language Arts
This week we read chapters 7-12 in Tuck Everlasting. The kids are doing wonderfully with finding symbolism in the text. We are looking for examples of the toad, a wheel, and water. Ask you child what these things symbolize. We are also becoming detectives and searching where we can find the themes of captivity or perspective in the text. Be sure to check your child's book this weekend and see where they are finding symbolism and theme. 

This weekend's homework: chapters 13-15.
One section of the reading log should reflect these chapters. The log is due 12/6. 

Because we are marking the text so much, it'd be very helpful if students could come to class with their own stash of post-it notes. I have about 2 packs left and seem to be using about a pack a day. Thanks!

If you donated the first three books of the Percy Jackson series to our classroom THANK YOU! There was no name attached to the donation, so if it was you please speak up as I'd like to send out a proper thank you:) Happy Friday! 

Questions/comments  about ELA? Want to see our class/5th grade calendar? Need an extra copy of the reading log or other homework? Visit our classroom website at: www.mrskolbinger.weebly.com 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 

November 22, 2013

Science Promotes Academic Mastery- Also known as SPAM!


What is an assembly line?  What are the advantages of this kind of manufacturing style? We have made engineering folders individually and in an assembly line.  We looked at quality control and what it means to the profit margin of a company.  We then put ourselves in the shoes of an Industrial Engineer and looked at ways to make our product lines move smoothly and efficiently. 


We move on to using simple machines to perform a complex task.  We will continue this over the next 1& 1/2 weeks.


Homework alert:  The Rube Goldberg crazy machine instruction sheet went home on Thursday.  Step by step instructions show how to produce and present a Rube Goldberg type of machine.  Haven't seen the sheet yet, you say?  Look for a full page instruction sheet, possibly stuffed into the bottom of a backpack.  If you cannot seem to find one at all, ask for one of a limited edition extra sheet.  /This homework is due on December 6.


Where did Ms Hill go?


I will be absent the two weeks prior to winter break.  When I return in January, I will have a shiny new knee!  What a great (really?) way to spend the holidays!


Thanks to all families that are taking home a Zoo member for the November or December dates.  It is a HUGE feeling of relief that the critters will be well cared for and happy!




Ms Hill




This week we finished our Geometry Unit and had the final test on Friday. I am excited to see their results! Feel free to check the parent portal on Monday to see your child's score. Tests will be passed out on Monday to be brought home, signed, and returned on Tuesday.


On Monday and Tuesday of next week, the fifth graders will be challenged with some 6th grade Geometry problems to conclude the unit before Thanksgiving Break. After the break we we start Unit 4, which is Algebra! 


Have a wonderful weekend!


~Ms. Johnson 

Social Studies


Social Studies

 November 22, 2013


Last week: We started Chapter 5, European Explorers. 


Next Week: We will continue European Explorers, and studying ships of the 15th Century.  Students can bring in diagrams of these styles of ships.  


Spelling test words so far are: diseases, contagious, routes, conquer, sponsor.  These words need to be written out at least 10 times. 




Ms. Doyle 











The No Sale Fundraiser is back! 


The fundraiser runs from November 4 thru December 12, 2013. This is a Hale/Field Fundraiser that helps our schools get much needed money to supplement academic and community events. The No Sale Fundraising Committee is hoping to raise lots of money this year.

   If you would like to support the fundraiser, please go to the GiveMn linkhttp://givemn.razoo.com/ to donate. Put Field School in thesearch box (upper right hand corner) and your choices will appear.








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