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November 6, 2015 
Fifth grade 101:
Second Quarter has started. Remember your child needs a pencil for the day or every class.  Please make sure they have their supplies.  As your child fills a notebook, you are responsible for the next notebook.  The coordinating color is nice, but not necessary.That goes for the folder too.  The paper folders wear out.  

  Have a great weekend!
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 The Fifth Grade Team 


ELA classes are continuing to prepare for our next big writing project, an essay about Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson, due Dec. 3rd. We are writing reflections of tales and poems now. The reflections are on handouts that say the 5 W's and H: What? When? Who? Where? Why? and How. This work is designed to help students overcome anxiety about the writing project, since an essay is basically a summary or reflection on the text (Locomotion in this case). 

As many of you already know, I sent a letter home with students with the rubric (the standards by which the essay will be graded). Parents can help by buying a copy of the book for their children and discussing the book and eventually the rubric with their child. This week, the library here at Field found copies of the book, so if parents would rather not buy it, students can check the book out and write notes in their notebooks; (it is best to be able to mark the text). We have delayed reading to give people a chance to buy the book, and will start reading the book in class on Tuesday. Students who have already started reading can re-read along with the class. Usually it is best to read a work at least twice in order to get to know it well. 

As I mentioned last week, many students will notice that the characters draw on qualities such as bravery, kindness, and determination. These qualities are apparent in many tall tales and in the stories developed by students, so students can reflect on similar themes throughout fall term. 

All the best,
Jackie Stocker

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 
Science promotes academic excellence!


Frogs have made their way into our Environments unit.  We have learned about the threat to our amphibian friends.  We have lost about one third of all amphibian species.  We read about one study that found that a common pesticide that causes feminization of male frogs.

We will continue to learn about water environments during the  next two weeks.  

We are going to make a book about the organisms that live along and in the Mississippi River.  Each student has been assigned one organism to investigate.  A full page instruction sheet was sent home yesterday.  I am going to be brave and try to get the sheet put into my web page.  I hope to be successful this time!

The homework is due next Friday, 11/13.  The student needs the following:
 One 8-1/2" X 11" piece of copy paper- white works best.   The assignment is two paragraphs- one describing their organism and one describing the environment in which the organism lives- and one clear picture.  The paragraphs may be typed on a computer or written in pen. Use color- color pencils or crayons -to provide a colorful page.  The paragraphs and picture should be on one side of one page.  The bibliography and your child's name should be on the back of the page.
   For full info, please ask your child for the information sheet.

Ms Hill




This week we started Geometry and students used geoboards to help discover the formulas for finding the area of parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids. Students took a quiz on Friday covering these three topics. Quizzes will be passed back on Monday and quiz re takes will be held on Thursday during Advisory or in Mr. Hamilton's BEST class.


Next week we will study how to find the surface area and volume of rectangular prisms. Students will use a hands on approach for most of this unit, as Geometry is a very visual topic! Next Friday there will be another quiz on surface area and volume.


Students have been taking 3 column notes in the back of their notebook. Students can use their notes on their quizzes but not on their final test. 


Please continue using my website to get homework assignments, math resources, and math games to practice at home!


Have a wonderful weekend! 


Amanda Rausch

Social Studies
November 6, 2015
Next Monday there will be a spelling test.  The words focus on different type of Native American homes.  longhouse, hogan, lodge, tepee, and November.

You can look forward to "November", and it will be due November 30.  Start thinking about Thanksgiving and what you are thankful for.

Review notes nightly and talk about it.

-Ms. Doyle 



Are you a stock wizard?  Do you understand the inner workings of a publicly owned business?  Ms Hill's BEST classes will be forming stock groups next week.  We could use your expertise as well as any stock information such as quarterly reports from different companies.  Email Ms Hill if you are able to lend a helping hand!



Reading B.E.S.T.            books-apple-icon2.jpg
Bev Halvorson
Reading Interventionist

We have had a great start for our students.  Expect great things to come!  


We have begun the skills of 'marking the text.'  Numbering paragraphs helps identify where an unknown vocabulary word, a new and exciting idea, or a claim to support an important question may be found.  Students can practice this skill with any piece of printed text such as a newspaper or magazine article.  All paragraphs are counted, regardless of how long or short.  The entire article is counted continuously, even if there are sub-headings.

Try making this a family quick-school-helper for your child. 


Next we will work on finding claims and evidence to support claims in non-fiction articles.











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