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** Site Council meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of the month from 4:00 - 5:30 and are open to anyone wishing to attend.  If you have a topic to discuss you must be on the agenda prior to the meeting.  Please contact your grade rep. to be added to the agenda.



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5th Grade Rocks
  • Dates to Remember   
  • October 14: evening Conferences
  • October 15: Day time Conferences
  • October 16-17: No school 
October 24: Picture Retake Day 


October 10, 2014


Conference Time is Upon Us!


Do you have your conference scheduled?  Please call your child's 1st hour teacher for information on a conference.


We have a short week coming up.  Monday and Tuesday are still school days. If you have to miss these days, please make sure your child gets any missing work from all teachers.




Ask your child about two and three column notes.  These strategies help students organize their note-taking.  We are using AVID in all subjects.  Do you know the skills?







Fifth Grade 101:


Conferences are a time to let teachers know what we can do to make your child's experience at Field a happy and productive year.  Your children are welcome to the meetings.  You will have 20 minutes with your child's first hour teacher, and then 10 minutes for quick get-togethers with the other core teachers.  If you wish to have a conference with another teacher, please set that up at this time.  We try to see as many parents as we can, but with the high numbers in each class, we often do not have any regular slots left.






Have a great weekend.





Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 


This week students worked their butts off on their tall tale stories! They were quick to understand how Google Docs worked, and did a lovely job of helping one another get the hang of it. Rough drafts and peer edits have been the main focus of the week. I am so pleased with the great feedback students (aka editors) have been giving their authors on their work- great conversations are happening online and in person:) 

Here are the rest of the due dates for their tall tales:
- Peer Edit Due: Oct. 10
- Tall Tale Due: Oct. 14 

They have received a rubric for the story, so they know what they will be graded on specifically. I ask that once students feel they are ready to turn it in, that they grade their own story against the rubric. 

I have finally connected with the Scholastic rep! We will officially start logging reading minutes 2nd quarter. I will provide further information via my website, the newsletter, and at conferences about how kids will log minutes. I have a few more clerical tasks to complete with our rep before we begin that process. Students will be able to count their minutes from 1st quarter into 2nd quarter if they have been keeping track. 

We will begin our next unit, Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson, the week of Oct. 20th. If your child prefers to mark in the book, please pick up a copy of the text over MEA. There are several places to get books- Half Price, Barnes N Noble, Magers & Quinn. This is not required, but can make marking the text easier. For students using school copies, we will use post-it flags to mark the text, so make sure your child is stocked up with them (4 colors preferred). 

I look forward to chatting with you all at conferences over the next few weeks! 

Want homework reminders? Follow me on twitter @mrskolbinger for reminders, and other ELA related articles, jokes, etc. 

Please be sure to check out the website for updated information, scheduling, assignments, and grades. Also view the website for more information about standards based grading. 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 
and Ms. Taylor


S.P.A.M.: 10/03/2014

 Science promotes academic mastery!


This week we are wrapping up beetles and isopods.  Students will express their understanding of these organisms by completing a one-pager in class.  Vocabulary for the poster is on the sentence strip board, and will be reviewed as needed.


The homework for this week consists of a poster of an organism.  The organism must be a real living thing that is alive or was at one time.  Students must make a diagram that shows at least seven structures (body parts) and explains their functions (what they do).  Your child is welcome to show more structures and functions if they wish.  Homework is due Monday, October 13th.



Anyone wishing to take home a classroom animal over the break must have a written note with a parent's signature in by Monday.  Those taking animals home need to have a warm car to transport them in, even if their house is a few blocks from school.  If the animals are out in the cold for too long, they can get sick.


Ms Hill and Mr. Brinkman







This week we had a quiz on Friday. Students will get their quizzes back on Monday and retakes will be the following Thursday in Advisory.


We are rapping up the unit quickly, the final test is scheduled for October 24th. 


Students will be taking an OLPA math test online October 28-30th. This test is designed by the same company as the MCA test and helps predict student's MCA scores in May.


Please continue to use my website to get homework assignments and/or see upcoming math events.


Thanks for all your support and have a wonderful weekend!


~Mrs. Rausch

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Social Studies

 October 10, 2014 


We have spent the last two weeks  studying Ancient Civilizations of the Americas.  They include the Mayas, Incas, and the Aztecs.  I will grade notebooks after MEA. 


Spelling tests are for 10 points.  The next test is TUESDAY, October 14.  Sorry to rush it. There is one word a day to learn before the test.  Here are the words: October, jaguar, ancestors, ceremony, dynasty 


 Homework:  none


Ms. Doyle 

AVID This Week



Our students are learning to use two-column and 3-column notes in several classes.  This is the first step to working toward Cornell Notes.  Ask your child if they understand this strategy.  We will be supporting students until they master this strategy.





Reader's Workshop  books-apple-icon2.jpg
In Reader's Workshop this week students will begin to work on a comprehension unit about finding the subject, main idea and supporting details. Students have been introduced to a spelling and developmental word study program called Words Their Way.  In addition, students are required to read independently during class for 20 minutes and write in a Reader's Response Journal.

Ms. Halvorson
Reading Specialist
Ms Hill's BEST classes are looking at lateral thinking and how that affects problem solving.

Mrs. Kolbinger's BEST is working on summarizing non-fiction texts using Prezi. 


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