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October 14, 2016

Repeat of Referendum message:
On Nov. 8, Minneapolis voters will be asked to renew the school district's current operating referendum authorization, which expires after the 2016-17 school year. If passed, funding would help Minneapolis Public Schools manage class sizes and provide supportive services and activities for students. The request would authorize the referendum for nine years and be annually adjusted for inflation. Property taxes are not projected to increase if the referendum renewal passes. Learn more here: www.mpls.k12.mn.us/referendum2016. 

We are still in deep need of boxes of facial tissue! It is amazing how many runny noses are showing up this year, some even on faces. Please help by sending a box (or boxes) to keep all students using tissue instead of hands or sleeves!

Make sure you have signed up for conferences with your child's first hour teacher. Two days left, 10/18 and 10/19. 

Fifth Grade 101:
Please check your child's planner for use.  Teachers get the process started, but cannot check all planners. You can help us by letting your child know that you will be checking their planners and expect them to be filled out.  Soon your child will see that their assignments are on time and done the way they should be  done.
Smarter than a 5th Grader?
You will be by June!
 The Fifth Grade Team 
October 14, 2016

Thanks for coming to conferences.  There are more on Tuesday after school and Wednesday morning.

We took our first unit test today.  Students who studied often had an easier time then those who didn't.

Remember to sign the planner once a week.  This is our way of communicating.  I look forward to getting 100%.

No spelling test next week.

 Ms. Doyle

This week students have been busy, busy, busy! Peer edits are well underway, and it's been exciting seeing the kids as editors. They are providing great feedback to their peers, and learning how to edit and comment within Google Docs. The conversations are rich with ELA vocabulary and dialogue about tall tale elements. 

We are mostly done with grammar mini-lessons. Kids will have a review sheet to practice (given today) before the test. If there are several students who do not show mastery of a certain element, quotations say, I will reteach and we'll continue work on that area until mastery is shown. The most challenging concept thus far is a quote within a quote, or triple quoting. That happens when someone repeats what someone else says. 

It's been great meeting families at conferences- it's a nice change of pace compared to the busy open house. I look forward to meeting the rest of you next week:)  

Upcoming due dates:
10/17: peer edit 
10/18: tall tale final draft 
10/25: grammar review 
10/28: grammar quiz 

My website is a great tool to use in order to keep up on assignments, due dates, standards-based grading info., and other ELA related activities. 

Mrs. Kolbinger 

S.P.A.M.     10/14/16   SCIENCE

(Science Promotes Academic Mastery)


We are moving along in our Environments Unit.  Today we summarized what we have learned about the terrestrial environments: rain forests and deserts using a 'one pager' format.  This is instead of a quiz.  I will collect them during class on Monday.

Animals are up for 'slumber parties' for the upcoming break.  Please send a parent signed note Monday morning.  I supply food, cage. etc. The animals need to be picked up Tuesday Afternoon, and returned the following Monday.  This is a great way to satisfy that "Mom? Can I Please get a pet?" and a good way to introduce the care of an animal.  

You should have seen a syllabus for the first semester as well as 'Year at a Glance' (YAG) for 5th grade science.  These do not need to be returned.  They make great fridge covers- and you will be up to date on what we are doing in the science classroom.

GEMS/GISE has started on  Tuesday and Thursday, immediately after school.  Have your child attend on the day or days you indicated on your application.  All students that applied have been accepted.

Have a great weekend!
Ms Hill
This week continued with our fraction unit.  We focused on estimating the sum and difference of fractions on number lines and adding fractions using fraction circles. 

Next week is a short week.  Monday we will take some notes and review what we have learned so far this unit.  Tuesday we will practice adding fractions using the algorithm. The following week we will have a quiz.

Remember there is daily homework assignments in math and they are posted on our class website.
Have a great weekend!
Erin Lindsay and Amanda Rausch
Welcome, 2016-17 School Partners!
This week over 600 fifth-graders in 26 classrooms in 10 Twin Cities schools start Dancing Classrooms, as Heart of Dance launches the second year of this fast-growing program in Minnesota. We are delighted to welcome five returning schools and five new schools to this 10-week in-school residency:

Returning Schools
Athlos Leadership Academy, Brooklyn Park
Benjamin E. Mays IB World School, St. Paul
Four Seasons A+ Elementary School, St. Paul
Friendship Academy of the Arts, Minneapolis
Stonebridge World School, Minneapolis

New Schools
Excell Academy for Higher Learning, Brooklyn Park
Field School, Minneapolis
LIFE Prep School, St. Paul
LoveWorks Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, Golden Valley
Linwood Monroe Arts Plus, St. Paul

New York-trained Teaching Artists teach students the Merengue, Tango, Rumba, Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing and other dances twice per week. They help classroom teachers coordinate dances with other subjects, like writing essays, researching cultural origins, learning math fractions, or creating art projects.

Survey Results are In!

Surveys from the 2015-2016 school year show strong results and support for Dancing Classrooms from our Twin Cities parents and educators:

81% of PARENTS saw increased self-esteem in their child  

9 of 10 TEACHERS saw improved student relationships

7 of 10 PARENTS reported increased academic performance in their child

70% of PARENTS saw improved relationships with their child

Thank you!

We could not do this without your amazing support.  
Thank you for joining Heart of Dance on this journey.
Field School, 4645 Fourth Avenue South, Field PTA, Minneapolis, MN 55419
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