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October 27, 2017
Welcome to Winter!
It sure feels like winter!  The students were very excited about the snow.  We wonder how excited they will be when it is still snowing in March!
We have another short week ahead of us.  Grades will be entered and reports should be sent after that time.  Until then, the portals should still be up and running.
Please encourage your child to wear weather appropriate clothing.  We go out for recess unless the temp is below 0.
It is a good time to make sure your child has their instrument every day.  They cannot practice if the instrument is left at school.
Fifth grade 101:
What is a 'Fast' test-  It is a quick snapshot of where your child is in reading and math- and gives teachers an idea of what our students need.  You will probably talk about the test during your conferences.
Smarter than a 5th Grader?
You will be by June!
October 27, 2017
Welcome to Social Studies.
Students had several class days to work on and complete their posters for the country/dance they selected.  Most poster projects are complete, and there won't be more class time for the projects.  Each table has one dance/country to highlight.  They are creative workers.  These posters will be on display November 21st, at our Spotlight performance at 12:50-2:30.  All are welcomed, we will be dancing for you in the commons.
This week in dance classes we learned  the swing.  So many students were smiling and having fun.  That is what it is about.  Thank you Parents, keep talking it up at home.  I appreciate students who listen to directions and are willing to participate in the dance routines, to their best ability.
Parents/Guardians, please review and sign the planner  weekly.  I am always hoping for 100%.
 Ms. Doyle
This week we started Locomotion by Jaqueline Woodson. Students are working on annotating for theme (love, family, grief, self-identity), symbolism (objects, weather, colors), inference, and imagery. Using those annotations as evidence from the text, students will connect it to character traits they believe best describe each character they've met thus far.
During reading, annotating, and completing characterization charts, students are collaborating. We are focused on building academic language, showing respect for others, and working as a team.
Next week kids will finish the characterization charts, and move onto visualizing poetry. 
In Quarter 2 the Friday homework will pick back up. We are focusing on comprehension of characterization, and showing how to compare and contrast two characters from two different stories. This will be given in short story format. More details to come Nov. 6th! 
Due Dates:
Late work: 10/30
Oct. Reading Log: 10/31
End of Quarter 1: 11/1
My website is a great tool to use in order to keep up on assignments, due dates, standards-based grading info., and other ELA related activities.
Mrs. Kolbinger & Ms. Millin
Science Grade 5!  10/27/17
Jury duty is over! It was interesting,  but did not come at a convenient  time.  Does it ever?
We are spending a bit of time looking at important water environments. Ask your child about the Great Barrier Reef.  It is an amazing place on our Earth that can be seen from the ISS.
Next week we will look at salt tolerance and brine shrimp.  Our words will include range of tolerance, salt concentration, and 'fair' experiments.
No homework this weekend.  We will start a bigger assignment next week.
I think we need to get those shovels out where from storage!

Ms. Hill
MATHEMATICS 10.27.17 --------
This week we began Unit 6: Decimals.  We started by converting fractions to decimals and by the end of the week we were ordering and comparing various decimals.  We learned about place value and each student has one taped in their notebook.  The place value chart will be very important (especially for LT 6.4) to be familiar with and eventually memorized.
On Monday and Tuesday next week we will be bring everything together that we learned from Unit 6 and reviewing for our Quiz on Wednesday, Nov. 1st. 
Learning Targets for Quiz:
LT 6.1 - I can convert fractions to decimals and use fractions, mixed numbers, and improper fractions in various contexts.
LT 6.3 - I can compare and order fractions and decimals.
LT 6.4 - I can read and write numbers from millions to millionths.
This week Mr. Saindon took over head teaching duties in the classroom while Mrs. Rausch took more of an observation role.  Classroom routine and expectations are the same as if Mrs. Rausch was teaching.  Due to such a significant change, some minor behaviors have arisen. Some calls may be made home in the following weeks to see what can be done to motivate students to focus.  Overall the students have been great and very welcoming.
Have a great weekend! 
Thanks for your support.
Mrs. Rausch & Mr. Saindon
AVID This Week
How do you approach a nonfiction text?  We are learning about scanning the text before reading.
What are two column notes?  These are a 5th grade level stepping stone toward Cornell Notes that are used in middle school, high school and many colleges.  We are beginning our journey toward being ready for grades 6-8 and beyond.
How do you get the most out of reading a non-fiction article? In science we used a two column note taking skill that gets the students a place to put the most important information.
Students completed two and three column note in core classes.
What skills do you need to collaborate?  We will be working on these skills as a focus in our classrooms.


(Gay Straight Alliance)
Mrs. Kolbinger is one of the advisors for GSA. GSA will meet after school once a month with 5th-8th grade. 
Next meeting is Oct. 9th for our first meeting as a whole school. We're really looking forward to the GAS field trip this week, Oct. 2nd, at the U of M! (6th-8th only)
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