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5th Grade Rocks
  • Dates to Remember   
  • October 14: evening Conferences
  • October 15: Day time Conferences
  • October 16-17: No school 
October 24: Picture Retake Day 


October 3, 2014


Fall is feeling like fall!  Please make sure your child dresses for the weather.  It may be warmer inside (did they really turn on the heat?  Already?) but outside recess is an important part of student learning.  We feel that the opportunity for unstructured play and fresh air helps students focus in their afternoon classes.  That being said, the teachers are thinking about opening a sweatshirt store with all of the nice hoodies and jackets left in the halls on Friday afternoon.  PLEASE ask your child to take home what was worn to school.  




Please ask your child about note taking.  Different classes have instituted both two and three column



Fifth Grade 101:

There is no reason to panic with midterm grades.  This is just a glimpse at what students have accomplished and which areas need a bit of help.  One big problem we do see is that students are not used to being graded when quality is part of the grade.  Be sure to review each teacher's syllabus for information regarding acceptance of late work.


I am sorry this is so late.  A Friday family emergency took me away and I was not able to get to the newsletter until today.






Have a great weekend.



Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 


This week we published our tall talle posters by presenting them to peers. They are now hanging up around the 5th grade wing- be sure to look for your child's poster when you visit for conferences! 

We have started our first story writing unit! Students will be responsible for writing their own tall tale (not a superhero story!) over the next week and a half. We will go through the 7 writing steps. Pelase check your child's planner and the classroom calendar for the writing checkpoints. They are as followed:
- Brainstorm Map: Oct. 6
- Rough Draft Due: Oct. 9
- Peer Edit Due: Oct. 10
- Tall Tale Due: Oct. 14 

They have received a rubric for the story, so they know what they will be graded on specifically. 

We also MAP tested Thurs. and Fri. Students who did not finish the test will do so next Monday. There was NO grammar homework given out today (except in period 3); we will go over commas part II on Monday. The comma part II homework will still be due Oct. 10th. 

I tell you with much frustration that two meetings with the Scholastic rep were cancelled this week! That being said, I still have no answers as to why some kids can log minutes at home and others cannot. At this point, I would like students who are able to log minutes at home to keep doing so. If they cannot, please keep record of how much they've been reading on paper. Maybe by second quarter things will get squared away!

Want homework reminders? Follow me on twitter @mrskolbinger for reminders, and other ELA related articles, jokes, etc. 

Please be sure to check out the website for updated information, scheduling, assignments, and grades. Also view the website for more information about standards based grading. 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 
and Ms. Taylor


S.P.A.M.: 10/03/2014

 Science promotes academic mastery!

What are the differences between an isopod and something we call an insect?  Our students have been learning about the natural world through metamorphosis.  Our mealworms changed form- but our isopods did not.  Why? 


We continue to work with our AVID technical reading and writing skills.  These skills are important ways to learn and show what you know.


No homework this week.  Enjoy the outdoors!


Ms Hill and Mr. Brinkman








This week we studied four different strategies to use when comparing fractions. Students also learned how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. Lastly, we created number lines involving fractions to answer story problems.


This Thursday was the quiz retake for students that felt they did not score their personal best on their most recent quiz. In order to re take a quiz an action plan must be completed and stapled to the original quiz with a guardian's signature on it.


Next week we will have the fraction workbooks so the classwork and homework will come out of them. If students lose their workbooks, it will take a week or more to get a new one printed so please help them stay organized and remember to bring them to and from school each day.


Friday, October 10th will be the next math quiz covering this week's and next week's learning targets.


Students did get homework over the weekend, this usually will not happen but many students struggled with the number lines in class today so additional practice over the weekend will be very helpful. The homework is page 15 out of the fraction packet and is due on Monday. 


Please continue to use my website to get homework assignments and/or see upcoming math events.


Thanks for all your support; I really appreciate it!


~Mrs. Rausch

Social Studies

 September 26, 2014 


 Remember to sign planner weekly. I am so happy to see so many of the planners being signed.  I have been doing a happy dance almost every hour.


Homework:  none 


We had a geography test this week.  Over all students did great.  It was there first Social Studies test.  Talk to them about how they prepared for the test and what tricks worked for them.


This week we started The Ancient Americas civilizations.  They include the Mayas, Incas, and the Aztecs.


Spelling test for 10 points on Friday, October 3.  Words to know:  September, geography, civilization, glyphs, zero  



Ms. Doyle 

AVID This Week



Our students are learning to use two-column and 3-column notes in several classes.  This is the first step to working toward Cornell Notes.  Ask your child if they understand this strategy.  We will be supporting students until they master this strategy.





Reader's Workshop  books-apple-icon2.jpg
In Reader's Workshop this week students will begin to work on a comprehension unit about finding the subject, main idea and supporting details. Students have been introduced to a spelling and developmental word study program called Words Their Way.  In addition, students are required to read independently during class for 20 minutes and write in a Reader's Response Journal.

Ms. Halvorson
Reading Specialist
Ms Hill's BEST classes are looking at lateral thinking and how that affects problem solving.


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