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5th Grade Rocks
September 16, 2011
Cool weather at last!  Fall is almost upon us!

We had a great Fall Environmental Field Trip on Thursday.  The weather was great, Fort Snelling State Park was beautiful, and the Park Staff were excited to work with our students.  We learned to paddle voyager canoes and to find our way with a compass.  We worked on our leadership skills and hiked through the woods.  The reviews from the kids were overwhelmingly positive.  Great job Fifth Graders!

We would like to thank the parents that gave their time and their enthusiasm to make the field trip a positive experience for our students.

The fifth Grade Team

Fifth Grade 101:
This week's subject is: Instruments

Music is an important part of Field School. The majority of our students are part of a band, orchestra, or guitar class.  This leads to a huge pile of instruments in the upstairs hall.  We have provided a shelf unit to  hold most of the instruments. We are teaching the students the safe way to store their instruments.

Every child with an instrument should carry it home with them every night.  We often have 'left over' instruments sitting on the shelves.  This is not a locked area, and we do not control who has access to the 5th grade area.  Instruments are expensive to replace.  Please encourage your child to make sure their instruments are carried home.  

Language Arts
This was a great week.  I have got to say that a day of outdoor learning was rewarding.  I chatted with students on the hike and challenged my strength to paddle as vigorously as my fellow paddlers.  We had a lot of fun and came back to school with more confidence and better teamwork skills.

In Language Arts, we looked at what makes a tall tale and how characters are developed in the story.  They are larger-than-life and the storyteller makes them so by having them speak about themselves (dialogue), listing their skills, and by using detailed and creative descriptions of the character's attitude and actions. We will use these ideas as we begin to write our own tall tales. 

Look for the Quarter Project Homework Assignment to come home on Monday.  It will be due October 7.  Somehow the words 'business' and 'advertisement' will be used to describe the assignment.

MAP testing in reading will take place during Language Arts on Friday, September 19.  Please feed your children and put them to bed.  Classes will meet in the computer lab for that day. 

September 9, 2011  

Science Promotes Academic Mastery! (Also known as SPAM!)  

Welcome to the world of Science!  We are goingMicroscope to have a great year!


We spent the week of September 12-16 learning about the science of motion.  We made super slopes with tracks and sent ball bearings flying around the room.  We focused on potential and kinetic energy.  Our final lab was the loopdy-loop.  We controlled the amount of energy we gave the ball bearing.  


The homework assignment Due September 19, 2011 is a post-card thank you note to the staff at Fort Snelling State Park.  Students choose an activity they liked and a staff member to thank. The plain side of the index card is for a picture, the lined side is for the note.  Please use colored pencils or crayons. The note should be checked for spelling and readability before it is turned in to Ms Hill.


We will begin the Landforms unit on  9/19.


MS Hill and Mr Fox 










Unit 1: Number Puzzles and Multiple Towers


September 16


Number Puzzles and Multiple Towers.  The benchmarks we will be working on are: 

-     Finding factors of a number.
-     Solving multiplication problems efficiently.
-     Solving division problems with 1-digit and 2-digit divisor 



Planners: 2pts are earned for each day a student has recorded the math agenda for the day.

Summary logs: At the end of each class we spend out 5 minutes summarizing what have done and are trying to learn.  Summary logs are worth ten points each.  They may be turned in up to one week late.  After one week no credit will be given for missing summary logs.

Quizzes:  Students with low quiz scores will be given an opportunity to retake a quiz.  Only scores of "C" or better will be recorded on the first try.  Second try scores will be recorded.

Participation:  Points are awarded for meeting the five classroom expectations.


1.   On time with materials

2.   Following rules and directions.

3.   Appropriate language and voice level.

4.   Respectful

5.   On task

Thank You to those parents who helped on our trip to Fort Snelling Park.




Social StudiesSocial Studies

September 16, 2011

Geography News!  We will be learning about directions on a compass.  Our vocabulary words will be: directions, cardinal directions, compass rose, intermediate directions.  (Review: Map Activity vocabulary words:  continent, ocean,  globe, map, and location, cartographer, labels, legend, symbols, physical map, political map, relief, distance scale.)   Make sure your child is reviewing vocabulary every night.    We will start activity #5 and there are 7 activities.  The test will be September 29.  


Homework will be sent out on Sept 19 and due Friday 23. 

Introducing AVID decades of college dreams
the Field
VID Program

Ms Fernandez is sending out Scholastic Book club order forms.  Remember ordering is optional.  Make check payable to Scholastic Books.  Return order form and checks to Ms Fernandez.  Due Monday, Sept. 19. 

Dates to RememberDates to Remember:
  • September 19- Picture Day   
  • September 23 - MAP Reading during Language Arts
  • September 30 - MAP Math during Math 

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