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Dates to Remember



  • 9/24- curriculum night, 6:30p.m.-7:45p.m.
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September 20, 2013

What a great day outside!  Not to hot, not to cold, and it quit raining the minute we got to Fort Snelling State Park.  It was a wonder watching our students work together while canoeing, playing team-building games, orienteering, and hiking in the woods.  A huge thank-you to the parent/grandparent volunteers that made this trip possible.


We are gearing up for MAP testing in the next couple of weeks.  Make sure your children have eaten something for breakfast- their brains will appreciate the extra boost that helps our students do their very best.


Fifth Grade 101:

Today's topic?  Planners.

What? My child has homework?  What did my child learn today?  The answer is in the planner.  If your child is not showing you their planner every day, please think about making this a family ritual.  Planners help kids keep ahead of deadlines and remember what they have learned.  Planners also help parents find out about homework, making it easier to plan family activities and still get schoolwork completed.  Planners rock!



Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 

English Language Arts
This week we continued with our Tall Tales unit and read John Henry. The students seem to really enjoy the tall tales, and are great at reading with expression. I am looking forward to next week when we'll finish up John Henry with a folksong by Charlie Parr (a Duluth native!), and move on to Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind. Our unit is interrupted by two to three days of MAP testing- Fri., Mon., and Tues. 

Questions/comments  about ELA? Want to see our class/5th grade calendar? Need an extra copy of the reading log or other homework? Visit our classroom website at: www.mrskolbinger.weebly.com 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 
September 20, 2013

Science Promotes Academic Mastery- Also known as SPAM!

What is a variable?  Why does it matter if I can figure out controlled variables?  We are answering these questions and more in science.  We made pictographs, (yes, math in science!) and discovered the only variable that changed the outcome of the experiment.  


Our next unit builds on how we conduct experiments and continues our look at motion.  

This week's homework is to build a swinger (pendulum,) out of found objects at home.  Do not duplicate what we made in our experiment.  This is due Monday.


Ms Hill



This week in math we covered how to read, write, name, estimate, add and subtract decimals. We used grids to help visualize the different place values and understand the difference between them. Next week we will learn all about fractions.
There will be a quiz next Friday on decimals and fractions. Students have three decimal activity packets that should be completed and kept in their math binder/folder. They can study off these packets in addition to using them on their quiz. 
I am very impressed with how responsible the fifth graders are with having their homework completed and brought back to class each and every day. It is amazing to hear the stories they share about who in their family helped them and how they got their answers. I apologize about the order of operation maze homework with the typos. Even though it was imposible to solve, student persevered through it and found alternative ways of cracking the code. Way to go fifth graders! Also, thank you all for holding your child accountable for their math homework, your support at home shows in the classroom! 
I look forward to seeing many of you on Tuesday for Curriculum Night! 


Have a great weekend.

~Ms. Johnson



Social Studies
Social Studies

 Our first topic is geography, and our vocabulary words are globe, ocean, continent, map, location, cartographer, symbols, legend, labels, physical map, relief, political map, atlas,  distance/ scale, longitude, latitude,  directions, cardinal directions, compass rose, intermediate directions, grid system, map index, parallels, equator,  hemisphere, meridians and prime meridian.


Please sign the planner weekly.  This is to show that your child has studied notes, reviewed vocabulary words, discussed politics, even world events.


We will have our first spelling test this Wednesday, Sept. 25th.  It will be 10 points for 5 words. 



Ms Doyle 

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