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5th grade is a journey, how will you travel? 

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5th Grade Rocks
September 23, 2011
The halls are filled with confident fifth graders.  Our students move from class to class with nary a missed step.  

Today marks the first day of fall. Changing leaves means changing clothing.  We will instruct the students on what to do when their lockers cannot hold all of their outdoor clothing.  

Fifth Grade 101:
Organization is the magic word for success in middle school.  Having a daily time and place to do homework gives your child a pattern for success.  Having pencils, crayons or markers, glue and paper for homework projects makes life easier for both parent and student!

Fifth graders get homework almost every day.  Please help them remember to bring home their planner.  Homework will start to pile up, and that makes them feel like it is impossible to catch up.  Staying on schedule will make fifth grade a breeze!

5Th Grade is a journey-which road will you choose? 

Language Arts
Congratulations to our hard-working 5th graders on their outstanding effort and concentration during the MAP Reading Test today (yes, it was today, not 9/19).  They worked so hard I could see smoke coming out of their brains. They never let up until a million questions were answered (I thought I would try my hand at exaggeration).

During the week of September 26, we will learn about the writing process, take notes on the elements of a tall tale, plan and write first drafts of our own tall tales.  Talk over story ideas at home so no one gets writer's block. First drafts (kept in the notebook) will be collected on October 6. Your child should ask for help revising on the 4th and 5th.

Word of the Day:  Students will use Word of the Day # 1 - 20 to create individual spelling/vocabulary lists. They should challenge themselves with their choices and be prepared for the test on October 5.

Quarter Project due October 7.

Period 1: Due to an error on our Conference Sign-up Sheet, I will be contacting families scheduled for Oct. 19 and 20 to confirm or reschedule their time.  Hopefully, most can shift one day and keep the same time.  Conferences will be held on October 18 and 19.   You are welcome to email me about your conference time. 

September 23, 2011  

Science Promotes Academic Mastery! (Also known as SPAM!)  

Welcome to the world of Science!  We are goingMicroscope to have a great year!  


This has been a dirty week.  We began the Landforms unit.  Using stream trays and soil, the students built 'bird's eye views' of our building and playground.  We worked on proportion by comparing the size of the school with the size of the playground.  We then made a map of this city block from our model.


Next week, the week of September 26th, we will use the stream table to investigate erosion and deposition.  Lots of interesting vocabulary will be used as we make a mess!


Homework was given on Thursday, September 22.  It is a Response sheet.  A problem is described, and the students need to make decisions using their higher order thinking skills. Their answer must include support for their decisions.  This is due Monday, September 26.


Sixth period will have an additional sheet that needs a parent signature.  Mr. Fox will be video taping a lesson during this class period and needs a separate video release.


Happy Autumn! 



MS Hill and Mr Fox 










Unit 1: Number Puzzles and Multiple Towers



Number Puzzles and Multiple Towers.  The benchmarks we will be working on are: 

-     Finding factors of a number.
-     Solving multiplication problems efficiently.
-     Solving division problems with 1-digit and 2-digit divisor 



September 23rd   - Another great week.


We have been working on the properties of numbers and different multiplication strategies.  The week of September 26th we will begin working on multiplication algorithms.  The one you probably use is the traditional American algorithm.  Each child should know two or three ways to find the correct answer to a two digit multiplication problem.


On Friday, September 30th we will take the fall MAP test.  This data paired with the spring MCA scores, should be very helpful in planning lessons to meet the needs of the students. 


My goal for next week is to get a review for parents of what a Summary Logs is and how it is graded posted on my web page.  Technology is great but it takes a lot of time.



Social StudiesSocial Studies

September 23, 2011


This week we continued our study of Geography! Students learned how to identify types of maps, draw and use a compass rose, as well as map coordinates on our earth's grid system.  


Next week we will be wrapping up our Geography unit by learning about latitude and longitude and drawing our own physical maps of the United States.  


Our Geography test is scheduled for Thursday (29 Sept). Please make sure your child is reviewing his or her notebook every night.     


If your child did not turn in his or her homework, which was due today (Friday, 23 Sept), please make sure he or she completes it and turns it in on Monday.  

5th grade  AVID decades of college dreams
students will
learn about
AVID and have the option to apply in early Spring.
Parents please sign planner once a week to signify that you have talked about social studies with your son or daughter.

Dates to RememberDates to Remember:
  • September 30 - MAP Math during Math
  • October 13, 18 and 19 - Conferences  

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