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A few pictures from 
our Fort Snelling 
Environmental Field Trip! 
Fort Snelling Entrance Fort Snelling Lake Fort Snelling Crayfish Fort Snelling Canoe Fort Snelling Circle
5th Grade Rocks
September 28, 2012 



Instruments are wonderful- when your child carries them home each night!  If your child is in one of Field's bands, orchestras, or guitar classes, you should be seeing an instrument at your house every day. Instruments are expensive and if left in the building are not safe from theft.  Help your child grow as a musician by asking the big questions: Did you bring home your flugelhorn (or any other instrument,) and, have you practiced?


5th Grade 101: Midquarter Reports and the Parent Portal


Are you on the parent portal?  When your child was at Hale, the portal did not give much information about the work being or not being turned in or the quality of work being returned.  5th grade is a great time to start checking the parent portal. When checked weekly, you can catch missed assignments and help your child get missing work completed.


Using the portal can help you understand the mid-quarter grade.  Mid-quarter grades are like a photo- a quick look at your child's overall grade.  If the grades are not where they should be, use the parent portal to find where your child is having problems. 


Fort Snelling State Park

The Fifth Grade Team

Language Arts


Nice job, 5th graders!  We had 2 successful days of MAP testing.  Some students will be called down to finish the Reading test on Monday.

Assignments are now posted on the Portal and I will be talking with students on Monday who have work to hand in.  Most importantly, the orange worksheet, the Cinderellas worksheet and the Sally Ann character chart should have been turned in.  Also, I have not collected an adverb worksheet from students who wanted to take it home to complete.  That should be handed in on Monday.

Monday is a big day!  We will summarize what we know about each type of folk tale.  Students will choose one type of folk tale to write.  Myths and fables may offer the most challenge.  Fairy tales and tall tales have a clear structure that all students can use to create a tale.  We are working in class on first drafts which are due Friday.  Students should get some help revising at home before then.
September 28, 2012

Science Promotes Academic Mastery! (Also known as SPAM!)  

Welcome to the world of Science!  We are Microscopehaving a great year!


Landforms: the study of our earth's crust.  We have begun our unit by comparing models with maps.  We built models of the school using Legos, and are now about to use our cartography skills to make a map from our model.  We have spent quite a bit of time discussing and practicing 'bird's eye view,' and looked at a Google Earth view of our school.

The homework this week is a 'bird's eye view' map of a room in your home.  A sheet with all of the important homework information went home on Thursday.  To recap:  a map of one room in your house, not to scale, but estimation of space between objects, key on back, in color using color pencils or crayons.  Due, Monday October 1st.

Enjoy the great weather!

Math Logo 1

Sept 28, 2012


I am happy to announce that I NOW have my personal teacher webpage up, which has resources for students and parents!

Mr. Usem's Webpage 


Click HERE or on the picture for Mr. Usem's Webpage


 To find the webpage, you can also go to the Field School webpage and click on "Teaching Teams" link on the left, and then click on "Mr. Usem",

or... you can type:


directly into your browser.


The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references homework assignments, and also contains any notes particular to that day, so that parents can help their children be successful in math class. Let me know if you think this is a useful tool for you, and any changes or enhancements you might like to see. 


 - Mr. Usem 

Social StudiesSocial Studies


 September 28      


Students have completed their first Unit in Social Studies.  They have taken a test and grades will be available soon.  I will collect notebooks for their participation grade.  There are 69 points available.


      Our next unit is about Native Americans. 


   Remember planner signature for Social Studies.  Review class notes nightly 5-10 minutes or 40 minutes on the weekend.  Sign planner  once a week.  


TEST on geography Wednesday, September 28.


Homework:  Memory page for September.  Due Friday, September 28.  (Get creative.)



Ms Fernandez   


Watch this space for upcoming events!








Dates to RememberDates to Remember:
  • Thurs, Oct 11, 3:00-7:00 Conferences
  • Tues, Oct 16, 3:00-7:00 Conferences
  • Wed, Oct. 17, 7:30 am- 3:00 pm Conferences (No school for students)
  • Thurs-Fri, Oct. 18-19: NO SCHOOL (Education MN Teacher's Conference)
  • Thurs, Oct 25 - Picture RE-TAKES day at Field
  • Sun, Nov 4 - Daylight Savings time ends, set clocks BACK one hour!  
  • Thur-Fri, Nov 22-23:  NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break
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