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5th grade is a journey, how will you travel? 

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5th Grade Rocks
September 2

Fifth grade rocks!

Welcome to the Field Fifth Grade!  Our theme is, "Fifth Grade is a Journey. How will you travel?"  We worked this week on finding rooms, learning routines, and following the STARRR expectations. 

All students should come to class prepared.  This means having the correct notebooks and binders, pencils, and crayons or colored pencils.  All students will also need to bring their planners to all classes.

We have really enjoyed this first week with your children!

The fifth Grade Team

Fifth Grade 101:
 We have added a new feature to our newsletter to help our families with some of the ins and outs of middle school.  Our first topic: LOCKERS

Lockers are an exciting part of 5th grade. They can also be a frustrating time for first time lock twirlers.  Here are some helpful hints for successful locker use-
-Practice right-left-right at home.  Most difficulties with opening a padlock come from turning the dial in the wrong direction.
-Don't try to overstuff. There are many things that must fit in the locker- folders, trapper-keepers, notebooks, pencils, lunchboxes and outdoor wear.  Too much fun stuff means not enough space for important stuff.
-Do not send expensive keepsakes, large amounts of money, or electronics.  The lockers are not  meant to be safes.
-Don't worry about how long it takes to for your child to learn the combination.  Every child is different!
Hope this helps!

Language Arts
We will begin the year with a unit on tall tales.  Students will read, discuss and analyze tall tales as models for writing their own tall tale.  We will focus on creating strong sensory images and characters.

We have already begun identifying the characteristics of a tall tale. We will create a definition and do some comparison to other types of folklore.  One question we will be exploring in this unit is, How do tall tales demonstrate American ideals and the human character?

You may have seen Word of the Day in your child's notebook.  There will one for each day of school (or we may skip one).  Students will create their own vocabulary list using these words.  It is great to keep studying them for a few minutes every night.

Another homework assignment is the Reading Log.  I will explain this to students next week.  Just remember that your child will ask you to sign his/her reading record weekly in the planner.

September 2, 2011  

Science Promotes Academic Mastery! (Also known as SPAM!)  

Welcome to the world of Science!  We are goingMicroscope to have a great year!


We will begin the year with science safety.  Every student must have a signed Safety Contract on site before they can participate in any experiment.  Please go over your child's contract with them, and sign the bottom of the sheet.  This is an important step for our fifth graders.  This contract helps the students treat science as a core class, instead of just a time to play.  


Hello! My name is Michael Fox. You might hear about me or from me in

the next couple months. I am a student teacher from Augsburg College.


I am apprenticing under Mary Hill in fifth grade science. Ms. Hill's class is traditionally both fun and academically rigorous. I am excited to be apart of such a wonderful place. I endeavor to maintain the highest standards for my performance and my students. You are encouraged to contact me about any questions, comments or concerns -or just to say hello - at mrfoxstudentteacher@gmail.com.





Mr Feuling Math 

 September 2




Unit 1: Number Puzzles and Multiple Towers


In our first unit we will be learning about 2 digit multiplication and division.  Next week we will begin to have homework.  I try to give about 15 minutes of home every night.  If your child is not getting it done in 15 or 20 minutes, I need to know this.  They should not be stressing out over homework.


One of my rolls is to issue locks.  Most of the students have been issued a lock.  To get a lock they must demonstrate that they can open the lock and register their lock on the computer.  (Which means they must be able to log on to a school computer.)


Another of my roles is Field Trip Parents.  We have a trip coming up on Sept 15.  We could use about 12 parents to help us.  If you would like to join us on this journey, please send me an email.

Social StudiesSocial Studies

Welcome to Social Studies.  Our first theme is geography.  We have a lot of words to learn.  From map activity #1:  continent, ocean,  globe, map, and location.  We will learn more this next week.  Thanks for all the pencils your child has, make sure they have some in their backpack.

        I would like to introduce Ms. Garlinski, my student teacher who will be in my classroom for the next few months. She is currently completing her MN State Licensure in Social Studies, grades 5-12, and her MA in Education at Hamline University. She is really excited to be at Field!   



Introducing AVID decades of college dreams
the Field
VID Program

AVID applications are now being accepted.  They are available in the office or from Advisory teachers. If you have questions, please contact Kelcy Budner at kelcy.budner@mpls.k12.mn.us or Mrs. Walker via email at heather.walker@mpls.k12.mn.us or call the main office (668-3640).

Dates to RememberDates to Remember:
  • All signed forms due asap
  • September 15- 5th grade environmental field trip

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