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5th Grade Rocks
Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember



  • September 10: Flu shot clinic at Field, 2:30-6:00p.m.
  • September 13: Welcome back roller skating party at Roller Garden, 4:30-6:00p.m
  • Field picture day
  • September 16: Environmental Field Trip
  • September 23: Field Curriculum Night, 6:30p.m. 

September 5, 2014

A short and wet week!


Week two has flown.  Hopefully your child is feeling more 'at home' at Field.


We are pleased with the number of students that are using their Binders.  We had our first binder check this week.  We will be checking binders weekly.  This should keep the stray papers to a minimum.  We will keep the AVID list of supplies below for a few weeks.


* one spiral notebook for each subject area (ELA, Science, SS, Math)
* one labeled folder for each subject area (ELA, Science, SS, Math)
* 20 sheets of graph paper 
* loose leaf paper (1 ream) 
* planner
* Pencil pouch should have:
       post-it flags 
       highlighters (green, yellow, orage, blue)

Binders will be set up based on class order. Individual teachers will take time to talk about their section in the binder. Specialists will also inform students of their individual class requirements regarding binders. We have not listed requirements above. 

*Hill's BEST will need a separate empty 1/2 binder
*Rausch/Kolbinger/Doyle/Halverson/Leavitt BEST (placed in binder w/ other subjects)


Please let us know if this is a financial struggle for your family.  We will make sure your child has what they need.




Fifth Grade 101:

Is your child using their planner?  Do they bring their planner home each night?  We try to make sure all students are writing in each core class every day.  Please ask to see your child's planner every day.  If they know they will be held accountable, they are more likely to use this important organization tool.




Field Trip Alert!!!

We will have our first field trip on September 16th.  This trip is our Fall Environmental Experience.  We leave first thing in the morning, and get back before buses.


The students will learn about voyager canoeing, trust and team building, orienteering, and see some of Minnesota's natural landscapes.  Students in past years have really liked this field trip and report that they learned a lot about Minnesota, their team, and their selves.


The cost to the 5th grade team after the Wilderness Inquiry scholarship (the day is normally $45.00/person) is $35.00/person. We will pay for buses out of our PTA allotment.  


Your child should have handed you the field trip permission slip.   If not, check their planner or the bottom of their backpack :) .  Please complete the slip and return to Doyle as soon as possible.


Have a great weekend.





Smarter than a 5th Grader?


You will be by June!




 The Fifth Grade Team 


This week we dove into our Tall Tales unit full force! Students have been learning how to successfully take notes the AVID way, using two-column and three-column notes.We have discussed the elements of a tall tale using two-column notes, while in three-column notes, students are writing grammar rules. The grammar notes will be kept throughout the year and added to every Friday.

Students either loved (a baby with a beard is hilarious!) or hated (what, no Babe the Blue Ox?!) the Paul Bunyan tall tale. Most students were able to successfully identify the 6 elements of a tall tale in Paul Bunyan. 

Students also received their first grammar homework assignment today! This week kids are working on the learning target: I can use underlining, quotation marks, or italics to indicate titles of work ( b). This will be our first Standards Based Graded (SBG) assignment. It is due Friday, Sept. 12th

Please be sure to check out the website for updated information, scheduling, and assignments! 

 Cheers! Mrs. Kolbinger 


S.P.A.M.: 9/5/2014

 Science promotes academic mastery!


We are working in stations to get a 'hands on' experience with science tools such as various liquid beakers and graduated cylinders and balance tools.  We will  finish this week.

The standards (on the Year at a Glance) are 1.5 and 1.7.


Our next unit is a quick look at the physics of motion. We will use secret items (I don't want to spoil the fun!) to investigate  potential and kinetic energy.


Home work this week is a science safety poster. 


-8 1/2" X 11" copy paper

-ONE safety rule

-Crayon or color pencil only(no markers)

-no circles with a line through them

-hand made, no computer generated images


This is due Monday, September 8.



Homework and Such:

All students must have a signed Science Safety Contract before being allowed to do science experiments.  If you are not sure you have signed one, tell your child to ask for a new one.


After seeing the YAG, please post this important document somewhere in your house and then sign your child's planner.  


We will be referring to this document often during the school year.

Ms Hill and Mr. Brinkman






This week focused in on long division. We are learning how to divide 2-digit numbers using multiply efficient strategies. Ask your child about the "Big 7" strategy!  


There were three homework assignments this week and the rule is that once you are missing three assignments I call home to notify families and make a plan on how to change this habit before it really hurts anyone's grade. So far the fifth graders have been doing a fantastic job at this but just a heads up! 


Next Friday will be our first math quiz. The learning targets that will be covered on the quiz are: I can multiply 2-digit numbers, I can divide 2-digit numbers, and I can estimate 2-digit numbers. Remember, quizzes are worth 80% of the overall grade so it is very important students are keeping up on their homework and studying the learning targets that are challenging for them before Friday the 12th. 


Please continue using my website for homework assignments, especially absences. I will always put up the homework on my calendar when it is out of the math book and any additional pages will be attached as PDFs for you to print out.


Thank you for all your support and have a wonderful weekend.


~Mrs. Rausch 

Social Studies

 September 5, 2014 


 We are learning about geography.  Words this week are: globe, map, continents, oceans, cartographer, labels, legend, location.


Students should know the definition for each. 


Thanks, for all of your support.  


Remember to sign planner weekly. 



Ms. Doyle 

AVID This Week



Welcome to AVID! The Fifth Grade Team is excited to be part of the AVID family at Field.


We have completed the District required AVID pretests, and are now ready to move ahead with AVID skills such as Marking the Text for Deeper Meaning, and Two Column Note Taking. We will have more information for you at Field Curriculum Night. Also, watch the Fifth Grade Newsletter for information about the skills we are teaching.












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