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September 8, 2017

And our Journey Continues

We have had another great week.  The students have settled in to changing classes, locker time, and supplies for their classes.  This group seems to be right on track for middle school skills.

As hurricane Irma begins to hit the USA, there are bound to be photos and videos of destruction and its impact on the people of this part of our country.  This is an opportunity for students to think outside themselves, but some may fine it scary.  This is a topic you may want to discuss with your child, and please keep those being impacted in your good thoughts

Fifth grade 101:
Does your fifth grader know what they need for their classes?  Please check to make sure their binder includes a pencil pouch with the following items:
2 sharpened pencils, erasers, a high lighter, and post-it notes or flags.  If your child needs any of these items, see any fifth grade teacher.  

It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend.  We hope you enjoy the sunshine!

Smarter than a 5th Grader?
You will be by June!


Welcome to 5th Grade.

Homework  this week is to review the vocabulary for geography every night.  There were five new words on Thursday and 4 new words today.

Parents/Guardians, please review and sign the planner  weekly.  

Nightly homework will be to study the 5 spelling words, they are:  September, globe, continent, Doyle, map.  The test is next Friday.

We start dancing classrooms next Monday, September 11.  It will be the introduction, they will learn our goal of team work, elegance, and respect.

Picture Day is Monday, September 18.  Money can be turned in before hand to me, during Social Studies.


 Ms. Doyle


This week students dove into the 6 elements of a tall tale by taking two-column notes on the topic, and then creating a one pager with their groups on a particular element. We were also able to get in quite a bit of independent reading time. Students should be reading 100 minutes a week at home. This week they could log their minutes read in class, but in the future will not be able to. I wanted to get them in the habit of using the reading log. 

Next week students will read three tall tales: Bess Call, Paul Bunyan, and John Henry. During these tall tales we will work on citing evidence from the text and finding the main idea. 

Due Dates:

Capitalization grammar: 9/15
Sept. reading log: 9/29

My website is a great tool to use in order to keep up on assignments, due dates, standards-based grading info., and other ELA related activities. 

Mrs. Kolbinger
Science in the Fifth Grade

What is your optimum environment?  What would it be if your were a mealworm?

We have observed mealworms, sketched them, and set up a data collection table in their journals.  We have discussed the meaning of optimum.  Next week will see us setting up mealworm environments. Just what is an optimum mealworm environment?  We will begin to explore 'fair' experiments and identify variables within our experiments.  No mealworms will be harmed in these experiments!

Have a super weekend with no science homework!

Ms. Hill
MATHEMATICS 9.8.17 --------
This week we completed our learning on multiplication and took a quiz today. Students will get their quiz back on Monday. Check the portal to see his/her grade. Students that score a D or F on their quiz will receive additional support during Advisory and re take their quiz next week. Students that score a C will choose if they want to re take their quiz. If they do, they will need to study on their own and come in on Thursday during Advisory to retake their quiz. A completed Action Plan needs to be stapled to the original quiz in order to retake the quiz. 

Next week we will dive into long division and story problems using the orange Unit 1 books.

It will be very helpful for you child to have their multiplication facts from 1- 12 memorized. Flashcards!! Students that do not know their facts are having a harder time on this unit.

Reminder: Students have homework every day except Friday and have been doing a great job at turning it in the following day!  Please continue following up with your child nightly to see if they have completed their daily math homework. 

Have a great weekend! 

Thanks for your support.
Mrs. Rausch & Mr. Saindon

AVID This Week

What are two column notes?  These are a 5th grade level stepping stone toward Cornell Notes that are used in middle school, high school and many colleges.  We are beginning our journey toward being ready for grades 6-8 and beyond.

Students completed two and three column note in core classes.

(Gay Straight Alliance)

Mrs. Kolbinger is one of the advisors for GSA. GSA will meet after school once a month with 5th-8th grade. 

Our first meeting is Sept. 18th! Can't wait to see you there:) 

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