6th Grade Newsletter - April 28, 2014

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6th Grade News
Field Trip Tomorrow!
Thanks to all the volunteer chaperones!  It will be a great trip, but please be aware that we are still walking outside for about 4 blocks between the History Museum and the Capitol. Everyone should dress for rain!
Bike drive: 
Field School will celebrate National "Bike to School" Day on Wednesday May 7 with a bike drive for our local community service partner, Full Cycle.  If you are cleaning out your garage this spring and have bikes you would like to donate, please bring them in or ride them to school on May 7 and Full Cycle will pick them up from the parking lot. Every bike donated will help Full Cycle accomplish their mission to reduce youth homelessness in our community. Our goal is to collect 100 bikes.

Language Arts


We begin our final unit novel,  Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman.  

Reading journal due today and next Monday, May 5.

 . . . and:

The 7th period class begins an integrated arts project this week. Artistic Director, Mathew Janczewski and the dancers from ARENA DANCES, seniors from Ebenezer and students will collaborate to create connections, questions, and stories that will provide inspiration for a Fall ARENA dance production.


This activity complements our last novel study, Seedfolks, by Paul Fleischman. All classes will participate in some of the activities.

This is what ARENA DANCES will be asking of the students:


Conduct a short interview with a grandparent or elderly person (aunt, uncle, etc.).  Please ask them three questions: 

  •   How did you meet your significant other?
  •   Who was your best friend in high school and what did you do when      you hung out on a Friday night or where did you go?
  •   Share a memory of your neighborhood with me.  Please describe it. 



Mathew Janczewski

founder/artistic director

ARENA Dances, Inc.



I am looking forward to an interesting week!

Sandy Barry



MCA III math testing is all done!!!!!   The 6th graders did an incredible job on the test.  I was very proud of how each student took their time, used the scratch paper, and asked great questions before the test started.  We still have 6 weeks of learning to complete this year, so Monday we are back to a normal routine.  Please look for homework assignments every night and check the updated portal to keep your child on track and ready for 7th grade.     



Homework Assignments:  Homework is assigned on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and due the next day.  It should usually take no more than 20-30 minutes.  Students will have detailed notes from class to use to help with homework.  The idea of homework is to practice what was learned in class or review previous mastered concepts.   


Please contact me if you have any questions.


Ms. Wilson


This week:

Light energy ("Energy from the sun").   I was hoping to do the "Egg Drop" this Friday, but the weather suggests we should wait another week.


Homework this week:  

Study for Sound and waves quiz (probably Thursday).  Nothing to turn in, but there will be a study guide posted.  Class notes will also be posted on my school web page.



I am usually available during recess time on Tues-Wed-Thur. for individual help, if students ask ahead of time.


Assignments and class notes:

Most assignments and class notes can be downloaded from my school web page:  http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/Husby 

Social Studies   


Upcoming Classwork: 


The beginnings of industrialization and flour milling in Minnesota are the next key components in MN History.


Homework: None

From our administrators, counselor, and social worker:
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From Counselor Wendy Wolff:

Middle School students should expect to spend 30-60 minutes on homework every night. Research indicates that students who have a consistent time and place each day to do homework tend to be more productive and ultimately successful in their classes. Reviewing class notes for 10-15 minutes every day for each core class helps lock information in the long term memory which improves test performance and ultimately school success.  Please encourage your child to set a time each day for "homework". If you have questions, please feel free to call me, I am at Field on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!


Dates to Remember:
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Tuesday, April 29  -- field trip to Minnesoat History Museum and state capitol.



Community Opportunities:

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