6th Grade Newsletter - February 21, 2011

Sixth Grade News
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6th Grade News



Mid-quarter progress reports -- coming in a week or so

Next week you may be getting what looks like a report card but is actually just a mid-quarter progress report.  This will be just a snapshot of how your student's grades look on a particular day around the middle of this quarter (which is this week).  They are not official reports, they don't "count" for anything -- they are simply another way to keep you informed of your child's progress so far.   


By the time these reports are mailed to you, some additional scores may have already been posted.   For the most up-to-date information, the Parent Portal is always your best bet.


Parent-Teacher Conferences:  March 1-2
These conferences are primarily intended to help students stay on track or get back on track.  If you would like to schedule a conference, please contact Lonna Wilson.  (see link to the right, or use this address:  lonna.wilson@mpls.k12.mn.us)
Minnesota Twins School Attendance Incentive (Second mention):
See the details below in the Admin/Social Worker/Counselor section!!

Long Lake Conservation Center: WE STILL NEED MORE CHAPERONES!  The BOYS are in danger of losing out on certain activities because we do not have enough chaperones.   This trip can not be done with just a few, it takes a "village" to monitor the safety of students.  Moms and dads are welcome to help out, please contact Lonna Wilson ASAP if you are able to help supervise the boys at Long Lake, March 19 through March 21.


Language Arts


Next week is going to be a special week in the 118 Computer Lab; we will be piloting a new MCA test, publishing our poems, and putting the final touches on our "Finding our Pet" stories. 


It would be helpful for all students to have a pocket portfolio (a required item on the supply list) or a binder with pockets -- as I will be handing back rough draft poems that they will need for publishing.

Extra credit Reading Homework is due this week, the next reading journal is due 2/27.


We have started our new unit, Variables and Patterns. The students are reviewing coordinate graphing and will have a learning target quiz on Thursday on this skill.  We will also continue to work on order of operations with a quiz next week on that skill.  Things move fast and students need to keep up with homework and classwork to make sure they are understanding the material.

As always homework is assigned EVERY Monday and Wednesday and due the next day.  I am also in my room for extra help, quick questions, and re-do work, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during recess/lunch time.  Students just need to show up, no appointment necessary.


Last week we looked at friction -- and how pulling an object across different surfaces will result in differing amounts of friction force.  


This week we will follow up and make sure students understand some other big ideas related to friction:  1. Friction is a force that resists motion between two surfaces in contact with each other; and  2. The weight of the object being pulled across a surface is directly proportional to the frictional force it must overcome (the more weight, the more friction).


We will also begin to explore other types of forces, and will continue to improve students' ability to read and create line graphs and bar graphs.


Last week's homework (to design, perform, and report on a simple rubber band experiment) proved to be difficult for a number of students.  Once students get their papers back, they are welcome to work at improving their final products.


Homework this week:  review energy transformations and variables


Science assignments for this quarter can usually be found at:  Husby's web pages (usually only after they are assigned).


Social Studies 

CLASSWORK:   We will be completing our Ch. 6 Get it Guides and doing a virtual tour of Fort Snelling to look at its beginning. 

HOMEWORK: Study Ch. 6 Cornell Notes and Talliaferro notes.

More news later!  


New Field families can find out more about AVID at Field by viewing the information and student created video on our website  http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/AVID2.html  Feel free to email me or stop by if you have further questions.

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From our administrators, counselor, and social worker:
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(From social worker Julie Peterson):

Dear Parents/Guardians of Field Middle School Students:


The Minnesota Twins recognize that good performance in school begins with good attendance and they're excited to team up with Minnesota Middle School Association (MMSA) to create the Perfect Attendance Incentive Program.


To become eligible, students must simply have "perfect attendance" for the 2011-2012 school year during quarters 3 & 4.   The reason the Minnesota Twins and MMSA have established this program is because they recognize the importance of having students in each class every day.


What are the Twins offering? Field Middle School will select one student to attend the game against the Detroit Tigers on Saturday, May 26,2012. The Twins will provide 4 tickets for that student and up to three parents/guardians/siblings to attend. The Twins are working to develop some great activities and incentives that will take place during the game. The selected student will represent Field Middle School on the field prior to the game.  In addition, one lucky eligible student will be selected to throw out the first pitch and students will be able to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch.  The difficult part is selecting only one student from Field Middle School!  If your student is still eligible and interested in early May, they will be asked to submit an essay for judging.


We would like to thank both the MMSA and the Twins for supporting the Attendance Incentive Program and our students.


If you have any questions regarding this incentive program, please feel free to call Mr. Norlin-Weaver at 612-668-3640 or Ms. Julie Peterson at 612-668-3655.


Family Focus

(From social worker Julie Peterson):



The middle school years are a good time to start giving your teen more independence; It helps them establish their own place in the world.  As your teen becomes more reliable and mature increase privileges and opportunities for independence.   If they fall, they still have you to catch them and to guide them before they are out on their own.  Remember some of life's most valuable lessons are learned through life experiences!


Struggling navigating through the teen years?  Two Field parents developed an app that answers alot of teens' -- and their parents'-- tough questions about things they face: relationships, mental health, substance abuse, bullying, etc.  called teensphere.  You can learn more about the app at teensphere.com.  Check it out!



Did you know that having an "attitude of gratitude" has been linked to better health, sounder sleep, less anxiety and depression, higher long-term satisfaction with life and kinder behavior toward others? Try it with your family!  Do one small thoughtful or generous thing for each member of your family daily; express your appreciation for someone's skills or talents.




Dates to Remember:
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Thursday, March 1 - conferences 3:00-7:00 pm
Friday, March 2 -- NO SCHOOL,  7:30 - 11:30 am

Long Lake Conservation Center: 
BOYS Monday March 19-21
GIRLS Wednesday March 21-23


Community Opportunities:


As some of you may know, a group of GEM GIRLS are headed to Costa Rica over Spring Break for a unique learning experience with her afternoon science club at Field, Girls in Engineering, Math and Science (GEMS). She and fellow club members will study the rain forest, eco-tourism and sustainable agriculture practices at a renowned learning and research center, and experience the culture firsthand when they volunteer at a local elementary school.
So that all the girls can go regardless of financial situation, we are, among other fundraising efforts, holding a garage sale to coincide with Field School's annual Pancake Breakfast on February 25th. 
Items to donate include:
-Gently used clothing
-Toys, games, school supplies, etc.
-Books - hardback and paperback
-Small household items: working kitchen appliances, kitchen gear, linens, decorative items, artwork, etc.
 ~Please DO NOT donate electronics, old computers, printers, etc.; or larger furniture items~
Please let me know if you have items to donate. Donation drop off is at Field School, 4th Avenue South, on February 24th, the night before the sale, between 3 and 8 PM.  

For any information, or questions, or perhaps you need a pick up of your donations?  Don't hesitate to contact Evelyn Blum at emb5567@yahoo.com or call 612-819-5023



Box Tops: 

Field PTA is collecting box tops to raise money for our school! Their goal is to raise $2000 this year to help students and teachers here at Field school. Students can drop them in the box in the lunchroom labeled "BOX TOPS FOR  FIELD!"  Look for the box top label in your very own kitchen on your cereal boxes, frozen food, snacks or check www.btfe.com/products for a complete list of participating box tops products.  


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