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Sixth Grade News
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6th Grade News


Final week of the second quarter:

The school year is almost half over already!  Any late or missing work must be turned in this week.  


Box Tops: 

Field PTA is collecting box tops to raise money for our school! Their goal is to raise $2000 this year to help students and teachers here at Field school. Students can drop them in the box in the lunchroom labeled "BOX TOPS FOR  FIELD!"  Look for the box top label in your very own kitchen on your cereal boxes, frozen food, snacks or check www.btfe.com/products for a complete list of participating box tops products.  


Long Lake Conservation Center:  Thank you to those of you who have already returned the Long Lake slips.  We are looking for more chaperones!  Any parent/guardian is welcome to chaperone either part of the week with their child; moms are welcome with sons and dads are welcome with daughters.  Please contact Lonna Wilson for any Long Lake questions.  


Language Arts


We finish our dance notetaking unit with a quiz on Tuesday and a dance review on Wednesday. Students will use their class notes to take the quiz.

Our next unit is Daybook Unit 5: Focusing on Language and Craft. We will learn to recognize and use writing techniques such as the following: metaphor, simile, imagery, word choice, and sensory language.

Reading Homework is due on Tuesday this week and next.

Our busses leave at noon this Tuesday for the Ordway; we will see modern dance troupe Ronald K Brown: Evidence.




Students have been working hard on finding the percents of numbers.  Last week we calculated tip and tax on total cost.  This week we will finish up our percent work by finding the best deal using coupons and discounts.  This Friday there will be a short learning target quiz on percents.   


The next unit of study is data and probability.  


Students are able to re-take any assessment from this past unit that was not meeting the standards.  Re-takes are on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday during recess/lunch time in my room.  



Even though I would prefer to have a final semester test, including electricity, engineering, design, measuring, and experimental design,  it seems that there won't be time this week to do a fair job of preparing and reviewing.


So I will take the path of least resistance (who gets the joke?) and finish up our electricity unit first; then briefly review those other topics before moving on.


This week we will focus on how to generate electricity, how motors work, the difference between AC and DC ("The War of the Currents"), and why birds can sit on a wire without being electrocuted.  


We will also review the basics of electrical circuits, including current, voltage (potential), resistance, load, and power supply.  


Science homework this week: students will identify which parts of their water ride correspond to an electrical circuit's current, voltage, resistance, load and power supply. 


Science assignments for this quarter can usually be found at:  Husby's web pages (usually only after they are assigned).


Social Studies 

CLASSWORK:   Ch. 4 Quiz on Tuesday.  The rest of the week we will be starting Ch. 5 The Fur Trade.

HOMEWORK:  HW #8 due Tuesday, January 24.


Below is a link to MLK events going on in Minneapolis and St. Paul this Monday.

William Mitchell College of Law has challenged our AVID classes to an
MLK essay contest.  Lawrencina Mason Oramalu from the Office of Multicultural Affairs, came to our classroom last Friday to launch the contest. They have invited the winners to read their essays this coming Friday Jan. 20th, at the culminating ceremony for their 1st annual MLK week of service event. Any Field families who are interested in attending this event are welcome to attend. I will be looking for volunteers to help me drive some of the winners to this 3:30 event on the William Mitchell campus. The event is described on their website as follows.

"MLK Week of Service Closing Celebration: 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. in the Mitchell auditorium
The MLK Week of Service Planning Committee invites the Mitchell community to come celebrate the culmination of Mitchell's First Week of Service. This is an opportunity for us to come together as a community to reflect on how Mitchell demonstrated its commitment to service. At the celebration, we will hear the winning essays from the Field Community School Essay Contest, watch a slide show of photos highlighting the week's activities, make a pledge on the Wall of Commitment, celebrate the contributions of the students, staff, faculty, and alumni who helped make Mitchell's First Week of Service a success. Refreshments will be provided.
Contact: Lawrencina Mason Oramalu - lawrencina.oramalu@wmitchell.edu" Please RSVP to her email address if you plan to attend.

Given the short week, students will need to do some work on their essays at home. William Mitchell will be sending us volunteers to help edit, and practice reading our essays on Tuesday and Wednesday.  6th grade students will have one less day to work on their essays.  They will not have AVID on Tuesday, due to their field trip that day.  Thursday, students will read their essays, and give input toward selecting winners. Friday, we will announce the winners and celebrate everyones participation in the event. Parents are welcome to join us and assist us at any point during the week.  Students who want additional help, time to work on their essays or who would like to type their final copy, are welcome to come after school.  Students should let me know during class, so that I am prepared for their arrival after school.

The writing prompt is as follows. 1. Do you think we have achieved Dr. Kings dream? Why or why not. 2. What can you do to help us achieve Dr. Kings dream? a) at school b) In your community 3. What dream do you have for yourself, your family or the world, to make it a better place to live for all people?

We have not received all of the Media release forms for the 6th grade. Please check out the link to Mitchell's website. They will be updating it to include pictures of Field students as soon as we receive the remaining media release forms.


New Field families can find out more about AVID at Field by viewing the information and student created video on our website  http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/AVID2.html  Feel free to email me or stop by if you have further questions.

AVID logo


New Field families can find out more about AVID at Field by viewing the information and student created video on our website  http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/AVID2.html  Feel free to email me or stop by if you have further questions.


From our administrators, counselor, and social worker:
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From our counselor Wendy Wolff:

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe we are already half way through the school year! Our first semester is ending this week Friday January 20 and the new semester begins on Tuesday January 24. I will have all schedules updated with any specialist and BEST class changes by Thursday and we will distribute to students on Friday.  You will be getting semester grades in the mail the first week of February. Feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns about your child's grades.  I am coordinating lunch groups and advisory groups for students who are struggling with their grades, organization or study skills based on semester grades. If you feel your child could benefit from a school success group, contact me at 612.668.3654. I am at Field Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We are looking forward to fabulous second half of the school year!!




Dates to Remember:
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Tuesday, Jan. 17 -- Ordway field trip (Evidence Dance Company)

Friday, Jan. 20 -- Last day of the 2nd Quarter

Monday, Jan. 23 -- NO SCHOOL (Staff day)

Tuesday, Jan. 24 -- 3rd Quarter begins

Monday, Feb. 20 -- NO SCHOOL (Presidents Day)

Long Lake Conservation Center: 
BOYS Monday March 19-21
GIRLS Wednesday March 21-23


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