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Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017
The end of the quarter is next week.  Please encourage your child to check their grades to make sure they are the grades they want.  Students have the ability to improve their grades if they put in the work. Students should complete missing assignments, talk with teachers about how to improve, and/or re-taking quizzes if available.   

Virtue of the Week
Each Monday Mrs. Miller starts our day with a reading of a weekly virtue.  Then in advisory we circle up and everyone has an opportunity to discuss the meaning of the virtue and possibly set goals for the week.  This space will be where you can read the virtue and have a family discussion about it.

Last week's virtue:  Trustworthiness

    Language Arts     

Field Families, 
I am working on adding more age appropriate, high interest novels to my classroom library.  If you have any books you would like to donate please let me know!  

Thank you for all the families who have donated books!  The students are very excited to see the library grow!

Parents, please look for the daily information below in your child's planner.
notepadThis week in Language Arts:

Monday:  No School
Tuesday: Weekly Topic
Wednesday: The Hobbit Continued
Thursday: The Hobbit Activity
Friday: Journal Free Write

Remember, what you do not finish in class you can take home and complete for the next day!

Students were sent hope a copy of the guidelines for the final project due January 23rd.

        -- Ms. Risinger

    Social Studies      
Special Note:  Our classroom is running out of extra pencils.  If you would like to donate some to the room, we would appreciate it!

Monday:  Martin Luther King Day-Day Off
Tuesday:  Ch. 6 Vocab Intro
Wednesday: Read Ch. 6
Thursday:  Read Ch. 6
Friday:  Ch. 6 Cornell Notes


Feel free to email at any time with questions :)
Bronwyn Wucherpfennig


Last week:  
      Straw-and-paper-clip bridges,  35W bridge collapse,  Inca stone work.  Students did an excellent job of building truss bridges from difficult materials -- plastic straws and paper clip connectors.

This week:
          Tentative schedule:  Mon:   - - -
         Tues: Introduction to Lego kits -- building simple machines
  Wed:  Prepare for final engineering assessment
 Thurs: Building with Legos
  Fri:  Building with Legos AND notebook check

Homework this week:   HW7: Drawing Practice (due Thurs.)

What you should expect to see in the science section of your child's planner:  
        I ask students to write just a few words about each day's activities, AND to mark boldly the dates when assignments are due or when there is a quiz/test.

What you should expect to see in your child's science notebook:
        I ask students to 
1) Write daily warm-ups -- one week's worth on one page.  The page should be labelled "Warm-ups" with the week's dates included.  If the warm-up is a question, the student should write out the question as well as their response.   
2) Write observations, notes, or data on consecutive pages, so that the notebook is organized by date.  Each page should be labelled with the title of the activity and the date.   

How to study, using the notebook -- daily review and for tests
3)  Students have not been specifically asked to do this yet, but they should be reviewing and adding details or examples of each day's activity to the left side of the notebook page they are referring to.   Color coding, student-created diagrams, and re-wording of concepts or facts are great ways for a student to move information into long-term memory, especially if they review the day's learning within 24 hours, and again a day or two later.

4) Before quizzes or tests, it is a great idea for students to arrange a "study date" with a friend or classmate, so that they can practice explaining the big ideas to each other, and to help each other clarify misunderstandings or gaps in their learning.
- Mr. Husby

Almost all homework and class assignments are available on Husby's school web page.   (Click on "Homework" or "Class Assignments.")
Planners:  Parents I am having students write in their planners DAILY what the specific homework assignment is for the day. Including Fridays.   
If your child does not have or remember their homework, please check the parent portal.  I will list the assignment.  If the assignment is a worksheet I will have a pdf of the worksheet attached to the title of the assignment. Click on the paperclip icon and the pdf will appear.

Students have been flipping coins and collecting data to compare experimental probability to theoretical probability.  We will continue those skills this week.  In addition to our probability work we are also reviewing unit 4 content.  So far we have review estimation, place value, conversions of fractions, decimals, and percent, and inequality symbol usage. Students should update their bookmarks daily.  
Monday:  No School
Tuesday: Unit 6-Probability--How Likely Is It?  Investigation 2.1
Wednesday:  HLII investigation 2.3
Thursday: HLII investigation 2.2
Friday:  Unit 4 & 6 Quiz #1:  Probability, Conversions, Comparisons

- Ms. Wilson
Upcoming Events


  • Thurs., Jan. 26 -- Final day of Quarter and Semester 
  • Friday, Jan. 27 -- NO SCHOOL (Staff work day)
  • Monday, Jan. 30 -- NO SCHOOL (Staff work day) 
  • Tues., Jan 31 -- First day of Quarter 3!

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