6th Grade Newsletter - June 2, 2014

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6th Grade News
Thank you!
It has been such a pleasure working with your 6th graders this year! Thanks for trusting us with your children!   We look forward to seeing them (a little taller?) in the fall.  Please stop and say hello at the open house in August.
End of Year Celebration!!  
Grand Slam form is due by Thursday!!!!   We cannot take students without the signed permission slip.
Does your student owe money for missing library books or textbooks or ??????  Before going to Grand Slam, these obligations must be taken care of!
Transportation forms:
Please return the transportation form! Thanks!
Keep them thinking:

Language Arts


We are working on a Digistory (Digital + Story)- a story utilizing technology. Classes will have computer lab days on: 5/27,5/30, 6/3 and 6/5. Students have a choice on the technology they use: Prezi, Power Point, Comic Life, Animoto, etc. The story they tell should be imagined from an experience that an ancestor might have had or an imagined new chapter for the Seedfolks novel.

In the gradebook there will be two assignments for planning and one assignment for a story map. The final project will be shared with the class on June 5.

Reading homework has been cancelled for the rest of the year. Students can use this time to work at home on their Digistory.

The classroom gardens are growing; sprouts from radishes, marigolds, zinnias, corn and peas have emerged. Plant pods will go home next week.


Thank you for the wonderful year with the 6th graders.  They have worked hard this year.  It was a whole new ballgame for some of them and they really stepped up to the plate.  6th graders covered all the 6th grade standards and a couple of 7th grade standards to be an "advanced" learner at Field school.  


Students had to be responsible for their learning by completing classwork, homework, and studying for several quizzes throughout the year.  All that hard work paid off; 96% of the 6th graders showed improvement on their math MCA's.  They deserve a big congratulations!!!!  You, the parents, deserve a congratulations as well because of all the love, support, and teaching you provide for your child.  


I look forward to seeing these young ladies and gentleman continue to grow as they advance to 7th and 8th grade at Field School.  


We have had a math core teacher, Anna, here at Field this year. She is also a tutor.  If you are thinking of hiring a tutor over the summer she is interested in working with your child.  Please send me an email and I can get you connected with Anna.  



Homework Assignments:  There is one last homework assignment for the year.  I will pass it out on Monday and I would like students to return it by Wednesday.  


Please contact me if you have any questions.


Ms. Wilson



This week:

1.  Final quiz on Tuesday -- pollination, 8 characteristics of living things, sexual vs. asexual reproduction, cells

2.  Prepare review documents to use in 8th grade for MCA test:  "What did I learn this year?"


Homework this week:  

Prepare an "insect" to hide in plain sight in the classroom.  (Must be at least 7 cm (3 in.) long, include 6 legs, 2 antennae, 2 eyes, mouth, and be placed in plain sight, at tabletop level or higher.)   Can be made of any materials. The idea is to blend into surroundings.   


Homework this summer:

Each day:  Spend at least 30 minutes outside, without electronics


Each week: Design and build a new device or product;  OR  conduct an experiment; OR spend an hour looking in a pond, under a rock, or up at the sky;  OR  learn about a new animal or plant and show/tell someone all about it.

Social Studies   


Upcoming Classwork: 

 We will be doing a review of the whole year culminating with a project in class.  Also planned is the kids' last MN Basics Quiz.  We will be reviewing in class and taking the quiz during the day Wednesday.


Homework: Students should be finishing up any classwork that is not completed in class.  Please check portal to see what your child is missing.

From our administrators, counselor, and social worker:
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Dates to Remember:
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Friday, June 6 -- Last day of school, trip to Grand Slam.

Community Opportunities:

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Language Arts
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