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Attention Parents:  After each chapter in our MN History Northern Lights books, we are going to do a fun tiny activity revolving around a book called Weird Minnesota. One of my next activities involves playdoh!  Yes, playdoh!  The kids always love that!  So, if anyone is willing to donate a jar of playdoh, I would greatly appreciate it!  Just send it in within the next couple of weeks.


Bronwyn Wucherpfennig
Long Lake Conservation Center:  Information regarding this field trip will be sent home with students this Tuesday.  Please contact Lonna Wilson if you have any questions.  

Language Arts


Response to Literature:  "Each story that you read expresses important ideas about life."  When we read novels, we learn not only about the characters' adventures, but also about how we as readers can grow and learn as people.  This week we will be writing book reviews of Touching Spirit Bear focused on important insights (clear understandings of underlying truths) that we gained by reading the novel.  

On Monday, we will review the framework for this assignment and begin writing our first drafts.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we will revise for ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and overall coherence.  Thursday and Friday we will be in the computer lab typing, editing, finalizing, and publishing our book reviews.  Students who create top-notch products ahead of schedule will have the opportunity to make "book trailers" using video software.  

Reading homework continues to be due EVERY Monday, unless there is a written exception on the planner board in the front of the classroom.  Missed reading journals can be turned in for partial credit up to two weeks late.  Check on the student and parent portals to see if  you have missing reading journals.  If so, double up for a week or two!

After this week, Ms. Grace will be starting a gradual retreat from the classroom as Ms. Barry resumes her role as lead teacher.  Ms. Grace's last day at Field will be December 2nd.  Time flies!  




Last Friday in class students took a quiz on adding and subtracting fractions.  Grades are posted, please check the parent portal.  Most students did well.  There are a few kids who need to continue to practice and then see me at recess/lunch time on Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's to re-test.  Any non-passing grade on a quiz can be redone for a passing grade.  The idea is for students to understand the skill and master the standard.  


We are working on multiplying fractions the beginning of this week and hopefully if all goes as planned dividing fractions Thursday and Friday.  As always homework every Monday and Wednesday and due the next day.  



microscopeLast week students conducted an experiment to find out why a Lifesaver takes longer to dissolve in some people's mouths than in others. Students tested different types of liquids, different temperatures, and even the motion of the liquid.  I was impressed by the students' efforts to make sure their experiments were fair, and the level of thought they put into reporting their results!   Among their discoveries:  acids don't seem to make the Lifesaver dissolve any faster than plain water, and (yuk) neither does saliva.  

Homework this week:  students will be given two more Lifesavers and will conduct another experiment at home.  They will share their procedures and results in a short lab report.

In class this week, we will explore the characteristics of liquids, solids, and gases.  Your student may come home with a bag of slime on Tuesday -- please ask them to tell you whether it is a liquid or a solid, and to share their reasoning (if it turns into a gas, there is something seriously wrong!).  Slime will last for quite a while if it's kept in a sealed container.  It is not edible.

Science assignments for this quarter can usually be found at:  Husby's web pages (usually only after they are assigned).


Social Studies 

CLASSWORK:   Last week we reviewed our Ch. 2 quizzes.  Some scores were low and not what some of the kids expected.  We talked about our first MN Quiz and how some scores were low BUT when we did it a second time, kids had a better idea of what to expect and they improved their study habits for that type of a quiz.  

So, we went over the Ch. 2 quizzes from the book at length and discussed study strategies and test taking tips to not only help them improve their habits for future MN History quizzes but to also prepare for 7th and 8th grades as well as high school.  Here is a list of some of the things we talked about:

1. Make sure you truly understand everything in class as we discuss and go over it.  Don't periodically "zone" out!

2. Write "complete" answers and put everything you know. Don't just write one thing and be done.

3. Understand that questions may be the same question as in your notes but worded differently.

4. Practice writing Cornell Notes answers as if you were doing a test. Some Cornell Notes questions will always be on the test.

5. Read directions. Some questions have two PARTS. If it has several parts, make sure to answer ALL parts.

6. Use answers from notes. Many people didn't give an answer that was listed in notes.

Students did a self evaluation of the above strategies and were asked to indicate the areas they could improve on and what they could do differently next time.  Ask your child what they learned about themselves and how they can improve their study habits for next time.

This week we will be starting Ch. 3 (we're a bit behind) and doing our Cornell Notes as well as some fun art projects that have to do about our chapter on the Dakota.
Minnesota map2


HOMEWORK:  Homework #6 will be due Monday, Nov. 14.



New Field families can find out more about AVID at Field by viewing the information and student created video on our website  http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/AVID2.html  Feel free to email me or stop by if you have further questions.

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Thurs., Nov. 17 -- vision screening during science classes

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Long Lake Conservation Center: 
BOYS Monday March 19-21
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Community Opportunities:

Youth Performance Company, a Minneapolis/St. Paul-based theatre company, is offering theatre classes this winter: Saturdays, January 21 - February 25.  Acting, singing, dancing: YPC has it all!  Check out of class offerings and register online at www.youthperformanceco.org.  Register by January 7th and save $5 off tuition!  Link
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