6th Grade Newsletter - November 18, 2013

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6th Grade News
Barnes and Noble Book Fair, THIS TUESDAY, 5:00-8:00! 
5:00 Reading and book signing by Nick Upton
6:00 Music by Field students
(If you can't make it, you can shop on line all week.  Type in code 11136314 at checkout.)


The No Sale Fundraiser is back! The fundraiser runs from November 4 thru December 12, 2013. This is a Hale/Field Fundraiser that helps our schools get much needed money to supplement academic and community events. We hope to raise lots of money this year.      Please go to the GiveMn link http://givemn.razoo.com/  to donate. Put Field School in the search box (upper right hand corner) and your choices will appear. 


Language Arts


Ms Becker's last lessons will be on Monday and Friday this week; she will be working on grammar issues that surfaced during the last writing assignment. The last essay written, on Walk Two Moons, overall were exceptional. They will be returned this week.

The rest of the week we will read a Ray Bradbury short story " All in a Summer Day". A Socratic Seminar is scheduled for Thursday.

The reading homework challenge begins this Monday, 11/18. The class with the highest percentage grade after 3 weeks will be rewarded. Reading homework is due 11/18 and 11/25.




This week we will review adding and subtracting fractions which is a concept students were taught in 5th grade.   Depending on how things go I would like to give the quiz Thursday.  I understand this is a hard skill for students, so I want to make sure they get as much practice as needed before giving a quiz.   It will be Thursday, unless I change it to Friday.    


Students will use everything we have been working on with factors, multiples, simplify fractions, calculate equivalent fractions, and converting mixed numbers/improper fractions to show their mastery of adding  and subtracting fractions.  They should be studying notes every night and writing helpful hints on their bookmarks.   


REMINDER:  Homework is assigned on Mondays and Wednesdays, and due the next day.   It should usually take no more than 30-45 minutes.  Students will have detailed notes from class to use to help with homework.  The idea of homework is to practice what was learned in class or review previous mastered concepts.   


Please contact me if you have any questions.


Ms. Wilson


Last week:

Students reviewed what makes a good experiment, and what "criteria," "constraints," and "tradeoffs" are, in reference to engineering design.


This week:

We will examine how various products and systems are designed and improved.  Over the next couple of weeks we will analyze and try to improve paper clips, car air bags, and bridges.


Homework this week:  

Practice two kinds of scientific drawing -- "observational drawing" and "annotated diagrams" -- in preparation for more engineering curriculum.

Due Thursday.


I have been a bit behind in recording student work -- I  am trying hard to get caught up this week.


I am usually available during recess time on Tues-Wed-Thur. for individual help.


Most assignments and class notes can be downloaded from my school web page:  http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/Husby 

Social Studies   


Upcoming Classwork:  


Monday:  Ch. 2 Quiz

Tues and Wed:  Weird MN Project based on Charles Schultz who is from Minnesota.

Wed, Thur and Fri:  Begin Ch. 3 The Dakota


Homework: Land of 10,000 Lakes Summarizing Worksheet due November 25.

From our administrators, counselor, and social worker:
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From Counselor Wendy Wolff:

Student Council Announcement!

This year Field School will be partnering with a local service organization to help raise awareness and money for the people they serve in our communityStudent Council researched at a few organizations in our neighborhood and chose to partner with Full Cycle, an agency that serves homeless youth in our community.  

·         Full Cycle collects used bikes, fixes them up and sells them at their bike shop on Chicago Avenue and 35th Street.

·         Full Cycle provides homeless youth with a bike and 6 month paid internship that teaches them job skills and bike maintenance.

·         Full Cycle helps youth obtain affordable housing

·         Full cycle provides food and mentoring to help them until they are self sufficient

As we build this partnership, we will let you know how you can join us in supporting their valuable work with homeless youth! You can also check out their website for more information at http://fullcyclebikeshop.org/ scroll down to search for informational video. If you are planning to purchase a bike in the next month or so, Full Cycle has their annual holiday sale for the entire month of December. All profits from their bike sales, are reinvested in the work they do with homeless youth.


Save the date:  The first Field School Dance of the year will take place Friday December 13, 2013 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Tickets will go on sale December 2. Stay tuned for more details!

Dates to Remember:
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Tuesday, Nov. 19 (5 - 8 pm)  Field Book Fair at Barnes and Noble -- come hear local author Nick Hupton and the Field music groups perform. 


W-Th-F, Nov. 27-29 -- NO SCHOOL.


Fri., Dec. 13  School dance, 6:30 - 8:30.

Community Opportunities:


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