6th Grade Newsletter - November 28, 2011

Additional Sixth Grade Information (Lang. Arts added)
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6th Grade News

Attention Parents:  I still need a little more play dough!  If you have any lying around your house or would like to donate some, that would be great!


Bronwyn Wucherpfennig


Long Lake Conservation Center:  Thank you to those of you who have already returned the Long Lake slips.  We are looking for more chaperones!  Any parent/guardian is welcome to chaperone either part of the week with their child; moms are welcome with sons and dads are welcome with daughters.  Please contact Lonna Wilson for any Long Lake questions.  

From Wendy Wolff, our counselor:

The 6-8th grade "Winter Candy Land" Dance is coming up on Friday December 9! Tickets go on sale during lunch today (Monday November 28)! Tickets are $4 but  if students bring in a non perishable can, box or bag of food, they will get $1 off their ticket. We will be donating the food to an organization called "Hope for the City" who distributes the food to people in need.  If you would like more information about Hope for the City and how they distribute the food we donate, please visit their website:



We are in need of a few strings of lights to decorate for the dance. If you find you have some extras as you decorate for the holidays, you can drop one off in Wendy Wolff's office.  If you like to build things, we are looking to build a simple "arch way" for students to go through as they enter the dance. Let me know if you have an interest! (668-3654)


The Conflict Resolution Center is showing the film "Bullied" at the Southwest  High School Auditorium on Thursday, December 1st at 7 pm. This is an extraordinary film and MPS is fortunate to have the person who inspired the film, Jamie Nabozny, available to talk about his experience and

comprehensive approaches to deal with bullying, prevention, and the legal and societal environment that needs to be addressed. For more information check out their website:


Language Arts


This week we will work on a Reader's Handbook lesson on " Reading a Novel." The classwork is due at the end of the hour Wednesday. Thursday/Friday we watch "Alone in the Wilderness", a film about a man who for 30 years lived  alone in the Alaska wilderness. We will  compare /contrast Cole's wilderness experience.

Reading homework begins again this week and is due Monday, 12/5.



We are working on division with fractions and mixed numbers this week.  That brings us to the end of our unit.  There will be a final unit test next week on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Students should study EVERY night to help prepare for the test.  The test will cover all the standards we have been working on in this unit.  Please refer to the front page of the syllabus for a list of those standards.  


Our next unit of study will focus on decimals and percents.    



microscopeA week or so ago, students took a short quiz to show their understanding of variables and how to conduct a fair experiment. Students who did not successfully show a clear understanding of these concepts will receive additional chances to learn, practice, and try again.

I hope the goop and slime your student brought home have not caused any messes.  Please ask whether they think these substances are solids or liquids, and why. 

This week we will finish up our brief study of matter (students will learn much more about the properties of matter in 8th grade!) and I will again ask students to show what they know -- on either Thursday or Friday.  

Homework this week:  I'm asking students to think about density by testing several random items around the house to see whether they float or sink in water, and to then explain why objects float or sink.  

Science assignments for this quarter can usually be found at:  Husby's web pages (usually only after they are assigned).


Social Studies 

A NEW BIT OF NEWS:  Last week, a student showed us how to access the Northern Lights textbook on line.  Directions follow:

1.  Go to google.
2.  Click on more
3.  Scroll down and click on books.
4.  Type in the name of the textbook:  "Northern Lights"
5.  Scroll down to find the book and click on it.  You can then get to the different chapters.

So, if your child ever has any reason to need the book at home to finish an assignment or study for a test they can do it from home.  

CLASSWORK:   This week we will be doing some activities to help us review Ch. 3 The Dakota.  We'll be making a parfleche and playing jeopardy.

HOMEWORK:  Homework this week will be to study for the Ch. 3 test which will be Monday, Dec. 5.  Students should study their Ch. 3 Cornell Notes, Season Chart and Get it Guide.  I will also be reminding students to pull out the study strategies list to review what strategies they wanted to improve this time around for a test.  See following list.

1. Make sure you truly understand everything in class as we discuss and go over it.  Don't periodically "zone" out!

2. Write "complete" answers and put everything you know. Don't just write one thing and be done.

3. Understand that questions may be the same question as in your notes but worded differently.

4. Practice writing Cornell Notes answers as if you were doing a test. Some Cornell Notes questions will always be on the test.

5. Read directions. Some questions have two PARTS. If it has several parts, make sure to answer ALL parts.

6. Use answers from notes. Many people didn't give an answer that was listed in notes.

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New Field families can find out more about AVID at Field by viewing the information and student created video on our website  http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/AVID2.html  Feel free to email me or stop by if you have further questions.

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From our administrators:
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Dates to Remember:
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Last day before Winter Break:
Friday, Dec. 23

Long Lake Conservation Center: 
BOYS Monday March 19-21
GIRLS Wednesday March 21-23


Community Opportunities:

Youth Performance Company, a Minneapolis/St. Paul-based theatre company, is offering theatre classes this winter: Saturdays, January 21 - February 25.  Acting, singing, dancing: YPC has it all!  Check out of class offerings and register online at www.youthperformanceco.org.  Register by January 7th and save $5 off tuition!  Link
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