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This is a fresh start for everyone! Please help your student stay on track for success by checking the portal, looking at the planner, and helping your child study for tests/quizzes. This is a perfect time to go through the binders and clean out papers and check to make sure there is enough paper in notebooks for the next quarter.  

Barnes and Noble Book Fair 
Monday, November 17, 6:00-8:00 pm, at Galleria Barnes and Noble in Edina.
"Support Field, Support the Students, Support the Teachers and Support Reading"  
With every book you purchase at the Barnes and Noble Book fair a % goes to bring new and teacher-chosen books into our school.  We all understand that schools need our support.  You can come and shop November 17 or go online that week and do your part to bring the gift of books and reading to Field.

"Bring your family and Friends to hear your kids perform and start your early Holiday Shopping.  Remember all items purchase at Barnes and Noble, including the food purchased at the coffee shop downstairs, can go to our fundraising.  Just remember that you need to tell the cashier your with Field School.  (Nook purchases and other digital devices are not included in our funding.)"

Language Arts

Whooooo hooooo! We've finally finished reading "Walk Two Moons" ! This week we will be creating a portfolio as a summative assessment for the book. Students have a "bingo-esque" sheet with different options for them to show what they've learned while reading the book and reflect. We'll be having a lot of fun working on this final project this week! Monday we will be drafting the written components of our portfolios in the computer lab, and Friday we will be publishing our final drafts. The time in between will likely be a haze of gluing, coloring, and collaging. I can't wait! All four elements of the final project will be due Friday, November 7th.

This week also marks my (Margo Robmann - student teacher) last week at Field. Working with your children has been a never-ending source of joy and amusement. They are an intelligent, compassionate, hilarious troupe of scholars that any teacher would lucky to have in their classroom. I feel honored to have had them in mine. 


The reading homework for the week of October 27th - October 30th is due on Monday, November 3rd

The reading homework for the week of November 3rd - November 7th is due on Monday, November 10th.

Reading homework journal:  blank forms are available here.
Students are having fun with circles.  First, we investigated the relationship between diameter and circumference.  Students measured a number of objects and wrote down the formula to calculate circumference if they know the diameter or radius.  Thursday we started looking at how to calculate area, and we continue today.  Wednesday there will be learning target quiz on circles.  

Next topic is surface area of prisms.  



Homework Assignments: Students will have math homework assignment every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The assignment is due the next day.  Students are expected to write the assignment in their planner at the beginning of every class period.  Please check planners!  Homework is designed to help students practice skills taught in the classroom.  We take notes in class and have practice problems written down in the students' notebooks, so they have a reference/help resource when completing the homework each night.  The time it takes students to finish the assignments will vary based on the students ability, but NO ONE should spend more than 30 minutes completing an assignment.  


Please contact me if you have any questions.


Ms. Wilson


Last week:

-- Gravity 

-- Controlled experiments

-- Controlled experiments about gravity :)


This week:

1.  Graphing data -- what makes a good graph, when to use line graphs and bar graphs, how the graph is related to the experimental variables . . .

2.  We may begin our engineering unit before the week is over.


Homework this week:

   -- This is a RARE week without a formal homework assignment.  I would ask students instead to spend 5 minutes each day this week reviewing / re-organizing thoughts / quizzing themselves on:  1. types of variables, 2.  what factors affect the pull of gravity?   3. what is volume, what is mass, what is weight?   . . . all from class notes during the past 2 weeks.


Almost all homework and class assignments are available on Husby's school web page.   (Click on "Homework" or "Class Assignments.")

Social Studies   


Classwork this week: We will be beginning our unit on the Ojibwe beginning with reading the online text and looking at new vocabulary.  Later in the week, we will be looking at a history of Duluth (since Ojibwe moved through that region) and doing an online activity entitled True North looking at Ojibwe and the beginnings of the Fur trade.


Homework: None

From our administrators, counselor, and social worker:
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Mon., Nov. 3 -- First day of Quarter 2


Mon., Nov. 17 -- Barnes and Noble Book Fair.


Wed-Fri, Nov. 26-28 -- NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving break)

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