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Monday, Oct. 10, 2016

Repeat of Referendum message:
On Nov. 8, Minneapolis voters will be asked to renew the school district's current operating referendum authorization, which expires after the 2016-17 school year. If passed, funding would help Minneapolis Public Schools manage class sizes and provide supportive services and activities for students. The request would authorize the referendum for nine years and be annually adjusted for inflation. Property taxes are not projected to increase if the referendum renewal passes. Learn more here: www.mpls.k12.mn.us/referendum2016


Conferences begin this Thursday, Oct. 13.  Currently there are no available openings.   If you wish to arrange for another time (before school or after school hours (7:30 am or 2:45 pm), we can try to find a day when most teachers are available.

Virtue of the Week
Each Monday Mrs. Miller starts our day with a reading of a weekly virtue.  Then in advisory we circle up and everyone has an opportunity to discuss the meaning of the virtue and possibly set goals for the week.  This space will be where you can read the virtue and have a family discussion about it.  

Week of 10-10-16  The Practice of Forgiveness
Quote: "Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant with the weak and wrong. Sometime in your life, you will have been all of these."   By: Robert H. Goddard
I overlook mistakes.
I free myself from pain and resentment.
I am willing to heal the past.
I find it in my heart to give others another chance.
I use guilt only as a signal for change.
I have the power to change for the better.
    Language Arts     

Field Families, 
I am working on adding more age appropriate, high interest novels to my classroom library.  If you have any books you would like to donate please let me know!  

Thank you!

Parents, please look for the daily information below in your child's planner.
notepadThis week in Language Arts:

Monday:Weekly Topic
Tuesday: Seedfolks chapters and discussion questions
Wednesday: Seedfolks activity
Thursday: In class 3 paragraph Journal
Friday: Short Seedfolks Quiz

Remember, what you do not finish in class you can take home and complete for the next day.

        -- Ms. Risinger
    Social Studies      
This week in MN STUDIES:


Monday:  Create a Government Study Guide
Tuesday:  State Government Structure
Wednesday:  State Capitol Video/Activity
Thursday: MN Constitution/US Constitution Venn Diagram
Friday:  Nanabojo

HOMEWORK:  Use Government Study Guide to study for quiz
on Monday, Oct. 17.

Feel free to email at any time with questions :)
Bronwyn Wucherpfennig


Last week:  
      Density, phases of matter, intro to thermal expansion

This week:
     More on thermal expansion, exploring phases of matter with slime and/or "silly putty" -- which students will be able to bring home (sorry!).

     Tentative schedule:    Mon:  Boston Molasses tank flood -- thermal expansion of
      Tues:  Review quiz results, make an improvement plan
Wed:  Making slime or "silly putty"
Thurs:  Archimedes and finding an object's volume by 
Fri:  ? -- maybe slime or silly putty

Homework this week (Due Thurs., Oct. 6):  "States of Matter" (already distributed last week, in case students wanted a head start. 

What you should expect to see in the science section of your child's planner:  
        I ask students to write just a few words about each day's activities, AND to mark boldly the dates when assignments are due or when there is a quiz/test.

Another note:  Most students will continue to be free to participate in lab activities on their own, but it appears that a few will need more direct supervision, and thus less freedom to act on their own.  Please encourage your student to behave in a way that will allow their teachers to trust them.
- Mr. Husby

Almost all homework and class assignments are available on Husby's school web page.   (Click on "Homework" or "Class Assignments.")
Planners:  Parents I am having students write in their planners DAILY what the specific homework assignment is for the day. Including Fridays.   
If your child does not have or remember their homework, please check the parent portal.  I will list the assignment.  If the assignment is a worksheet I will have a pdf of the worksheet attached to the title of the assignment. Click on the paperclip icon and the pdf will appear.

This week students "shared" candy bars to remember the process for multiplication with fractional numbers.  I heard several "ahs" and "oh, now I get it" as we worked through the activities.  Students were reminded of the formula and took notes to update their bookmark.  We did a couple of days of drill and practice and problems to take it to a deeper level.  Unit 2 is very short.  We will work this week on remembering division from last year and then we take the final unit test.           

Monday:  Division with fractional numbers
Tuesday:  Division with fractional numbers
Wednesday:  Review Unit 2
Thursday:  MAP testing-Students will also have review of Unit 2 work for at home
Friday:  MAP testing-Students will also have review of Unit 2 work for at home

Monday:  Final Unit 2 Assessment Day 1
Tuesday:  Final Unit 2 Assessment Day 2
Wednesday-Friday:  No school, conferences and MEA break

Next Up:  Geometry
- Ms. Wilson
  • Oct. 13:  Conferences (3:30-7:30)  
  • Oct. 18:  Conferences (3:30-7:30) by appointment
  • Oct. 19: NO SCHOOL;  Conferences (7:30am-noon)  by appointment
  • Oct. 20-21:  NO SCHOOL
  • Nov. 2:  End of Quarter 1
  • Nov. 3-4:  NO SCHOOL
  • Nov. 7: Quarter 2 begins


Alan Husby
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Stacy Risinger
(Language Arts)

Lonna Wilson 
Heather Walker  
Other 6th Grade Advisors:

Marni Heck

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Other Field School Student Resources:
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Field School Site Council
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Cathe Brandt

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** Site Council meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of the month from 4:00 - 5:30 and are open to anyone wishing to attend.  If you have a topic to discuss you must be on the agenda prior to the meeting.  Please contact your grade rep. to be added to the agenda.

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