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MN HISTORY CENTER/CAPITOL FIELD TRIP:  Be on the lookout for a field trip slip for October 28, 2011.  Mark your calendars!

Language Arts


"A strange thought occurred to Cole: the world was beautiful.Yes, the world was beautiful!"


Monday will be a study day to complete the study guide questions 9-12, complete the TSB posters, and begin Chapter 11-21 vocabulary.Tuesday we read Chapter 13 and update our character map on Cole and the story plot line. We'll begin Part 2 next week.
Reading Homework is cancelled this week; work on rereading Chapters 1-13  for deeper understanding, and completing assigned packet pages instead.

Essays from three 6th grade students have been sent to the Minnesota Middle School Associations writing contest. Essays were written to tell a story about a time that you or a group faced a challenge, and how you got through the challenge.  Essays selected were written by: Lera'e Maxey-Moore, Matthias Pena, and Grant Svenddal. They will be competing against Middle School students from around the state for publishing and a $100 prize.







We started the new unit by learning to factor whole numbers and expressing them as a product of primes and writing with exponents if needed.  The learning target quiz was last Friday and overall students did a remarkable job.  Way to go students!


Anyone who did not meet the standard is encouraged to practice the skill and re-take the quiz during recess/lunch time on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  No need to set up an appointment with me, students just have to show up.   


This week we will find greatest common factors and least common multiplies of sets of numbers in order to create equivalent fractions.   


As always, homework on Monday, due Tuesday.  Have a wonderful long weekend.


Ms. Wilson 


microscopeShort week!

No homework this week.

During class we will explore what makes a good "bubble-blower" and what does not.  Based on these observations, students will be asked next week to design a specialized bubble-maker.  We are still focusing on engineering skills and concepts, including identifying the component parts of a simple manufactured product (or "system"),  understanding that there is no perfect design, and understanding that all designs include trade-offs.  But we do this through the fun activity of blowing soap bubbles.  

Current and past science assignments can usually be found at:  Husby's web pages.


Social Studies

CLASSWORK:  I have to say it has been a great beginning to the year.  We have just completed Ch. 1 and are beginning Ch. 2 of the textbook called The First Minnesotans.  We will be doing Cornell Notes of the key terms and main ideas in our notebooks.  Look for these with your student as these notes will be a good portion of the test coming up.  Students should maybe look at these for about 5 minutes every day to develop a good habit of studying a little bit every day for quizzes and tests.  
Minnesota map2


HOMEWORK:  Students should be studying two things this week for homework.  


1.  Their first quizzes we took earlier in the year which cover highways, counties, symbols, cities, etc.  We will do this quiz periodically throughout the year so this is something they need to occasionally look at.  Another quiz with the same info will be on Monday, Oct. 24.


2.  Students should periodically review their Cornell Notes of the current chapter that we are working on in class.  I will notify you of the test date for Ch. 2 in the near future.



AVID students will continue looking up and recording their grades today. They will also write an action plan for the week based on the information they find in the student portal and their upcoming assignments and tests.

Mr. Kambale, our lead tutor for AVID, is currently available to help students with academic classes after school on Tues., Thurs., and Fri. from 2:40-5:00.  I am usually available on these days also, as well as most Mondays and during 7th and 8th grade lunch and recess. After school help will not be available this week due to conferences. 


I would like to encourage all AVID families to stop by the AVID room before or after your regular conference time. Conferences begin this Thursday in the evening. If you don't currently have a conference scheduled, be sure to contact the school. Conferences are an invaluable time to connect with families, even when your student is doing fantastic in all their classes. Due to the fact that I see students in three different grades, my conferences are on a drop in basis. Parents of returning AVID students should note that AVID has moved to room 117, across from the office. Students who are new to Field are welcome to stop by the AVID room for an application.


New Field families can find out more about AVID at Field by viewing the information and student created video on our website  http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/AVID2.html  Feel free to email me or stop by if you have further questions.

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From our administrators:
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Dates to Remember:
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Tuesday, Oct. 18   -- evening conferences (3:30-       7:30).  

Wed., Oct. 19 -- conferences during the day (7:30        am- 3:30).  (NO SCHOOL.)  

Thurs-Friday, Oct. 20-21 -- NO SCHOOL

Friday, Oct. 28 -- 6th grade trip to the State Capitol and Minnesota History Museum.

Thursday, Nov. 3 -- Last day of Quarter 1.

Friday, Nov. 4 -- NO SCHOOL  (Teacher record-keeping day to record final grades.)


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