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Thanks to all of the volunteer chaperones who made this trip a success!  It was cold, but there were lots of smiles as we got off the bus back at Field.  And those of you who rode the buses with us get extra kudos!

MN Studies classes are in need of any extra play dough you might have around your house!  We would not be able to return it but would be thankful for a donation.

Language Arts



Next week we will be doing three things: reading, writing, and testing. Students will be reading up to chapter 22 in Walk Two Moons, where they will encounter soul-capturing, learn about the importance of blackberries, and mysterious messages. We will also have time in class for students to work on the next section of their packets and discuss their character with their groups.

As we've been reading, Sal and her grandparents have traveled through many important national heritage sites (including Pipestone, MN). We've compiled a list of places that you can visit with your sixth grader. Please view this attachment to learn more!

We will be completing MAP testing on Tuesday and Thursday, with some time on Friday for kids who were missing to make up their tests.

The Reading homework journal for this week is due  Monday, October 13.
We checked out our book for the first part of our Geometry unit.  The title is Covering and Surrounding.  If there is a homework assignment listing page numbers students should be working out of the book; writing their answers on notebook paper.  Students are required to bring this book to class everyday, and they should bring it home every night to complete homework assignments.

We will have our first learning target quiz the end of this week on calculating area and perimeter of polygon shapes.  



Homework Assignments: Students will have math homework assignment every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The assignment is due the next day.  Students are expected to write the assignment in their planner at the beginning of every class period.  Please check planners!  Homework is designed to help students practice skills taught in the classroom.  We take notes in class and have practice problems written down in the students' notebooks, so they have a reference/help resource when completing the homework each night.  The time it takes students to finish the assignments will vary based on the students ability, but NO ONE should spend more than 30 minutes completing an assignment.  


Please contact me if you have any questions.


Ms. Wilson


Last week:

   -- We explored solids and liquids by making slime and oobleck.  


This week:

 1. One more goopy mess (Sorry! Expect one more baggie of stuff to come home.)

 2. Thermal expansion of substances (the Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919)

3.  finding volume by displacement (Archimedes)

4.  chemical changes and physical changes

5.  Review what we know about matter for quiz next Mon. or Tues.

     (There is already a study guide called "Matter Learning Targets" found under "Class Assignments" on my web page.)


Homework this week:

   -- "HW7: To float or not to float" due Thursday, Oct. 9.


Almost all homework and class assignments are available on Husby's school web page.   (Click on "Homework" or "Class Assignments.")

Social Studies   


Classwork this week:  We will be beginning our week with a quiz on government and then participating in the My Life Plan with our counselor.  It is a program required by the district for all 6th graders.  The counselor will be coming in three times this year. 

For more information, please feel free to contact our counselor, Christopher Yohe.  His email and number are listed on the right side of this newsletter.


After our My Life Plan we will be starting our Northern Lights textbook work!  


Homework: None


From our administrators, counselor, and social worker:
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Dates to Remember:
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Tues, Oct. 14 -- Conferences (3:00-7:30)


Wed, Oct. 15 -- NO SCHOOL;  Conferences (7:30 am - 3:30)


Thurs., Oct. 16 -- NO SCHOOL


Fri., Oct. 17 -- NO SCHOOL


Thurs., Oct. 23 -- Conferences (3:00-7:30)


Fri., Oct. 24 -- Picture retakes


Fri., Oct 31 -- NO SCHOOL (End of Quarter 1)

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