6th Grade Newsletter - September 11, 2017

6th Grade Newsletter
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Monday, Sept. 11, 2017


Another good week!  

If you have not returned all the back-to-school forms (emergency cards, policy sign-offs, lock and planner fees), please do so soon.  


Picture Day will be on Monday, September 18 during your child's MN Studies classes.  Informational handouts/order forms will be handed out to students on Monday, September 11 in their MN Studies classes.  Please ask for these forms from your students!  Order forms and money will be given directly to photographers on Picture Day!

    Language Arts     

Getting ready for another fantastic week at Field! 

Just a reminder about the Outside Read assignment: As students are choosing their own books, I will not be monitoring their choices. So I ask that you check in with your student to make sure that what they are choosing to read is appropriate for your household. 

In other news, we will be going to the media center every other Friday for reading time and to check out new books. 

This week in Language Arts:

Continuing Character Charts; Reading Time

Setting and Mood (Elements of Narrative) Gallery Walk

Continue Reading Seedfolks; Character Charts; Reading Time 
Read "What Do Fish Have to Do With Anything?" by Avi; Discussion: Significant Moments 

Homework: Practicing textual analysis- Mark references to sight or vision in Avi text. Due Friday

Discussion: Sight and Vision in Avi Text; Group Bubble Map- connections in text

*Plans subject to change 

Have an excellent week! 

        -- Ms. Ringold

    Social Studies      
Monday:  Go over All About Counties Homework/9-11 History
Tuesday: Vocabulary for Grace (State Photo) History Article
Wednesday:  Grace Article/Packet
Thursday:  Weird MN Activity
Friday:  Trashketball:  Review for Monday's Quiz on MN Basics! 
See below for additional information!

HOMEWORK:  Students will have one week to study all of their notes for a MN Basics Quiz.  This quiz includes notes on their state symbols, metro counties, metro highways, maps of MN physical resources and major cities.  We spent last week learning all of the above topics by doing various activities/note taking to help students master all of these concepts.

I have additional copies of notes if students need them.  Please ask your students early in the week if they have all of their notes to use to study from.  

*Grades updated daily (unless I am absent).
*Students have time to write our weekly classroom activities in our planner the first day of the week.  (This week we will be doing it on our second day of school).
*Students also write their homework for the week in their planner on the first day of the week.
*So, every Monday (or Tuesday if we have Monday off), you should be able to look in your child's planner and see key information.
*General classwork and homework will be listed in this newsletter every week.  Sometimes, there is NO homework and I will list it here in this newsletter.
*Students will receive 50/50 classroom engagement points at the beginning of each quarter.  They will keep these points by being engaged in our classroom activities.  If students are struggling with staying on task, they will be given gentle redirects.  You can monitor your child's progress by watching the classroom engagement grade.  If it is going down, you might want to talk with your child or shoot me a quick email.

Feel free to email at any time with questions :)
Bronwyn Wucherpfennig


This week's probable schedule:  
Monday:  Practice measuring volume, part 2 (invent your own color!)
Tuesday:  History of the metric system
Wednesday:  Measurement stations1 
Thursday:  Measurement stations 2
Friday: notebook and planner check-up

Homework this week:  No new HW (HW3 "challenge" assignment available on my homework page -- see link to my school web page below)

      - Mr. Husby

Almost all homework and class assignments are available on Husby's school web page.   (Click on "Homework" or "Class Assignments.")

"What to expect in your student's planner and notebook"  and "Successful studying":  check here
Planners:  Parents I am having students write in their planners DAILY what the specific homework assignment is for the day. Including Fridays.    
If your child does not have or remember their homework, please check the parent portal.  I will list the assignment.  If the assignment is a worksheet I will have a pdf of the worksheet attached to the title of the assignment. Click on the paperclip icon and the pdf will appear.

Things are moving right along.  We completed our work with factors, multiples, and prime/composite numbers.  Monday we will work on exponents and put all of the pieces together for prime factorization.  Our first learning target quiz will be on Friday.  Be sure students have their bookmark updated    
Monday:  exponents
Tuesday:  prime factorization
Wednesday:  prime factorization
Thursday: prime factorization review for quiz
Friday:  Quiz #1:  Prime Factorization

Upcoming Dates:
Learning Target 1.2 Quiz: Friday 22

- Ms. Wilson
Upcoming Events
  • Mon, Sept 18:    Picture Day
  • Tues, Sept 19:    Field Curriculum Night (6:15-7:45pm)
  • Thurs, Oct 12:     Conferences (3:00-7:30pm)
  • Tues, Oct 17:      Conferences (3:00-7:30pm)
  • Wed, Oct 18:      NO SCHOOL - Conferences (7:30am-12:00noon)
  • Thu-Fri, Oct 19-20: NO SCHOOL - EdMN Convention 
  • Wed, Oct 25:      Picture Re-Take Day
  • Wed, Nov 1:      End of 1st quarter
  • Thu-Fri, Nov 2-3: NO SCHOOL - Teacher staff workdays
  • Mon, Nov 6:      Beginning of 2nd quarter
  • Wed-Fri, Nov 22-24:  NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Holiday Break


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