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Picture Day
Picture day will be Monday, Sept. 19.   Order envelopes are passed out in Advisory, either last Friday or today.  Students will all get their pictures taken for the yearbook, but if you wish to order a picture package, please send the payment with the envelope on Picture Day.  

If you have not yet signed up for a conference, please email your student's Period 1 teacher (see links to the right) to arrange for a time.  Conferences are scheduled for Oct. 13 and 18 from 3:00-7:00, and Oct. 19, 7:30a-3:30. Times fill up fast.
Language Arts
Ms. Grace and I enjoyed our first Socratic Seminar- as did the students!
This week we continue to read and discuss the short story "Through the Tunnel". We will explore concepts of "Risk and Gain" and complete an essay on that topic. On Wednesday we will publish the first draft of that essay during class in the 115 computer lab. It is due at the end of the class period. 

Thursday, we begin Daybook lessons- Unit 3: Elements of a Story. Those five elements are: Setting, Characters, Point of View, Story Line and Plot, and Plot and Theme.

Vocabulary- Add these words to your notebook to define and discuss in class: fable, glint, serials, stern, Woldwellers.

Reading Homework- Make sure that you turn in your reading journal and pick up a new one to start on Monday. The reading journal for 9/12-16 is due on Monday, 9/19.


It was a busy week last week working on area and perimeter of polygons.  The first homework assignment from the book was collected on Thursday, scored, and returned today.  Please check the parent portal for updated grades. 


Warm-up's were collected on Friday and returned today.  Students should save the warm-up's along with classwork to help study for assessments.  Expect to look in your child's planner for the date of the first assessment.  The test will cover area and perimeter and will happen in the next couple of weeks.  CHECK THE PLANNER!


Students will develop a "rule" for finding the area of rectangular shapes.  Most students are already familiar with this "rule" and the "rule" for finding the area of a triangle.  We will work on putting those two rules together and discovering how to find the area of a trapezoid. 


Homework on Monday and Wednesday and due the next day.  


microscopeLast week students chose a customary (or traditional, or old-fashioned) unit of measurement to research, such as inches, pounds, gallons.  They were asked to find out where the unit came from, what it is equivalent to, and other interesting facts about it.  They were given several search tips and had 1-1/2 class periods to complete the task.  Those who did not finish were asked to complete it over the weekend.  (I almost never assign homework over the weekend, but I feel they had plenty of in-class time.)  I will check their notebooks on Monday for their completed research.  

This week, we are introduced to the metric system (also called SI) in several different ways, and will continue to explore customary units in comparison.

Homework this week involves finding the prefixes used in metric measurements. I will give research tips, and there is also a poster hanging in my room that has the information students need to complete their work. The most important prefixes will be milli- (1/1000), centi- (1/100), and kilo- (1000).  One goal this year is for students to memorize these prefixes.

(I am still finishing up last week's homework.  Those who had difficulty using the rulers accurately will receive extra instruction and practice in order to ensure they understand this important skill.)

Current and past science assignments can usually be found at:  Husby's web pages.


MN History

It's been a great two weeks!  Thank you parents for sending your kids to us ready and willing to learn!

CLASSWORK:  This week in class we will begin looking at the structure of government in the United States and how it relates to our state government.

HOMEWORK:  Students should have their Famous MN projects ready to share and hand in on Tues, Sept. 13.  Then, their new homework will be to study their MN cities, highways, counties, symbols and physical features.  They should have all of this info in their notebooks and should study about 5-10 minutes every day.  A quiz will be on Monday, Sept. 19.
Minnesota map2





Student Binders are looking good.  It is great to see students organized for success!

Last week we took notes on taking notes.  As silly as it sounds, students know a lot about good note taking, so now it is time to practice and perfect the system.

Our editing focus this week will be on using abbreviations.  Students will discuss and brainstorm a list of potential abbreviations they can use in their notes.  Students should edit their notes for each class every night.  A few minutes now will save them a lot of study time in the future.

Students who are new to Field are welcome to stop by the AVID room for an application.

New Field families can find out more about AVID at Field by viewing the information and student created video on our website  http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/AVID2.html  Feel free to email me or stop by if you have further questions.

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From our administrators:
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Dates to Remember:
calendar art1Monday, Sept. 19 Picture Day

Thursday, Oct. 13 and
Tuesday, Oct. 18   -- evening conferences (3:30-       7:30).   Please make an appointment!

Wed., Oct. 19 -- conferences during the day (7:30        am- 3:30).  (NO SCHOOL.)  Please
                                         make an appointment!

Thurs-Friday, Oct. 20-21 -- NO SCHOOL


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