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Monday, Sept. 25, 2017
Conferences:  Many of you have already scheduled a conference with the 6th grade team, beginning Thurs., Oct. 12.  We have a small number of openings left during regular conference times:
Tues, Oct 17 3:30
Tues, Oct 17 4:00
Tues, Oct 17 4:00
Wed., Oct 18 11:30
Wed., Oct 18 11:30
Wed., Oct 18 11:30
If none of these times work, we can also arrange a conference before school (7:30-7:50 am) on a day that everyone is available,  or Mondays after school (2:45-3:05 or 3:10-3:30).
You can contact me at:  alan.husby@mpls.k12.mn.us
Hurricane Harvey Student Fundraiser, ONE MORE WEEK:  AVID students have "adopted" a school in Texas, and have organized a fundraiser to help them recover.  Students are encouraged to bring what they can until this Friday.  So far I think we have raised about $500!
Staying on top of things, one more time!:  Most students feel most successful when they know where to find their papers, know when things are due, and feel in control of their materials.  Some 6th graders can manage this well all by themselves, but many still need a bit of assistance to develop helpful organization routines.  This would be a great time to sit down with your 6th grader and have a conversation and a look at their materials.
Here's to a good week!
    Language Arts     
Excited for another great week with 6th grade! 

Reminder: Please check in with your student on their Outside Read Book and encourage them to begin a new book if they have finished! 
This week in Language Arts:
Homework from last week due: Brainstorm ideas for Connections Narrative;
Begin practice narrative writing with focus on setting 
Gallery Walk- Theme and Main Idea 
Continue reading Seedfolks; Discuss new chapter read 
Media Center- Outside Read Day! Bring ORBs to keep reading, renew, or check out new book 

FAST Testing in computer lab
*Plans subject to change 
Have an excellent week! 
        -- Ms. Ringold
    Social Studies      
Monday:  How a Bill Becomes a Law
Tuesday: Apathy in Elections, Bill of Rights
Wednesday:  Bill of Rights
Thursday:  Congress for Kids
Friday:  Congress for Kids

HOMEWORK:  Branches of Government Cut & Paste Due Monday,
October 2, 2017.

Feel free to email at any time with questions :)
Bronwyn Wucherpfennig

Students did a great job of focusing on a measurement quiz during the heat wave on Friday!  I will meet with each student this week to help them clarify any concepts or skills they did not show understanding of during the quiz.
Preliminary results will appear on the portal sometime this week, and I will update students' grades as they show increased mastery of the skills and concepts.  I am committed to working with each student until they are comfortable with these concepts and skills.  
This week's possible schedule:  
Monday:  Fannie Farmer and common kitchen measurements
Tuesday:  Independent science reading
Wednesday:  Retell and illustrate the "history of the metric system" story
Thursday:  Intro to matter and atoms (The "Plastics")
Friday: continue intro to matter
Homework this week:  No new assignment;  students may be asked to finish classroom activities at home if they don't use class time effectively  :)  
      - Mr. Husby

Almost all homework and class assignments are available on Husby's school web page.   (Click on "Homework" or "Class Assignments.")
"What to expect in your student's planner and notebook"  and "Successful studying":  check here
Planners:  Parents I am having students write in their planners DAILY what the specific homework assignment is for the day. Including Fridays.    
If your child does not have or remember their homework, please check the parent portal.  I will list the assignment.  If the assignment is a worksheet I will have a pdf of the worksheet attached to the title of the assignment. Click on the paperclip icon and the pdf will appear.
Thank you to the parents who were able to make it to curriculum night.  It was great to chat with you and give you a snap shot of what is expected in 6th grade math.  Any parents are welcome any time to stop on by during the day and check out your child's math class.  
We are done with our first unit this week.  The only learning target we have left to practice is order of operations.  This is a great time to review adding and subtracting fractions with your child.  We will have a final unit test on Thursday and Friday.  It is a test designed to be complete in one day, but I give students two days to complete it.  This way we don't have to worry about needing extra time, or fear the unknown, or say shoot I forgot.........  Students will see the whole test on Thursday, complete all problems or part of them.  On Friday everyone will get their test back to finish up, double check, or ask questions to make sure their answers are the best they can be.  As always, students can use their bookmarks on the final.
Monday:  Go over quiz #2, Order of Operations 
Tuesday:  Order of Operations
Wednesday:  Review Unit 1
Thursday: Day 1:  Final Unit Test-unit 1
Friday:  Last day to work on Final unit test for unit 1
Upcoming Dates:
FAST assessment in math classes-Monday October 2
Unit 2 Review work-Tuesday Oct 3rd-Friday Oct. 13th
- Ms. Wilson
Upcoming Events
  • Thurs, Oct 12:     Conferences (3:00-7:30pm)
  • Tues, Oct 17:      Conferences (3:00-7:30pm)
  • Wed, Oct 18:      NO SCHOOL - Conferences (7:30am-12:00noon)
  • Thu-Fri, Oct 19-20: NO SCHOOL - EdMN Convention 
  • Wed, Oct 25:      Picture Re-Take Day
  • Wed, Nov 1:      End of 1st quarter
  • Thu-Fri, Nov 2-3: NO SCHOOL - Teacher staff workdays
  • Mon, Nov 6:      Beginning of 2nd quarter
  • Wed-Fri, Nov 22-24:  NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Holiday Break
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