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6th Grade News
Thanks to the parents who joined us on our trip last Tuesday to the River Rendezvous in Bloomington!  It was a good day.

If you have not yet signed up for a parent-teacher conference, we encourage you to email your child's 1st-period teacher to schedule a time.   During your conference time,  you will have the opportunity to speak with each teacher if you wish.  Our conferences are scheduled for Thurs, Oct. 8 (3:00-7:30), Tues, Oct 13 (3:00-7:30), and Wed., Oct 14 (7:30 am - 3:00).  Many times are already filled, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  We also do our best to keep to the schedule.

Language Arts

This week we start reading the novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. 

Reading homework journal for the week of  9/14 is due Monday 9/21. Students start a new journal on 9/21; that one is due 9/28. Remember that the students need to select reading material for enjoyment, and journal once a week about something they find interesting.

To download a reading log, click here.



Unit 2 Rational Numbers final unit test Thursday and Friday.  Next Geometry.



Homework Assignments: Students will have math homework assignment every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The assignment is due the next day.  Students are expected to write the assignment in their planner at the beginning of every class period.  Please check planners!  Homework is designed to help students practice skills taught in the classroom.  We take notes in class and have practice problems written down in the students' notebooks, so they have a reference/help resource when completing the homework each night.  The time it takes students to finish the assignments will vary based on the students ability, but NO ONE should spend more than 30 minutes completing an assignment.  


Please contact me if you have any questions.


Ms. Wilson


Last week:

    Introduction to matter, atoms, and molecules.

Also, many students chose to re-test to show their measurement skills and improve their grades.  (Others will do so this week.)


This week:  

   -- Continue our brief study of matter.  Begin with defining solids, liquids, and gases.  Continue with density (floating and sinking), finding volume by displacement, thermal expansion.  Later this week or next week, most of your students will be coming home with a sample of "slime," along with the question "Is it solid or liquid?" (I apologize in advance for any mess!)


Homework this week:

   -- HW6: Phases of Matter, due Thursday, 10/1.




Almost all homework and class assignments are available on Husby's school web page.   (Click on "Homework" or "Class Assignments.")

Social Studies   


Due to a change in schedule, our MN Basics Quiz which was scheduled to be Monday, Sept. 28 will now be rescheduled and be given on Wednesday, Sept. 30.
Monday-Tuesday:  My Life Plan with our counselor, Kelly Burnett.  See note below.

Our counselor, Kelly Burnett, will be coming into social studies classrooms to work with students on the district initiative entitled My Life Plan.  Below please find information from the counselor about this program which will be coming to our classroom on September 21 and 22, 2015.  

The first lesson is an introduction to Naviance, setting the stage for College and Career readiness. In doing so, students will complete a "Welcome Survey " providing  self identified information (academic, personal/social, college/career) essential to finding a plan of best fit and optimal well being. The second lesson will expose students to the concept of learning style and the significant role it plays in the way we process information; empowerment, engagement, and self advocacy for success.  

Wednesday:  MN Basics Quiz

Thursday-Friday:  We will be doing an ipad activity called Congress For Kids.

Homework:  None this week. 

Copies of Homework:  Copies of some work can be accessed from the gradebook portal. 

Reader's Workshop
Ms. Halvorson
Reading Interventionist

From our administrators, counselor, and social worker:
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Dates to Remember:
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Thurs. Oct. 8 and Tues.-Wed, Oct. 13-14 -- parent-teacher conferences.

Wed-Fri, Oct. 14,15,16 -- NO SCHOOL .

Wednesday, Oct. 28 -- Final day of Quarter 1.  All assignments must be in by today.

Thurs-Fri, Oct 29-30 -- NO SCHOOL  (Prof. days for tchrs)

Monday, Nov. 2 -- Quarter 2 begins!
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Site Council meetings are the 1st Wednesday of the month from 4:00 - 5:30 and are open to anyone wishing to attend.  If you have a topic to discuss you must be on the agenda prior to the meeting.  Please contact your grade rep. to be added to the agenda.

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