7th Grade Newsletter - April 28, 2014

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7th Grade Newsletter  

April  28, 2014 
We're back for another full-week of learning at Field. The spring weather this week is predicted to be a bit cool and rainy, so make sure students are still dressed warm, in layers, for school each day.  The classrooms at this time of year can be alternatively warm & cool, changing greatly each day, as it is difficult to regulate the temperature in an older building such as Field with this variable spring weather.

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The MCA-III State Math Assessment will be given this week.

If you would like to see the online practice tests, take the online item sampler, or have your child take the entire online item sampler at home, please follow this link (This may work on a variety of browsers, but we have had the best success when using Firefox as your browser):
* Once at the site, click on Online Item samplers and choose reading or math.
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-  The 7th Grade Team


Language Arts 
The students and I continue to work on A Christmas Carol. One thing they know for sure is that, "Marley is DEAD!" If you ask them they will surely tell you that he is as dead as a door nail...

This week we will read through stave 2. Our homework for the week is more artistic in nature than usual. Marley is condemned to an afterlife of trying to help others and never being able to. The students are going to create a graphic of what their personal Purgatory would be. Mine is that my arm are just a fraction too short to grab an ice cream cone but that I can reach all the lima beans I want. YUCK!

April showers bring May flowers...


Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions or concerns this year.  mahal001@mpls.k12.mn.us is the best address to use.


- Ms. Halasz



Mr Boler Update 
by Miss Halasz

Mr. Boler continues to work on recovery. 


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This week we are moving on to the Respiratory System, with a bit about diffusion and osmosis.  Ask your student what happened to the eggs we used for our in class experiments, specifically, what happened to the egg in corn syrup and what happened to the egg in water.  We will be learning about the organs that make up the Respiratory System and conduct labs on measuring the amount of air your lungs can hold.


Homework for this week is RA3: Respiratory System, Part I


- Ms. Norvell

  (substitute teacher for Mr. Boler)

  •  To increase content understanding visit the 7th grade science web site at the URL listed below.


Social StudiesSocial Studies
We've got about 5 weeks left of curriculum!  This week we will focus on American Expansionism and how the nation extended its power around the world, acquiring new territories and eventually being drawn into a global war (World War I).  Students will be getting back their Unit 6 written assessments later this week.  No homework.


- Mrs. Odermatt





This week we will be taking the MCA-III Minnesota State Math standardized assessments. Students will be tested in the computer-lab each day during their regular math class period. We have currently scheduled 5 days for this testing in the lab; while students are not limited in the time they can devote to the test and will be allowed as much time as they need to complete the assessment, we will go back to our regular curriculum in our classroom if the majority of students finish earlier than 5 days.


We spent last Friday in the computer lab doing a practice session so that students are familiar with the testing procedures on the computer, and with all of the resources that are available to them on the computer.


Students should remember to get a good night's rest each night, and eat a healthy breakfast and lunch each day, in order to allow students to perform at peak level during the tests. Students are allowed to bring a water bottle to the testing each day, if that helps them to stay hydrated and focused during testing.


Students should bring a book to read beginning on Wednesday (day 3) in order to have something to do if they finish the assessment.


  - Mr Usem 


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Click HERE for Mr. Usem's Webpage

  The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, lists an availability schedule for students who need extra help, and has resources for parents & students. 



- Strategy Instruction


Good Morning, 

     The rain today is a welcome sight, compared to the falling snow of the not so distant past!  
     This week, students will focus on completing their point of view pre-test, and will be working on writing our graphic novels using our new website.  Students are working on using their understanding of charting a text and using short descriptive words and language in order to write a six page graphic novel of their own design.
     Students will be able to share their graphic novels with peers, as well as edit the work of others in order to improve their writing and character development.

Have a great week of reading and writing!
Mr. J
Tim Jungwirth
K-12 Reading Specialist
Field Community School

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Dates to Remember

Dates to 



  • Apr 28- May 1 - MCA-III Math Test (for 7th Grade - testing will be done during students' Math class time)
  • May 23 - MN ZOO Field Trip (watch the newsletter for details... coming soon)
  • May 2 - NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day Holiday
  • June 6 - FINAL DAY OF SCHOOL - Waterpark-of-America Field Trip


from the Field School Counselor..


Bike to School Day

Field School will be celebrating national "bike to school" day on Wednesday May 7 with a bike drive for our local community service partner, Full Cycle.  If you are cleaning out your garage this spring and have bikes you would like to donate, please bring them in or ride them to school on May 7 and 
Full Cycle will pick them up from the parking lot. Every bike donated will help Full Cycle accomplish their mission to reduce youth homelessness in our community. Our goal is to collect 100 bikes.


Wendy Wolff

Field School Counselor

OPEN Wednesdays during lunch 

Twins logo


Dear Parents/Guardians of Field Middle School Students:


The Minnesota Twins recognize that good performance in school begins with good attendance and they're excited to team up with Minnesota Middle School Association (MMSA) to create the

Perfect Attendance Incentive Program 


To become eligible, students must simply have "perfect attendance" for the 2013-2014 school year during quarters 3&4.   The reason the Minnesota Twins and MMSA have established this program is because they recognize the importance of having students in each class every day.


Hale read-a-thon surprise guest Twins

What are the Twins offering

Field Middle School will select one student to attend the game against the Seattle Mariners on Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Twins will provide 4 tickets for that student and up to three parents/guardians/siblings to attend.  


We would like to thank both the MMSA and the Twins for supporting the Attendance Incentive Program and our students.


If you have any questions regarding this incentive program, 

please feel free to call Mr. Norlin-Weaver at 612-668-3640 

or Ms. Julie Peterson at 612-668-3655.



Steve Norlin-Weaver                           Julie Peterson

Principal                                                                School Social Worker

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