7th Grade Newsletter - August 28, 2017

Field School- 7th Grade Newsletter (082817)
"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be."
- Maya Angelou      

August 28, 2017
This newsletter will be coming to your inbox the first of every week during the school year, and will help to keep you posted on all of the great happenings in 7th-grade at Field school this year. 

Please read through the newsletter each week, and share the information with your child.

It was great getting to meet many students and parents during our "Back-to-School" Night last Thursday.  We're very excited to begin the year with such a terrific group of students and families!

 - The 7th Grade Team 
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A few business items...

There is no longer a printed calendar for Field:
Please refer to the ONLINE calendar, on the Field School Homepage, for all school events, including the designation of alternating "TEAL" and "BLACK" days for our Specialist and Explore classes. By going to an ONLINE calendar, Field School administration is able to update the calendar as necessary to indicate any necessary changes that may occur in the calendar throughout the year.
* Note that Monday, Aug 28, is a BLACK day... Tuesday, Aug 29, is a TEAL day... and that the "TEAL/BLACK" days alternate on each successive school day (as labeled on the school ONLINE calendar). 
-If you would like a hard-copy of the monthly calendar, you can print it off of the webpages. If you are unable to print, and still need a printed copy of the calendar, contact the Field School office. 

Lockers and locks:
Most students must share a locker.   Students will be asked to choose a locker partner from their advisory class.   Locker problems are frustrating for everyone, so we encourage students to stay with their assigned partner and their assigned locker, to make sure they use the lock, and to not share their combination with anyone else.   We strongly suggest that students leave cell phones and other valuable items at home -- we cannot guarantee the safety of items left in lockers.

Please have your student return all their forms as quickly as possible -- by Friday would be ideal!   They should turn in forms directly to their Advisory teachers.

Please report ALL absences directly to the school office (612-668-3640).  Vacations, illnesses, appointments -- contact the office directly. Even though we appreciate it when you notify us, teachers do not routinely forward such information to the office.

NEW Cell Phone & Personal Electronics Policy:
Check out the NEW policy... available on the Field School Website, or by clicking THIS CELL-PHONE & ELECTRONICS POLICY LINK.

    Language Arts      
Hi all,

Most weeks my spot here in the news letter will give you a rundown of what we hope to accomplish that week. On some occasions I will give you a heads-up for what you can expect in the not to distant future. 

This week students will be learning class norms and routines. Students were given an assignment that is due Friday, the task is to write me a letter that tells about themselves. Students have a yellow assignment sheet that explains the assignment. 

Happy State Fair Week, oh I mean, Happy First Week of School!

    - Ms. Halasz

    Social Studies      
Social Studies
Welcome back!  This week we will focus on understanding that different perspectives influence the writing of history.  Using primary and secondary sources are important in getting the whole story of an event.  Students will use their own primary and secondary sources in order to complete the "Snapshot Autobiography Project".  Watch for the "Week-at-a-Glance" green sheet each week which shows the lessons for the week and any homework directions.  There is a homework assignment due this Friday.

   - Ms. Odermatt
Welcome to 7th grade science!  
This week we will:
  • go over class procedures and expectations
  • review some parts of the metric system
  • go over the school's STARR program
  • begin our unit on Ecology
HOMEWORK: Take home the 3-page letter student letter, share it with parents or guardians, return just page 3.

 - Mr. Boler

To review science content, make-up notebook entries, watch a video clip about any science topic of interest - go to the 7th grade science web page at:  http://www.bolerscience.net/

Welcome to 7th-grade math. We'll be working hard this year on developing our students' ability to be able to not only "do" the particular math tasks at hand, but also continuing in further developing their skills in being able to talk about and discuss the mathematical concepts we'll be studying.  

We're starting this year with a look at what good "group work" looks like, working on estimation skills, and establishing some classroom norms. 
Our first unit this year will be exploring integers in our CMP unit: "Accentuate the Negative". Students should get their text book on Friday.  Students will received the class syllabus in class Tuesday or Wednesday, which includes a list of supplies needed and recommended (optional) for math class this year.  

I'm looking forward to a great year with what I know is a wonderful class of students! 

      - Mr. Usem 

The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, lists an availability schedule for students who need extra help, and has resources for parents & students.
  • AUG 28:  First Day of school
    Dates to Remember
  • SEPT 4:  NO SCHOOL - Labor Day Holiday
  • SEPT 18: Picture Day
  • SEPT 19: Field Curriculum Night (6:15-7:45pm)
  • OCT 12: Conferences (3:00-7:30pm)
  • OCT 17: Conferences (3:00-7:30pm)
  • OCT 18: NO SCHOOL - Conferences (7:30am-12:00noon)
  • OCT 19-20: NO SCHOOL -Education MN Teacher's Convention ("MEA break")
  • OCT 25: Picture Re-Take Day
  • NOV 1:  End of 1st quarter
  • NOV 2-3: NO SCHOOL - Teacher professional development and record-keeping
  • NOV 6: Beginning of 2nd quarter
  • NOV 22-24:  NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Holiday Break


Leon Boler
Nicole Odermatt 
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Mary Catherine Halasz
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Mark Usem 
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Heather Walker  

Other 7th Grade Advisors:

Marni Heck
(Physical Education - at Field School 7:30am-1:45pm)

Tim Forward
(Health & Physical Education)

Field School Student Resources:
Mariam Graff 
(Social Work) 
(612) 668-3640

Field School Site Council
7th Grade Parent Reps:


** Site Council meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of the month from 4:00 - 5:30 and are open to anyone wishing to attend.  If you have a topic to discuss you must be on the agenda prior to the meeting.  Please contact your grade rep. to be added to the agenda.
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