7th Grade Newsletter - August 29,2011

7th Grade Newsletter 7th Grade Newsletter
7th Grade Newsletter 7th Grade ROCKS!
August 29, 2012

Welcome back to what we hope is a fantastic school year. We trust everyone had a fun and restful summer and is ready to jump back into learning.

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  • Language Arts - Ms. Halasz
  • Math - Mr. West
  • Social Studies -- Ms. Harper
  • Science - Mr. Boler
  • Advisory - all Advisory teachers
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  • Language Arts - Ms. Halasz

    Greetings, I am Ms. Halasz and I am happy to once again be teaching 7th grade Language Arts. This is my 20th year at Field (I started teaching at age 9). Before I started at Field I was at Seward for a year and before that I taught in Indiana.

    I am trying something new this year with regards to homework, I am Tweeting the assignments. If would like to to follow my homework tweets look for be on Twitter at MChomework. I promise not to tweet about the latest trends or what a mess Lindsey Lohan is, only what the homework is.

    This week the kids and I are taking a look at our class room norms as well as procedures. Once we cover that we will start on our unit, Personal Responsibility. The syllabus will come home no later than Friday.

    Math - Mr. West

    Hello everybody. Here we go! A brand new school year. We all made it through the first day. Today your child is bringing home a copy of the syllabus for math to be reviewed, signed and returned.

    We are starting out the year with Accentuate the Negative, a unit on integers and rational numbers. Below is a list of the learning targets for this unit.

    • ONE I can locate and plot positive and negative numbers and their opposites on a number line.
    • TWO I can locate and plot pairs of positive and negative rational numbers on a coordinate grid.
    • THREE I can compare positive and negative rational numbers using < , > , ≤ , ≥ , =.
    • FOUR I can add and subtract positive and negative rational numbers.
    • FIVE I can multiply and divide positive and negative rational numbers.
    • SIX I can use integers to solve real world problems.
    • SEVEN I can define absolute value and solve problems that use absolute value.
    • EIGHT I can use the correct order of operations when a problem has more than one operation.
    • NINE I can use the distributive property to create equivalent expressions.

    We will be working hard to accomplish these goals over the next several weeks, and I'll let you know about our progress as we go. Oh, by the way, I'm Mr. West. I'm the math teacher.

    Social Studies -- Ms. Harper

    My name is Sylvia Harper and I am the new Field School Social Studies Teacher. I am a long time resident of South Minneapolis. I live with my artist daughter and two chihuahuas Black Jack and Ol' Dirty Red.

    This year the seventh grade curriculum is World Studies or World Geography. Your child is bringing home a syllabus on yellow paper, please read and sign it to be returned by your child. If you have any concerns please email me at Sylvia.Harper@mpls.k12.mn.us. I am looking forward to a wonderful year!

    Science - Mr. Boler

    Where did the summer go? Welcome back 7th graders! This is my 5th year at Field and I enjoy the school and students very much.

    The focus for 7th grade is Life Science. We spent part of our time today reviewing the course information that is contained in a letter the students should have brought home. This is their first homework assignment - return a completed page 3.

    After we cover class rules and procedures we will spend the rest of the week reviewing (learning about) the metric system.

    To enhance science learning, check out the 7th grade science web page by clicking the link below.

    Advisory - all Advisory teachers

    A.V.I.D. - Mrs. Walker
    AVID decades of college dreams

    Welcome back to school new and returning AVID students. I am thrilled to be teaching AVID again and am passionate about helping students grow to their full potential!

    Our essential question for the first 8 weeks of school in AVID is: How will I be a successful and productive learner? The concepts we will cover include Organization, Self -awareness, Prioritization, Reflection, Goal Setting, Inquiry, and Collaboration. We will practice using and maintaining an organized binder, taking Cornell Style Notes, time management skills, creative thinking skills and identifying, writing and asking higher level questions.

    Some students have finished their first homework assignment, which is signing and returning their AVID contract. I appreciate receiving the majority of contracts before school started. This makes scheduling classes a lot easier! Returning students will receive their contracts Monday. Contracts are due this Friday.

    New Field families can find out more about AVID at Field by viewing the information and student created video on our website http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/AVID2.html Feel free to email me or stop by if you have questions.

    Parent Portal

    7th Grade Contact Information

    Mary Catherine Halasz (Language Arts, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Sylvia Barnes (Social Studies, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Mark Usem (BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Brenda Leviton (Spanish, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Leon Boler (Science, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Heather Walker (AVID)
    (612) 668-3640

    Dan West (Math, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Julie Peterson (Social Work, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Wendy Wolff (Councilor, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Gretchen Mattson (BEST)
    (612) 668-3640

    Jane Zeleznikar (Classroom Support )
    (612) 668-3640

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