7th Grade Newsletter - December 3, 2012

7th Grade Newsletter 7th Grade Newsletter
7th Grade Newsletter 7th Grade ROCKS!!!
December 3rd

Exciting News!

All 6th-8th grade students are invited to attend the "Midnight in Paris" Field School dance on Friday December 14, 2012 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Tickets will be on sale during lunch Monday December 3- Thursday December 13 for $4. Student Council has also coordinated a food drive from December 3-December 21, 2012 and students who contribute a non perishable food item will receive $1 off their ticket price. All non-perishable food will be donated to Sabathani Center (http://www.sabathani.org/family_resources.aspx) which serves families in south Minneapolis.

A Great Opportunity!

"Colombian Students are returning! Friendly Families needed! A group of 20 students and 3 chaperone's will be experiencing life at Field School the week of January 28th to February 3rd. We try to match the age of the students, so for this group we are looking for mostly 7 and 8th grade Field families. What you don't need: a big house, a separate bedroom, fluency in Spanish! What you do need: meals and activities you would normally do, a place to sleep, a sense of adventure. If you are willing to share your home for a week, contact Julie Peña at: penahaha@gmail.com or Sylvia Lotz at; sylvialotz@yahoo.com.

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  • Language Arts - Ms. Halasz

    Today we started watching The Truman Show. The students will be analyzing the characters and looking to see if they find any characteristics of dystopian societies. This is in class work that will take us most of the week so there will probably be no homework.

    Mid-quarter is upon us and it is a good time to check the portal. Mr. Walerius and I will take any missing work and do our best to get it in before the reports go home. Speaking of that, we still have about a dozen kids who have not turned in their 5 paragraph essays. Any help getting those to us would be greatly appreciated.

    Lastly, if you family is looking for something fun to do that could also help your student in class the Guthrie is doing their annual run of A Christmas Carol. We will be reading Dickens classic after the holidays. Another idea would be to watch one of the many renditions of it with the kids. (I will be using the 1951 version with Alastair Sim so try not to watch that one.) Any background knowledge of the story will help them greatly.

    Think Snow!!!

    Math - Mr. West

    Hello everybody! We are currently focusing on understanding the y-intercept and the coefficient of x and how each is represented in a table a graph and an equation.

    Social Studies -- Ms. Odermatt

    We have the Unit 3 test this Wednesday. It includes the "Jacksonian Era" and the Industrial Revolution. Students have a study guide that we have been working on in class. Monday and Tuesday will be spent doing a variety of review activities. There is no homework this week. Midterm progress reports will come out soon and will include this test score.

    Science - Mr. Boler

    This week we will continue working with the concept of density. Students will do a lab where they create a density column (of three immiscible liquids and two solids). In a later lab, students will attempt to measure the density of air.

    Homework, RA2, Volume and Density, will be given out on Monday, due back by Friday. Homework turned in on Tuesday will receive a 4% bonus.

    To increase content understanding visit the 7th grade science web site at the URL listed below. In addition to links to FOSS and Discovery Education, weekly powerpoint reviews are uploaded to this website along with suggested content links.

    Family Focus

    A.V.I.D.-- Mrs. Walker
    AVID decades of college dreams

    Parent Portal

    7th Grade Contact Information

    Mary Catherine Halasz (Language Arts, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Nicole Odermatt (Social Studies, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Rick Feuling (BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Char Swanson (Spanish,French, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Leon Boler (Science, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Heather Walker (AVID)
    (612) 668-3640

    Dan West (Math, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Julie Peterson (Social Work)
    (612) 668-3640

    Wendy Wolff (Councelor)
    (612) 668-3640

    Sean Casey(BEST, Media)
    (612) 668-3640

    Margaret Miller (PTA Co-Chair) crmm@mninter.net

    Rich Flint (Site Council Community Representative) flint@richflint.com

    Erin Thompson(7th Grade Parent Site Council Representative) EThompson@metroconnections.com

    Korey Stoelzing(7th Grade Parent Site Council Representative) korey.stoelzing@gmail.com

    Site Council meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of the month from 4:00 - 5:30 and are open to anyone wishing to attend. If you have a topic to discuss you must be on the agenda prior to the meeting. Please contact your grade rep. to be added to the agenda.

    7th Grade Links

    CMP Math Info for Parents

    Loft Youth Writing Classes

    Arithmetic Four (Practice Operations with Integers)

    Order of Operations Four

    Walk the Plank --adding and subtracting integers

    Seventh Grade Science

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