7th Grade Newsletter - December 5, 2011

7th Grade Newsletter 7th Grade Newsletter
7th Grade Newsletter 7th Grade ROCKS!
December 5, 2011

Important Information from our Councilor, Wendy Wolff

Last Tuesday, all 7th grade students completed their first 7th grade milestone for the district curriculum "My Life Plan". Students took the "Career Key" and received a career profile that gave them a score in each of Holland's 6 personality types; Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional. Students will have an opportunity to discuss their Career Key results in advisory classes this week and will receive an assignment that includes a question for parents, ask them about this later in the week!

My Life Plan is an MPS district requirement for all students 6th -12th grade. Each year students will complete tasks or "milestones" related to personal, academic and career awareness. Students complete their tasks on a secure, web based program called Naviance that will track the completion of their milestones all the way through high school and will be used to help them research colleges, financial aid and careers. Research shows that students with a strong sense of self who have a vision for their future education and career goals are more engaged and successful throughout their school journey. This is our hope for all students and "My Life Plan" is just one way we can accomplish this goal at Field. If you have any questions about "My Life Plan", I am in my office at Field Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Also- This week is Field Spirit Week! Here is what student council has planned for each day: Monday- Twin day Tuesday- Pajama day Wednesday - Wacky tacky day Thursday- Ugly sweater day Friday - Field spirit day We hope students will have fun with the spirit days but appropriate dress and behavior is expected throughout the week. The 6-8th grade "Winter Candy Land" Dance is coming up next Friday December 9! Tickets are $4 but if students bring in a non perishable can, box or bag of food, they will get $1 off their ticket. We will be donating the food to an organization called "Hope for the City" who distributes the food to people in need. If you would like more information about Hope for the City and how they distribute the food we donate, please visit their website: http://www.hopeforthecity.net/

And don't forget about this one from the GEMS:

G.E.M.S. Family Spaghetti Dinner! Thursday, December 15th 5-7pm, at Field School, in the Commons. $6 for kids, $8for adults, $25 Family maximum. Come join the field community! Enjoy some good company, and good food, served by the group of G.E.M.S. Girls going to Costa Rica! Dinner will consist of spaghetti, salad, and bread, catered by Fat Lorenzo's! Any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact Evelyn Blum at emb5567@yahoo.com or 62-819-5023.

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  • Language Arts - Ms. Halasz

    On Tuesday of this week we will have a Socratic Seminar over Kurt Vonnegut's short story Harrison Bergeron. The main question we will address is; Does a person like Harrison represent a danger to, or the salvation of society? We will follow that question with, Why do you think Harrison waited to take off his handicaps until he was on TV? You may want to ask your student what he or she thinks about these two questions.

    Also on tap this week is the short film 2081 which is an adaptation of Vonnegut's story. We will follow that with a second story by this author titled 2BRO2B.

    If any of you have been thinking of taking your students to see A Christmas Carol at the Guthrie now would be a good time. We will read the Dickens tale following the winter break. Our focus will be the idea of redemption and how one goes about righting their wrongs. I also plan to use the 1954 version of the movie, it follows our text almost verbatim.

    Happy December. Life is good!

    Math - Mr. West

    Hello everybody. This week we are focusing on exploring linear functions with graphs and tables. Here are some of the ideas we will be exploring:

    * Find solutions to a problem using a table or graph * Understand the connections between linear equations and patterns in the tables and graphs of those relations, including rate of change, and the x- and y-intercepts * Translate information about linear relations given in a table, a graph, or an equation to one of the other forms * Connect solutions in graphs and tables to solutions of equations * Understand how the y-intercept appears in tables and equations * Write equations for linear relationships and describe what information the variables and numbers represent

    The students will be getting back their tests on Comparing and Scaling in a day or two.

    Social Studies -- Ms. Odermatt

    This week we continue our study of the countries of Western Europe. Students will have time in class to research and plan a three-week European trip. The final product will be a brochure featuring three countries and the trip itinerary. There will be a map test on Western Europe this Thursday, Dec. 8th. Homework is writing a letter to a student in living in Europe, due Friday December 9th.

    Science - Mr. Boler

    On Monday students will receive homework RA 11: The Insect Empire. Due back Friday but receive extra points if returned by Tuesday.

    On Tuesday and Wednesday students will ask questions about the purpose behind some hissing cockroach behaviors and design experiments to answer those questions.

    To reinforce content understanding and to review class PowerPoints, go to:

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    AVID decades of college dreams

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    Rich Flint (Site Council Community Representative) flint@richflint.com

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