7th Grade Newsletter - December 8, 2014

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7th Grade Newsletter  

December 8, 2014 
Mr. Boler... Dress Like You're 80 Day!
Students had some great fun last week during Spirit Week.  Mr. Boler had as much fun as the kids, but he mis-interpreted "Back to the '80s Day" as "Dress like you're 80 Day"! Students also had a great time at this year's first Field School Dance.

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Coming up NEXT week is our
Hyland Hills Ski Trip on Tuesday, Dec. 16th
--> Make sure you're child has had the permission slip and "Release of Liability" signed and has returned it to Ms. Halasz. 
ALL 7th graders are expected to attend the Ski Trip, as we feel this is an integral part of our 7th-grade curriculum this year, and a great learning and growing experience for our students... especially for students who have never had the chance to go downhill skiing. Beginner lessons are available for all students, and students will be evaluated for their ability to handle themselves on skis before they are allowed to ski on their own. 
- Though there is a cost to attend the ski trip at Hyland Hills ($25 for ski ticket, lesson, equipment, and transportation), ability to pay is not a requirement to attend the field trip; if cost to attend the trip is an issue or creates a hardship for your family at this particular time, please contact any 7th-grade teacher, or our social worker Mariam Graff, regarding available scholarships. All scholarship requests will be held in strict confidence. 
 - In addition, any families that are able to add a little extra when paying the cost for the field trip for their own child, so that we can add to our scholarship funds to make sure that we can include all students on trips like this, your help is always greatly appreciated!

We are also looking for parent Chaperones for the ski trip (*there is NO COST for chaperones) Please contact Ms. Halasz if interested!

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We are currently at mid-quarter time for 2nd quarter... so make sure that your child is keeping up with, and turning-in, all classwork and homework in their classes.

- The 7 th Grade Team 


Language Arts:

I sent the December Reading Log home last week. It is on yellow paper and is due back January 6th. 

This week we finish up on our Dystopian Unit. The kids will finish The Truman Show today and we will discuss it both today and tomorrow. 

We have a district bench mark test to do this week as well. Some time will be spent learning how to read a poem in preparation for the benchmark then we will take it. 

Have a great week.

- Ms. Halasz



Part of what we will do this week in science includes:
1) Designing an experimental procedure to determine the approximate density of air using a limited set of apparatus;
2) Taking an assessment that will include determining the identity of a substance using density as a characteristic proper;


HOMEWORK: Unit 3 RA2, Volume and Density  Turn in by Tuesday for a 4% bonus.  Otherwise HW is due by Friday. 

TEST on volume, mass, and density - Thursday December 11th.  Part lab part written.

- Mr. Boler

To review science content, make-up notebook entries, watch a video clip about any science topic of interest, - go to the 7th grade science web page at: www.bolerscience.net
Social Studies

Social Studies
We are nearing the end of Unit 2 as we focus on the Indian Removal Act of 1830 (known as the Trail of Tears) and how reform and new inventions influenced development in the 1800s. We will take class time to review and prepare for the Unit 2 test next week.
Students are making progress on their History Day topics.  We are using index cards to record and summarize each resource that they find useful. Not only does this help organize their ideas, but it prepares them for writing the project's bibliography.
No homework this week.


- Mrs. Odermatt






We ended last week by taking a Learning Target Quiz (LT 2.4, and LT 2.6/2.7), which students completed in class today.


This week we're beginning by looking at understanding "simple and compound interest". There is no text for this topic. Students will get instruction in class and by taking notes. We will develop formulas for calculating and finding interest.


When completed we will then begin working with sectors of a circle, and see how the area of sectors, internal angles, and sector arcs can be understood through proportions.


Students who received 75% or below on any of the learning target quizzes will get a chance to do re-takes. Students desiring to do so need to talk to Mr. Usem to go over what they did wrong BEFORE they will be allowed to re-take any quiz.


  - Mr Usem 


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Click HERE for Mr. Usem's Webpage

  The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, lists an availability schedule for students who need extra help, and has resources for parents & students. 

Dates to Remember

Dates to 




  • Dec 9: Fall / Holiday Concert
  • Dec 16:  Hyland Hills Ski Area Field Trip
  • Dec 22- Jan 2: NO SCHOOL -
    Winter recess
  • Jan 5: School Resumes
  • Jan 13: Ordway Field Trip
  • Jan 15: End of Qtr 2
  • Jan 16: NO SCHOOL
    (Record-keeping day)
  • Jan 19: NO SCHOOL -MLK Day
  • Jan 20: 3rd Quarter begins 
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Reader's Workshop

This week in Reader's Workshop students finish a unit on the plot elements of a story, including the introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion. Students will take a spelling test on words that contain Greek and Latin number prefixes. In addition, students will read independently for 20 minutes during each class period and write in a Reader's Response Journal. Our exciting new books for independent reading have arrived from Scholastic!


Bev Halvorson

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