7th Grade Newsletter - February 23, 2012

7th Grade Newsletter 7th Grade Newsletter

7th Grade Newsletter 7th Grade ROCKS!

Science Bowl:

The 2012 Minnesota Science Bowl was held on Saturday, February 11th at St. Thomas University. The seventh grade team of Ellie N, Jack H, Nick D, Yoko K, and Josi A, had a strong showing and gained valuable experience for next year! Both eighth grade teams advanced to the afternoon double elimination round, playing hard fought matches against excellent competition. Laura A, Leah H, Michaela V, Connor L, Ethan B, Joey M, Michael D, Maddie H, Sierra L, and Cody T represented Field School with great poise and impressive math and science expertise.

This was our culminating event and all three coaches would like to express how proud we are of all Science Bowl participants, including those of you that couldn't be with us on Saturday: eighth graders: Emma S, Fred A, Harrison R, Isaac F, Lenna J, Penelope L, Rachel A, Rachel S, Ruby G, and seventh graders: Brandon G, Dayton L, Elsa D, Kaily R, Katie F, Madison B, Olivia M, Roberto S, and Shelby L.

We hope you enjoyed the Science Bowl season as much as we did. Eighth graders, we encourage you to investigate and participate in similar programs at your high schools. Seventh graders we hope and plan to see you all again next year!

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CONFERENCES>Next Thursday evening and Friday morning we are having conferences at school. We are scheduling a number of conferences with people we want to see but will have some openings. If you feel you need a conference for your child please contact Dan West by email.

Gems News:


Please let me know if you have items to donate. Donation drop off is at Field School, 4th Avenue South, on February 24th, the night before the sale, between 3 and 8 PM.

As some of you may know, a group of GEM GIRLS are headed to Costa Rica over Spring Break for a unique learning experience with her afternoon science club at Field, Girls in Engineering, Math and Science (GEMS). She and fellow club members will study the rain forest, eco-tourism and sustainable agriculture practices at a renowned learning and research center, and experience the culture firsthand when they volunteer at a local elementary school.

So that all the girls can go regardless of financial situation, we are, among other fundraising efforts, holding a garage sale to coincide with Field School's annual Pancake Breakfast on February 25th.

Items to donate include: -Gently used clothing -Toys, games, school supplies, etc. -Books - hardback and paperback -Small household items: working kitchen appliances, kitchen gear, linens, decorative items, artwork, etc. ~Please DO NOT donate electronics, old computers, printers, etc.; or larger furniture items~

For any information, or questions, or perhaps you need a pick up of your donations? Don't hesitate to contact Evelyn Blum at emb5567@yahoo.com or call 612-819-5023

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  • Language Arts - Ms. Halasz

    We are starting our new story, The Cat and The Coffee Drinkers by Max Steel. We will be working on this story for the next week or so.

    Another exciting thing happening in 7th grade LA is that on Monday we begin our study of Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Pure excitement in Language Arts.

    Life is good!

    Math - Mr. West

    Hello everybody. The Moving Straight Ahead test was returned to the students Tuesday. This test has a large impact on their current grade, so you might want to be sure and check with your student to see how he or she did on the test. Numerous students are taking advantage of the opportunity to come in get extra help and retest on parts of the test that they didn't do well on, either during lunch/recess or after school on Tuesdays. Midquarter grades should be coming home in the mail next week.

    Social Studies -- Ms. Odermatt

    We'll be finishing the Canda Unit this week. Students will take a Canada map test on Thursday and a unit vocab/short answer on Friday. They are completing a study guide today that they can use to review at home. Encourage your student to see me if they still need to make up tests. Recess time or after school are good times to get that done.

    Science - Mr. Boler

    One of our labs this week will involve measuring the relative energy content of two foods. Students will also model change in blood pressure for free flowing versus constricted blood vessels.

    Homework RA7, Nutrition, will be assigned on Tuesday and due back on Friday. Students who turn their homework in by Wednesday will receive 4% extra credit.

    The Human Body System Unit Test is scheduled for Wednesday March 6th. Students will receive a review packet on Thursday March 1st.

    To reinforce content understanding (AND TO PREPARE FOR 3/6 TEST) go to the 7th grade science web page at the link below. The website includes a) powerpoint weekly reviews, b) content links, and c) connection instructions to FOSS and Discovery Education websites.

    Family Focus

    January: The middle school years are a good time to start giving your teen more independence; It helps them establish their own place in the world. As your teen becomes more reliable and mature increase privileges and opportunities for independence. If they fall, they still have you to catch them and to guide them before they are out on their own. Remember some of life's most valuable lessons are learned through life experiences! Struggling navigating through the teen years? Two Field parents developed an app that answers alot of teens' -- and their parents'-- tough questions about things they face: relationships, mental health, substance abuse, bullying, etc. called teensphere. You can learn more about the app at teensphere.com. Check it out!

    December Did you know that having an "attitude of gratitude" has been linked to better health, sounder sleep, less anxiety and depression, higher long-term satisfaction with life and kinder behavior toward others? Try it with your family! Do one small thoughtful or generous thing for each member of your family daily; express your appreciation for someone's skills or talents.

    A.V.I.D. - Mrs. Walker
    AVID decades of college dreams

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    7th Grade Contact Information

    Mary Catherine Halasz (Language Arts, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Nicole Odermatt (Social Studies, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Mark Usem (BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Brenda Leviton (Spanish,French, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Leon Boler (Science, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Heather Walker (AVID)
    (612) 668-3640

    Dan West (Math, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Julie Peterson (Social Work, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Wendy Wolff (Councelor, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Gretchen Mattson (BEST)
    (612) 668-3640

    Jane Zeleznikar (Classroom Support )
    (612) 668-3640

    Dawn Nelson (Site Council Parent Representative ) dawnenelson@comcast.net

    Mike Wedl (Site Council Parent Representative and Parent Co-Chair) mwedl@hartpropertytax.com

    Margaret Miller (PTA Co-Chair) crmm@mninter.net

    Rich Flint (Site Council Community Representative) flint@richflint.com

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