7th Grade Newsletter - February 6, 2017

Field School- 7th Grade Newsletter (020617)

February 6, 2017
Our annual Ski Trip to Hyland Hills Ski Area in Three River Park District is coming up TOMORROW
on Tuesday, February 7.

We will leave school by 8:30, and will return by 2:35, so students can catch the buses home. Details were sent home 2 weeks ago with all students. This ski trip has been a great success every year... providing great fun for experienced skiers and also a great chance for students who have never skied to try doing so. 

 CLICK HERE for SKI TRIP FORMS for downloadable and printable PDF documents of the 3 FORMS necessary for students to attend the ski trip. LINKS to the forms can also be found in the "downloadable documents" area of Mr. Usem's webpage.

Tissue box
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 During this season of colds and flu, many classrooms are getting VERY short of supplies of tissues.  If you are able to donate a few boxes of tissues, please have your child bring them in to their advisory teacher. Thank you!
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Order Your Yearbook Today
Please go online to reserve your copy today...
If you choose to order by check, please make your check to Hale PTA and bring it to the office, either Hale or Field. The cost is $16.00. 

Please note the last day for personalized orders is February 17th, 2017. 
After that date any extra options such as foil stamped personalizations and icons are no longer available and the price of the yearbook will increase to $18.00. 
*Non-personalized Yearbooks will be available to order on the Jostens site for $18.00 until May 19, 2017.
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Winter Conferences are coming up soon
 on February 16 & 17
At Field School conferences are not necessarily scheduled for all students during the winter conferences. If teachers have concerns about a particular student, parents will be contacted by the teachers on the grade-level team to schedule a conference.  Any parents that are not contacted by teachers, but that have concerns about their own child and would like to schedule a conference, please contact Mr. Usem at mark.usem@mpls.k12.mn.us to schedule a conference.  Conferences will be scheduled on a first-come / first-served basis, based upon requests.
- The format for 7th-grade Winter Conferences is a bit different than fall conferences; they are 20-minute conferences where the parent and student, together, meet with all 4 grade-level core-subject teachers. 
-  Conference times are filling up... as of this posting, the remaining times available for scheduling conferences are:
-on Thursday evening (Feb 16) we still have spots available starting at 4:00, 4:20, 5:30, 6:30, 6:50, and 7:10pm.
-on Friday morning (Feb 17) we still have spots available starting at 7:30, 8:10, 8:50, 9:50, 10:10, 10:30, 11:10, and 11:30am.

 - The 7th Grade Team 

    Language Arts      
Super busy getting the ski trip set up, sorry for such a brief update. 

This week in class:
Monday: Ski safety video and discussion/ book ch 10 discussion on Hope
Tuesday: Ski trip
Wednesday:  Read and discuss chapter 11
Thursday: Realism as a Literary Device 
Friday: Media center book check out and reading

Thanks so much. 
    - Ms. Halasz

CLICK HERE for a LINK to Ms. Halasz's WEBPAGE 

    Social Studies      
Social Studies
 Students are working to understand the whole picture regarding their History Day topic: background, buildup, main event, short term impact, and long term impact.  Students will have time in class this week to peer edit each other's thesis statements.  A thesis statement should have an arguable statement or opinion and 3 reasons that support that claim.  Second drafts will be due on Wednesday, Feb. 8th.

If you are interested in helping in the classroom, I would love any assistance you could give.  Even just one time would be appreciated.  Students need help navigating websites,  narrowing their topics, and putting all the ideas together for their History Day projects.  Please contact me at nicole.odermatt@mpls.k12.mn.us

 The History Day theme for this year is "Taking a Stand".  Projects are due February 28th.
 Feel free to check out this website for information:

   - Ms. Odermatt
Current Unit: Physical Properties of Matter

This week we will review the ways in which matter changes phases
1) Sublimation lab = activities with dry ice
2) Process sublimation lab
3) Unit 3 group quiz (Thursday)

Homework - U3, RA 5 is a two-page assignment to check understanding.  Passed out on Monday due back on Friday (4% bonus if turned on by Wednesday).

 - Mr. Boler

To review science content, make-up notebook entries, watch a video clip about any science topic of interest - go to the 7th grade science web page at:  http://www.bolerscience.net/

 Last week Students took the Learning Target Quiz on arc-length and sector area of circles. 

Probability This week we are concentrating on Learning Targets exploring Probability.  While students have had some exposure to this in grades 5 and 6, we'll go just a bit deeper into the topic this year, and will connect it up with our use of proportional relationships to better understand probability. This is a subject that students want to be very careful to  "Show their work" on all assignments.

      - Mr. Usem 

Students who received a score of 70% or below on Learning Target quizzes need to re-take 
them to improve their score and to receive a passing grade showing that they understand the learning target. To see the cut-off scores for re-taking each quiz, t
hey are listed on each specific day
on the "Classwork & Homework" LINK section of my webpage.
* In order to do a re-take, students need to KEEP their old quiz, and BRING it in, with the correct answers (with explanations) on a SEPARATE SHEET [forms are available in Mr. Usem's room or downloadable from his webpage] on the items they missed. This will qualify them "ready to re-take" the quiz. Re-takes are to be done outside of regular class time, and can be done before-school, after-school, during recess, during Advisory study-hall on Thursdays,  or during another time arranged with Mr. Usem. Students should make arrangements with Mr. Usem to do the re-takes. Students will have at least 2 weeks from when the quizzes are handed back to complete the re-take. 
- The DEADLINE for re-takes on the LT #4.3 & 4.4 quizzes is... Friday, Feb 24.

- students can come and work with Mr. Usem a variety of times each day, if they need extra help. Available times are posted in the classroom, as well as on Mr. Usem's webpage.

The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, lists an availability schedule for students who need extra help, and has resources for parents & students.
 from Math Team...  
I love math
(7th & 8th Graders)

Our math team competed Jan 23rd in the final division meet for the Minnesota Junior High Math League.  Our team came in second place on the year, putting up another top tier performance.
Please congratulate the following members for their performance this season!
Brody Line
Carl Christopherson
Kyle Walker
Evan Yellick
Austin Hunt
We Love Math
Max Henschel
Luke Little
Griffin Lindeman
Megan Twomey
Caitlin Hyatt
Gavin Meyer
River Rozycki.

Additionally, we had two students receive individual recognition as being in the top 10 scorers.  Max Henschel came in 2nd place overall in our division, from around 120 students competing in our division.  Austin Hunt placed in the "Honorary Top Ten" as he placed 11th overall after being unable to attend the final meet due to illness.  

Other notably high season long scores came from Evan Yellick, Carl Christopherson, and Brody Line, who all finished in the top 25 overall!  
Having strong 7th graders was one of our keys to success, so if you get a chance to congratulate Carl, Brody, Kyle, and Gavin, please do!
~   ~   ~   ~   ~
Our Math Team competed Friday, Feb 3, at the U of M in the City of Lakes chapter of the MathCounts competition.  We had 11 students participate, with each demonstrating an immense amount of growth since the beginning of the year.

Every time our kids won something, they got a medal! Taking home individual medals were Max Henschel and Carl Christopherson, who placed 2nd and 3rd overall respectively, out of around 100 students.

Additionally, our official school team of Max Henschel, Austin Hunt, Carl Christopherson, and Griffin Lindeman won the first place overall team, which means that these four Mathematicians will all be representing our school at the Minnesota State MathCounts competition March 10th and 11th!!!

Proudly... from Mr. Hamilton
                      - Math Team Coach

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  • FEB 17: NO SCHOOL - Conferences (7:30-11:30am)
  • FEB 21: NO SCHOOL - Presidents Day
  • MAR 30: End of 3rd Quarter
  • MAR 31 - APR 7: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break
  • APR 10: Beginning of 4th Quarter

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