7th Grade Newsletter - January 11, 2016

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January 11, 2016

There are just 4 days left in the 2nd quarter. The quarter ends on Thursday, Jan 14.  Students should be sure to check with all their classes, and make sure that they are up-to-date on all assignments, and should make sure that they know the last day that each of their teachers will accept work for this quarter. 

Hyland Hills Ski Trip
On Friday, January 29th the 7th grade is headed to Hyland Hills with the 8th grade for a ski trip during the day.  Permission slips are being handed out this week.  Please return them as soon as possible to Ms. Halasz.  There are scholarship funds available if the cost of the trip is an issue, just contact a 7th grade teacher.

- The 7th Grade Team 

* We would like to remind you of a letter you should have received from the principal before winter break...  
- Please note that "tardies" had become a bit of an issue before break. With administrative support, starting today, in order to insure maximum time learning in each classroom, we will be addressing this issue with the following new policy:

All 7th & 8th Grade classrooms will be locked when the bell rings at the beginning of each class. 
  • If students are still in the hall:
    • They will go to Ms. Ola's (behavior support) office
    • They will call home and inform you (parents/guardians) that they are tardy to class
    • They will then be given a pass
    • They will not be let into the classroom without a pass
Please contact us if you have questions about this new policy.

    Language Arts      
Language Arts Fun!
 Students are analyzing the song, Mr. Wendal, by the group Arrested Development. Students are looking at their perceptions of the homeless vs the reality. 
We continue our discussion of perception verses reality. Students view a Youtube video about a 55 year old homeless man who has a Phd. in Physics. 
Get ready for 2nd quarter benchmark test
Take 2nd quarter benchmark

No school for students.

No homework for my class this week. 
    - Ms. Halasz
Stay warm enjoy the sunshine. :)
    Social Studies      
Social Studies
We will continue our lessons on women's suffrage and the abolitionist movement this week.  Wednesday and Thursday will be spent researching History Day topics.  We often use the iPads in the classroom but we will also have access to the computer lab regularly in order for students to find and print images, use iMovie for documentaries, or begin to build a website.  In the coming weeks, students will receive how-to directions for the format they have chosen (exhibit board, documentary, website, research paper, performance). Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  Email is the best way to reach me, nicole.odermatt@mpls.k12.mn.us

   - Ms. Odermatt
This week in science we will:
  • Do notes on expansion and contraction of water and air
  • Collect data on time versus temperature of solid - liquid - gas (ice to water to water vapor)
  • Graph data
  • Experiment with a substance that goes directly from a solid to a gas.
HOMEWORK: Unit 3, RA4 States of Matter; Due Thursday, return by Tuesday for a 4% bonus.

No SCIENCE BOWL today - Final Science Bowl all student meeting will by January 25th.  We will also have an after school field trip to the science museum - most likely in February.
 - Mr. Boler

To review science content, make-up notebook entries, watch a video clip about any science topic of interest - go to the 7th grade science web page at:  http://www.bolerscience.net/

Monday, we're finishing up exploring the concept of "histograms"...

Tuesday we will be having Learning Target Quizzes on the first 3 of this unit on Data (LT # 4.1, 4.2, 4.3... see syllabus for details) dealing with mean, median, range, and histograms.

Wednesday and Thursday we will be taking the MPS District mandated interim-assessments.

Next week, we'll continue on our data unit, looking at circle graphs.

Students should check for any missing assignments, as there are only 3 days until the end of the quarter. (*Note: there are still many assignments in the "NO NAME" folder on Mr. Usem's desk... I can't give you credit if I don't know who you are.)

Students who received a score of 70% or below on Learning Target quizzes need to re-take them to improve their score and to receive a passing grade showing that they understand the learning target.
* In order to do a re-take, students need to KEEP their old quiz, and BRING it in, with the correct answers (with explanations) on a SEPARATE SHEET [forms are available in Mr. Usem's room or downloadable from his webpaage] on the items they missed. This will qualify them "ready to re-take" the quiz. Re-takes are to be done outside of regular class time, and can be done before-school, after-school, during recess, or during B.E.S.T. class. Students should make arrangements with Mr. Usem to do the re-takes. Students will have 2 weeks from when the quizzes are handed back to complete the re-take. 
(The DEADLINE for re-takes of LT#3.3 is: Thursday, Jan 14
- students can come and work with Mr. Usem a variety of times each day, if they need extra help. Available times are posted in the classroom, as well as on Mr. Usem's webpage.

      - Mr. Usem 

The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, lists an availability schedule for students who need extra help, and has resources for parents & students.
    B.E.S.T. Reading                

Dates to Remember
  • JAN 14: End of 2nd quarter.
  • JAN 15: NO SCHOOL for students- record-keeping day
  • JAN 18: NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • JAN 19: NO SCHOOL for students- Teacher's Professional Development day
  • JAN 20: Beginning of 3rd quarter
  • JAN 24: Field School Roller Garden Skate Night  (4:30-6:30pm)
  • JAN 29: 7th/8th grade Ski Trip to Hyland Hills
  • FEB 8:   National African American Parent Involvement Day
  • FEB 11: Parent-Teacher Conferences (3:30-7:30pm)
  • FEB 12: NO SCHOOL for students - Parent-Teacher Conferences (7:30-11:30am)
  • FEB 15: NO SCHOOL -Presidents Day
   From the Field School Counselor...  

2nd Semester Schedules

Schedules will remain the same for 2nd Semester. 

Students wanting to request a change to their specialist schedule for 2nd semester must: 
  1. Fill out "Course Change Request" form completely specifically stating the reason for the request; 
  2. Have it signed by a parent or guardian; 
  3. Return to Kelly Burnett or Traci Lyngstad. 
  • "Course Change Request" forms are available in the main office. 
Parents and students can check for schedule changes on the parent or student portal. Any changes will be made by January 19th, 2016. In addition, requests can be turned in the first week of the semester. If it is possible, the change will be made. Kelly Burnett, the school counselor, will contact student and or parent about the outcome of their request.


Yearbooks - Now on Sale!
Yearbooks are now on sale! Please go online to reserve your copy at www.jostensyearbooks.com. However, if you choose to pay by check, please make your check payable to Hale PTA and bring it to the Hale or Field office. The cost for a yearbook is $16.00.
  • Please note the last day for personalized orders is February 12th. After that date any extra options such as foil stamped personalization's and icons are no longer available and the price of the yearbook will increase to $18.00. 

The Weisman Museum on the University of Minnesota Campus is offering a special FREE program for 7th & 8th-Graders, 
called Glowtown.

Glowtown is an exciting workshop for students in grades 7 and 8 that offers the opportunity to work with local professional artist, Sharon Louden. This workshop focuses on developing individual creativity and teamwork within a community-building environment. By using everyday, simple, cast-away materials, along with the magic of glow-in-the-dark paint, participants come together to invent a fantastical world that never existed before, both during the day and at night!

No specific experience is necessary, just a keen interest in art, design, engineering or architecture.
Reserve your FREE ticket by clicking on the following LINK:

In addition, the Weisman did a wonderful program with an artist-in-residence with the Field 8th-Grade class this year. Luckily, at this time, they are interested in continuing an artist-in-residence with next year's 8th-graders! This is something really exciting to look forward to!


We participate in a Fun Factory fundraiser that pays us to recycle both toner and inkjet printer cartridges.  They accept the following brands:  

Toner  --  Brother, Canon, HP, Lexmark
Inkjet Printer  --  Canon, Epson, Hasler, HP, Lexmark
The cartridges can be turned into the media center.  Thanks!

Heidi Dahlin
Associate Educator, Field Community School


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Field School Student Resources:
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Field School Site Council
7th Grade Parent Reps:

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** Site Council meetings are held
the 1st Wednesday of the month
from 4:00 - 5:30 and are open to
anyone wishing to attend. 
If you have a topic to discuss
you must be on the agenda
prior to the meeting.  Please
contact your grade rep. to be
added to the agenda.
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