7th Grade Newsletter - January 29, 2014

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7th Grade Newsletter  

January 29, 2014 
Just can't seem to shake that COOOOOOOOLD weather!

What a crazy week so far...  and nobody's even been at school! 2 more cold-weather days off, and it's still only January!
Well, we're back for a short week, and stay tuned for changes in our schedule as we adjust to these recent days off. Classes today, Wednesday, are shortened for an assembly for a presentation by the Mixed Blood Theater (set-up way before we knew about this weather). Right now Thursday is a regular day. Friday we have the 7th/8th Grade Ski Trip to Hyland Hills
(See the right column for more information.) 

-  The 7th Grade Team


Language Arts 

Cold enough for ya??? I saw a funny cartoon last week that said, "The first one to complain about the heat this summer is getting punched!" No complaining here...


So the kids are super tired of the book Nothing But The Truth, and who can blame them? We have been reading it for what seems like an eternity. The good news is that we are down to our last two activities...YES !!!!!!


On Monday we will start a new short story titled, Someone Who Saw by David Gafaldi. It is a very powerful story about two young children who witness a lynching and have to decide whether or not to take justice into their own hands. We will work on this story for about a week. 


Enjoy the sun... 


 **** There is a glitch in my log in and I have not updated my webpage for a few weeks. I will be working to fix the problem this week. ****

My web page is up and running. Please see the link below or access it through the Field School web page. 

Halasz Website here. 


Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions or concerns this year.  mahal001@mpls.k12.mn.us is the best address to use.


- Ms. Halasz



Due to the polar vortex and Friday's ski trip, we'll have just two days of instruction this week.  On Wednesday

 we will review the results from our phase-change lab and preview our first lab for our next unit.  Our next unit is on Mixtures and Solutions.  On Thursday students will take the district benchmark test for the unit we just completed (Physical Properties of Matter).  This will not take the entire period so we may begin a lab in which students determine if samples from six substances are pure or mixtures


No homework this week.


Science Bowl Students received a field trip slip for an after-school field trip scheduled for February 20th to the Science Museum.  To ensure a place on the trip,  please return slips and payment by February 4.


- Mr. Boler

  •  To increase content understanding visit the 7th grade science web site at the URL listed below.


Social StudiesSocial Studies

With a short week once again, we will focus on our History Day research Wed. and Thurs.  Friday is the ski trip for the entire 7th grade.  I'll be sending home a timeline for History Day due dates.  If you are able, a trip to the public library would be helpful in acquiring more sources for your child's project.




- Mrs. Odermatt






This week we continue our study of proportion. We'll look at what proportions are, how they are constructed, what they tell us, and how to solve them. Last week we identified specific strategies, looked at which are the most efficient, and developed algorithms for dealing with proportions.

Wednesday we'll go over our homework from over the long weekend and our new strategies, and do a little more practice. Thursday we'll have a quiz on proportions, and then we'll start our new learning targets that expand our understanding of ratio and proportions to applications with circles and scale drawings.
Notebook paper needed!
-- THANK YOU, to the students/families that have sent in paper already from last week's request! 
...but we could use more to help us get through this 2nd semester.
     Repeating from last week... I know (above) in this newsletter we are asking for tissue donations, but I would like to also ask if you are able to donate a pack or two of 3-ring punched notebook filler paper to our math class?  I have openly supplied paper in my room for students who might not have enough in their math binder, or for those who forgot their binder at home that day.  I've already gone through over 25 packs of paper this year (that's 3750 sheets), and I'm almost out. We go through about a pack a week.  If you are able to donate a pack or two, that would be great. (For math, I prefer to have "college-ruled" paper, though "wide-rule" is OK too!) 

    - Mr. Usem


~   ~   ~ 

Click HERE for Mr. Usem's Webpage

  The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, lists an availability schedule for students who need extra help, and has resources for parents & students. 



- Strategy Instruction



Good morning!    This week we continue our focus on a reading strategy that allows students to easily apply parts of the strategy to all their reading required for any class in their schedule.  Last week, we changed our introduction to this strategy to allow students to do a Quickwrite and look for links to the Say Something strategy.

"Pause to Connect" is an active reading strategy that asks students to pause at different times throughout the reading and think critically about the relationship between language (the words in the text) and meaning (what I think the words mean). 

Pause to Connect asks you to connect ideas within the text, seeking to understand what the author says and how s/he says it. Highly proficient readers read top to bottom, from left to right, but also bottom to top and right to left; they stop mid-sentence to reread important ideas, consult reading aids like dictionaries and thesauruses while working through a difficult passage, find connections among words, and consider various other textual details with reading. 

Whew! Sounds like a lot of work, right!  Well, it is, but you have to keep in mind that the texts you will be asked to read as you progress through secondary school and into college are going to get progressively harder and you have to develop the skills to meet those challenges.

I am looking forward to the work with the students!  This week, we continue with our Cornell notes, a quiz, and lots of demonstrations!  As always, please contact me with questions or concerns.

Mr. J
Tim Jungwirth
K-12 Reading Specialist
Field Community School

from the Field School Counselor...
especially for 7th & 8th-graders!

"Social Media 101"


February 13, 2014 7:30-8:30 p.m. 


"Protect My Rep(utation)" is an interactive website designed to help teens learn social media etiquette and explore the risks and benefits of their "posting" patterns.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Snap Chat are just a few of the many social media sites that an exploding number of teens are using- including our very own beloved Field students! 


We are excited to have the creators of "Protect my Rep" coming to Field from the University of St. Thomas Journalism program! We hope all 7th and 8th grade students along with their parents will join us for this fantastic opportunity to explore together how social media sites can enhance and jeopardize our online reputations as well as future job and college opportunities. Check out the 360 magazine (http://www.threesixtyjournalism.org) as well as the "Protect my Rep" website  (http://www.protectmyrep.org) for more information. 


We will have dinner for purchase in the Commons area prior to the presentation, from 6:30-7:30 p.m., along with information about high school transition, summer job opportunities  and AVID.  


We scheduled it later in the evening so parents coming for conferences would still be able to join us!


Wendy Wolff

Field School Counselor

 7th/8th Grade

Ski Trip to Hyland Hills!


Jan 31 

Students should have brought home information last week, including permission slips, for our upcoming ski trip at Hyland Hills in Bloomington. We will be spending the entire day (8:30am-2:30pm) on this field trip, and students should plan on being outside the entire day.


Cost:  $25/student
(includes lift-ticket, ski lesson, equipment rental, and busing)
  • Students may bring their own equipment. There is no discount in Hyland's price.
  • Students can snowboard only if they have their own boots, bindings, and snowboard.
  • There is no snowboard rental during school days (Hyland's rule)
*NOTE: There is no cost barrier to participation in this event. If your family needs scholarship assistance to allow your child to participate in this trip, please contact your child's advisory teacher. 
Lunch: Students should either bring their own lunch, a school lunch, or money to purchase a lunch at Hyland (approx $10)

Also, students may stay late at Hyland for more skiing... but Field School MUST have a signed parent/guardian permission slip IN ADVANCE.

Chaperones are welcome!
(only $10 cost for chaperones)
Tissue box  
With all of the colds and flu going around this time of year, we are running short of tissues in our classrooms. 
If your family is able to donate a box or two of tissues for use in our classrooms, we would appreciate it. Please drop donated tissue boxes off with Ms. Halasz. (The official "Keeper-of-the-Kleenex"!) 
-THANK YOU, to those students/families that have already made mid-year  donations of tissues!

Doing puzzles in Mr. Leavitt's room during recess
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Dates to Remember

Dates to 



  • Jan 31: 7th/8th Grade Ski Trip
  • Feb 10: Parent Involvement Day
  • Feb 13: Evening Conferences (3:00-7:30pm)
  • Feb 13: Social Media 101 Program (7:30-8:30pm) -
    dinner avail at 6:30pm 
    ...see article below
  • Feb 14: NO STUDENTS -
    Conferences. (7:30-11:30am)
  • Feb 17: NO SCHOOL
    - President's Day Holiday
  • Mar 9: Daylight Savings Time begins (spring-ahead 1 hour)
  • Mar 27: End of 3rd Quarter
  • Mar 28 - Apr 4: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break
  • Apr 7 - 4th Quarter begins


 Yearbooks are now on sale! 

Please go online to reserve your copy today. 
It is a super easy way to order.

If you choose to order by check, please make your check to Hale PTA and bring it to the office, either Hale or Field. The cost is $15.00.

Please note the last day for orders is January 28, 2014. After that date any extra options such as foil stamped personalization's and icons are no longer available and the price of the yearbook will increase to $17.00.

If you have any questions please call Mike Lieb at 612-822-2064 or by email at liebc1@msn.com. 
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