7th Grade Newsletter - March 23, 2015

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7th Grade Newsletter  

March 23, 2015 
Happy Spring!
Final week of 3rd quarter is upon us.... Only 4 class days this week!

And then...
(We know all the students are sad to hear this!) 
...although, looking outside right now, it doesn't look very much like spring!

Reminder - 
Students need to make sure that they are completing any missing assignments from this quarter, and need to be in touch with each of their teachers to know each teacher's deadline for when they will stop accepting work for 3rd quarter.
~   ~   ~

Take time to 
relax & rejuvenate, 
and also try to do something fun and memorable with your family over Spring Break... 
...make it time worth remembering!

- The 7th Grade Team 


Language Arts:

Last week the kids worked on their fiction books. I had the opportunity to read them this weekend and it was quite fun. The students turned in books that were amazing and quite funny. I am super proud of their hard work. 


This week we will focus on point of view and the benefit of multiple perspectives on situations. Our vehicle of learning will be the movie Hoodwinked. After Spring recess we will jump into the book, Nothing But The Truth by Avi. This story is told through multiple perspectives, this weeks prep work will help the students understand why a writer would use this technique. 


Have a wonderful week and a restful Spring Vacation. 

- Ms. Halasz



The Properties of Matter Test is this Wednesday.  Students have a review guide that they will correct and complete on Monday.

Homework this week 
Prepare for the TEST.
Go to the website (Weekly Reviews folder).  There are 4 PDFs to review: Unit 3, Unit 4, Unit 5, and Answers to Review Packet.
In addition, look over your notes and past homework assignments.

- Mr. Boler

To review science content, make-up notebook entries, watch a video clip about any science topic of interest, - go to the 7th grade science web page at: www.bolerscience.net
3/23/15 Social Studies

Congratulations to our district History Day participants!  
We have 4 projects advancing to the State competition in May:  Kal Szarkowicz & Maya Sprenger-Otto, Xander Freeman & Wilson Psotka, and Joe Hageman. Also, Honorable Mention goes to Rose Eisenmenger & Gwen Nelson!

This week we finish up Quarter 3 with a Civil War assessment called Round Table Dialogue.  Students will choose 6 perspectives of the Civil War to create a dialogue for that will reveal the varied issues of this time period. 
 There will be time in class to write a rough draft, receive peer editing, and then finish the final draft.

All missing work is due this Thursday.


- Mrs. Odermatt






This week we're using these 4 days in finishing our text "Moving Straight Ahead". 

While this is our student's first really serious look at Linear Algebra, the concepts will not go away... they'll continue using the skills they've learned and will be using them for years. Unless we make tremendous progress this week (one can always hope) we'll probably be having our final learning Target quiz on this unit very shortly after Spring Break as we begin 4th-quarter .


Re-takes on Learning Target quizzes (on scores of 70% or below) must be done outside of class. Students MUST have their old quiz, and have re-done correctly the problems they got wrong on a separate sheet of paper, explaining their understanding of what they got wrong.
- ** Note that quiz Re-takes will only be available for a limited time...  for #4.2, #4.3 and #4.4, re-takes must be completed by Thursday, the end of the quarter. 

Hoping everyone has a great Spring Break...

  - Mr Usem 


~   ~   ~

Click HERE for Mr. Usem's Webpage

  The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, lists an availability schedule for students who need extra help, and has resources for parents & students. 

Minnesota 7-County Metro Area Regional Spelling Bee.
Spelling Bee
Congratulations to 7th-grader  Kal Szarkowicz, Field School representative at the Regional spelling bee held this past weekend at Augsburg College. We're proud of you!


Mr. Leavitt will be continuing to hold Math Team meetings on Tuesdays & Fridays in his room (# 201A) during lunch and recess.
- ALL 7th- and 8th-Graders are invited to join him for lunch & math together!(Everyone is welcome... you don't have to have come earlier to join us!)

Seth Leavitt, Field Math Specialist.


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Dates to Remember

Dates to 




  • Mar 26: 3rd Quarter ends
  • Mar 27: NO SCHOOL
    (Record-keeping day)
  • Mar 30- Apr 3: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break
  • Apr 6: 4th Quarter Begins
  • Apr 7-10: MCA Testing
    (Reading -7th grade) *Testing will be done during students' regular Lang.Arts class period each day.
  • Apr 21-24: MCA Testing (Math -7th Grade) *Testing will be done during students' regular Math class period each day.
  • May 21: Spring Band & Orchestra Concert (6:30 & 7:45pm at Field School)
  • May 28: All  Choirs Concert
  • June 2: Guitars & Rock-Band Concert (6:30 at Field School)



Reader's Workshop

Students in Reader's Workshop have completed the National Geographic Science Theme Set: Cells at Work (Skin, Muscles, Blood & Bones). This week in class we will focus on effective test-taking strategies. 

Have a great spring break!!

Bev Halvorson

Reading Specialist


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